hardwood floors

things we learned from dan’s july 25th liveshow:

- dan’s bedroom is fucking huge

- whereas phil’s bedroom is an actual closet

- phil’s white stand up mirror has magically made its way into “dan’s” bedroom

- dan’s hardwood floors match the hardwood floors in phil’s centipede picture on twitter which means it was taken in dan’s bedroom and phil described it as “his room”

- houseplants overall just make for a really terrible excuse for why you don’t want to share the details of your bedroom

- dan and phil are sleeping in the same bedroom

- uh

- they’re sharing a room

- dan and phil are two men who sleep together in a giant moon themed bedroom

- this isn’t even tea

- it’s a fact

261. We are not allowed to wax the hardwood floors with grease.

So slippery. - SB

And disgusting. - RL

Or maybe just a little bit exciting. - SB

Definitely a lot of fun. - JP

And a little exhilarating when everyone started to try and chase us. - PP

Nice use of the word exhilarating. - JP

Thanks. - PP

And a giant mess to clean up by hand. - RL

Yeah, that was less good. - JP

Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

Originally posted by krisletang

The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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so while we’re all on the hype train waiting for breath of the wild to come out, here’s link in a domestic apartment setting. cooking is a lot more exciting when you fist pump and your food makes smoke and sparkles ✨✨

(12″x16″, oil on canvas board)