There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
—  Colin Powell

The picture on the left was taken just over 1 year ago and was me at my worst (you know how it is gaining relationship fat etc) and the pictures on the right were both taken today. I’ve shredded most of the excess fat and excess girlfriends and am now in the best shape I have ever been in my life. I of course still have many sit ups and deadlifts and squats before I achieve my dream body but at this point in time I am so proud of myself 💪🏼

A New Studyblr, please reblog!

Hello, Studyblrs,

I have been lurking around the studyblr community and I have finally made the decision to make my Tumblr a studyblr Tumblr. I was hesitant about doing this due to the fact that I am NOT a straight A student. I am in a professional program (not going to mention what program I am in), but I am struggling. I have been diagnosed with depression, & I may even be bipolar. I have ignored my mental health issue for quite so time, but now I see that it is having an impact on my school work.
So no I am not as perfect as you studyblrs, but I hope that you will still welcome me into the community. I am in need of help. I have a huge course load this semester and finals are right around the corner. I will not give up on myself and I know I can pull off A’s and B’s this semester.  Please provide me with tips on how I can study better, apps I can use to help with study, planners I can use, note taking tips, etc. I want to succeed and I know I can.
Thank you in advance