hardwood suite

ranseur  asked:

OW ask meme: all support!

Lúcio: The last song you listened to.

It was Eminem saying “mom’s spaghetti” for 4 minutes.

Ana: One thing that keeps you motivated.

The fear of failure.

Mercy: Do you prefer to give or receive?

Just ask my girlfriend…  I’m a giver. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Zenyatta: One thing that brings you peace.

The fact that I am continuously building muscle and when I flex, I catch some awe struck stares.

Symmetra: Describe your aesthetic.

Trash anime and overwatch in a washed out instagram filter over a scenic nature photo.

fine suits, hardwood, scent of spruce and pine, flannel and vans shoes with milk tea.