Weekend Wake Those Asses Up!!

We’re going in this Saturday morning!! We have a little bit of everything today, and since I’ve been gone we are going hard because I’M BACK!!! Let’s knock this out bitches!!! We can rest on Monday!

50 jumping jacks

30 crunches

12 push ups

20 squats

10 burpees

30 side plank dips (15 each side)

50 high knees

20 crunches

10 push ups

15 squats 

5 burpees 

45 sec plank hold

Repeat if you are feeling yourself!!

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Top 5 late 90s vids

honourable mention (props to Ty Evans) 1999. Transworld - Feedback

heavy West Coast bias growing up there but I was also really hyped on Dan Wolfe’s Eastern Exposure 3 - Underachievers (96), Zoo York’s Mixtape (98), First Division Wheels 411 Industry part (96) etc

Depth Over Distance

This is a little fic dedicated to a friend of mine (madkingray​) whose birthday is today (go to her ask box and wish her happy birthday! I’d love you forever and I’m sure it’d make her day).

Pairing: Michael/Ray (Raychael)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Word Count: 2,289

Summary: In which Ray and Michael have cute and fluffy feelings for each other that they have to wade through. Together. Alternately titled: Fluffy shit that barely counts as a T rated fic and could have very easily just been G rated. // [AO3 link]

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After the end

The end of the world happens before Bucky even knows it: he wakes up in a town he doesn’t know, walks to the diner across the street, and pushes open the door to see the waitress standing, staring stock-still at the tv hanging from the corner of the room.

The Avengers are dead. 

Bucky makes a sound he didn’t realise he could make any more, a noise at the back of his throat like an echo (not without you)- he walks out of the diner without saying anything and looks in the direction of Manhattan. Onscreen, the camera shows a tattered scrap of blue among the rubble, a tangle of red hair dull in a way it’s never been before, before blinking into blankness.

Bucky clenches his fists, the steel one hard enough to leave dents in the metal, gears grinding under the strain.

How didn’t he know? 

He doesn’t have a way of understanding how to be in a world where Steve isn’t. 


The feeling doesn’t get any better in the days to come. Some days, he mourns for Steve, some, for Natasha. Something in him shuts down, too hard and hot and raw to feel- he sleeps with his jaw and fists clenched tight, his eyes screwed shut. The world continues to end. This is, at least, appropriate. He stays ahead of Ultron’s minions as much as he can, running from the tide of devastation that rolls out from New York.

A couple of kids try to rob him as he sleeps in his truck (it isn’t actually his truck, but the owner’s three towns away, so Bucky figures it’s as much his now as anything). The first he knows of it is when the hand (he thinks of it as the hand, not his hand, even now) has closed around a grubby wrist. 

The kid looks at him, too tired and hungry to be scared, and Bucky persuades his fingers to open. He points them out of the town. That’s about as much as he can do. 


The arm makes him an enemy for most of the people he meets, something to be feared now they’ve seen how like a man a machine can become- how petty, how hungry for blood. The habit of covering it serves him well, but he starts to rely on it less, and sometimes he wakes from nightmares where the silver spreads across his skin and up his neck, down into his mouth and over all his bones. 

It doesn’t seem to respond to Ultron’s signal, whatever he’s using to control the machines. Bucky tests it by getting as close to the cities as he dares: nothing happens except an ache, too small to be anything other than imagination, along with an urge to curl and uncurl his fingers. He fits them to the dents in his palm, and turns away. All he can do now it keep running.


They find him outside Washington- a dangerous place to be. He’s been testing the arm again, watching for weakness in Ultron’s silver foot soldiers. They don’t capture him so much as herd him- he’s running through broken buildings and suddenly he stumbles into a camp, a woman with tired eyes and hair pulled back into a ponytail, another face he doesn’t recognise.

"What are you?" he asks, taking in the worn camo gear, the badly-maintained guns. "The resistance?"

(Sam had fallen, broken, from the sky. Pepper evaporated with the tower. The gods of Asgard are silent. Who is this, walking from the smoke?)

The woman gives him a thin, tight smile.

'If you want to call it that. I'm Jane Foster.”


this hog farm for kids video is absolutely unreal, complete with rotating cgi hog

From here on out, if any of you happen to meet a celebrity on the street, you need to say hi and introduce yourselves by name and then casually say, “You know, you can have a photo with me if you want. I don’t mind.”

Then report back to me with their reaction, kthx.