internetcooldad asked:

What are your thought on propagating confers via hardwood cuttings?

I once saw a post by a gardener who did a lot of reforestation on a large acreage using hardwood cuttings of conifers: the process was basically taking hundreds of semi-hardwood cuttings and sealing them in tub containing a sterile potting medium for six months or more.

Apparently this was very successful.

I have planted a number of larger hardwood cuttings from conifers directly out in the garden: I tend to take a lot because the failure rate is quite high.

Cuttings are convenient in some respects, but when I can, I plant seeds preferentially: there is some safety in genetic diversity between plants. I have a number of tutorials for collection and planting conifer seed archived.

Cloning happens in nature as well though, so it definitely has a place. Hardwood cuttings are difficult, but not impossible to accomplish. Get yourself some rooting hormone and give it a go.