New Zealand man with multiple sclerosis set to climb two Himalayan mountains

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and stepping into a mobility chair was the lowest point in Palmerston North man Nick Allen’s life. But now he is aiming for the highest mountain range in the world - The Himalayas.

The 30-year-old was diagnosed with the auto-immune disorder five years ago and his childhood mountain-climbing dreams were seemingly dashed as fatigue, bladder and balance problems, muscle cramps and restricted mobility took over his life.

But now with his symptoms under control with diet and exercise, Allen is set to walk two 6100-metre Himalayan mountains, Stok Kangri in India and Island Peak in Nepal, in September and October to raise awareness and funds for people living with MS, and to fulfil his lifelong dreams.

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Lindsey makes a very emotional dedication to his father.
Marysville, 26th June 2004.

After batteling obesidy since the age of two years old with unkown underlying medical condition causing me to gain weight rapidly,  I have reached through much dedication and hard work my weightloss goal.  Unfortunetly,  that battle destoyed, scarred, and tattered my body.   My mother is a single parent and we are trying our hardest but surgery is $20,000 and not covered by insurance.  I will be undergoing surgery July 10th,  2015.  Every penny counts.  Thank you!


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Chris Colfer wins Best Supporting Actor at 2011 Golden Globes


is a


of us:

junk space

ships sail-

ing search-

ing trees

draped in

snow the

crawl of

grass un-

der the moon &


are all the ways i’m afraid,

of leaving of

losing of

being too much ‘cause

things are too much for


so i’m sorry for


late nights like old toys

and i’m sorry for always being sorry–

let’s go somewhere else instead,

sing to empty

roads and swim

to the stars,

anywhere anywhere anywhere.


is a collection

of words



you are

the best

there is.)