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Seagate provides a bodyguard for note-book, the new hard disk adds the insurance

Seagate Company will announce the first notebook computer manufacturer equipped with new hard disk of Seagate of sale on this Monday, built-in hardware coding technique of this kind of new hard disk of Seagate.

Seagate Company issues a statement and claims, lie in good fortune of California and is covered with the special technological company of ASI computer and sold the computer equipped with Seagate Momentus 5400 FDE.2 hard disk from next month. The new computer is called ASI C8015, except Seagate 80GB hard disk, other disposition including fingerprint identification equipment, 15.4 inches of display screens, Intel cool Rui 2 are binuclear to move 2.0GHz processor etc..

The new hard disk has adopted the company “ Can trust the driver ” New technology,Seagate last a protection notebook computer methods simple and easies machine format, function its to let the intersection of computer and burglar difficult to profit and take precautions against, make people’s destruction impossible to defend.

Seagate is negotiating with other main brand notebook computer manufacturers too, and expect to announce more shop fabrication encrypts the hard disk agreement in middle period of this year. The spokesman Hall of Seagate Company shows: “We will encrypt the hard disk to sell to the commission agent in all parts of the world clearly. ”

Seagate regards its encryption hard disk as the alternative of the enciphered software of the whole hard disk, PGP and PointSec move the technological company and sell this kind of software. In addition, there is a cryptographic function which will be called Bytelocker in advanced edition Microsoft Windows Vista operating system that will put out soon. Seagate Company claims, Momentus 5400 FDE.2 has 160GB capacity, adopts SATA interface and advanced encryption standard (AES) based on hardware Technology.