Changing Taste

Its weird to think about how one’s taste in music can shift so much and you don’t even realise it. If you had asked me what I listened to mostly in 2012, you’d have been told “electronic music”. If you ask me that question today, it’d still be electronic music.

So what’s changed?

Well, I used to listen to mostly this kind of music. Now I listen to this. And this. As well as a lot of trance, drum & bass, and hardstyle. I increasingly have stopped listening to the hard, deep, amelodic sounds of dubstep, and whatnot. Its not that I don’t like Flux Pavilion or the ole’ UKF scene anymore. But its that there’s just so much more now. I still in fact listen to dubstep, but I listen to dubstep that’s drastically different from the 2012 Skrillex filthier-than-fingering-your-nuclear-bombs-on-japan youtube comments. Seven Lions, Crywolf, Faux Tales, and others have proven that Dubstep can be melodic, cinematic, and epic in ways that Skrillex never has done.

I think its something about how we grow as people without realising it. It was only recently, when I went back to my older playlists, my older sections of iTunes, the dusty sections of my Google Play library, where I was like “woah”. And there are artists and tastes that haven’t changed, I have known about Paul van Dyk and Daft Punk longer than I have about dubstep, but it was through dubstep that I discovered and mentally catalogued the genres and their structures and their relations with one another.

How did it change?

I was introduced to UKF. Then I was shown the dnb (yellow) UKF. Then from their I found the other drum and bass channels. There on out I was shown in related videos the other promoters, when I found the “famous” MrSuicideSheep, where my love for chillstep and other melodic or otherwise dynamic pieces of electronic music. I reestablished my links with Paul van Dyk during this period too. I (re?)found trance music through the Synkro remix of Above & Beyond’s “Love is Not Enough”. Friends have shown me trap & retrowave. Connecting these tastes are often similar “feels” or “colors” to songs. I tend to like songs that are the colors green, blue, and red/orange.

The electronic music world changed too, I was in the minority in that I started to dive backwards to missed trends and I identify with the older world of electronic music more than the “EDM” world of now, but the Youtube promoters got bigger, changed, and the artists I liked changed to fit it. I liked Swedish House Mafia circa “Leave the World Behind”, then this subgenre of Progressive(?) House became BIG ROOM HOUSE.

All in all, I just find it funny how my music tastes have changed, but also at the same time haven’t. Its not that I haven’t stopped liking the music, its that I listen to different things and look for new music in other genres now.

Essential Tracks GABBER, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Frenchcore

Hey there,This playlist i made is for all the music lovers that want a bit more kick then the mainstream bs music. I keep this playlist updated with all my favorite songs. Just press Shuffle and play and be amezed by the hardest kicks on the planet!

Events for Today [3-3]

XXlerator Carnival (25/02/2016) Evenemetehal Venray, Venray (The Netherlands)

Line Up:

- Raw

  • Andy Svge
  • B-Front
  • Frequencerz
  • Radical Redemption
  • Retrospect
  • Sub Zero Project
  • Tha Playah
  • Live: Degos & Re-Done
  • Live: Requiem
  • Live: Sub Sonik
  • Live: The Pitcher
  • MC: Nolz

- Freestyle, hosted by Lunatixx

  • Crisis Era
  • Da Tweekaz
  • Darkraver
  • Dr Phunk
  • Dr. Rude
  • Mark with a K
  • Mental Theo
  • The Viper
  • Live: Zany
  • MC: Da Syndrome

Way too excited for my first rave y'all. #coone #hardstyle #highlight #pink #purple #black #pinkhair #snapback #piercings #stereolive #jersey #mylipglossispoppin (at Stereo Live Dallas)

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Komet - Victory


Great f%*$&n time. Wish you where there! #latenights #hardstyle #dubstep #riddim #music #greattimes #gohard #moshpit #lights #bass #basshead #teammoney (at Santa Ana, California)

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#HardStyle #Hard #Pitbull#Timber

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Reposting this since it was cropped. Time lapse of my banner I’ll be flying for the #clevelandtattooartsconvention this weekend. Stop on by our booth to see it in all of its nerdy glory and grab yourself a sweet tattoo while you’re there! #thanksforlooking #ipadprotattooteam #procreate #spliceapp #spock #c3po #leonardnimoy #startrek #starwars #iswingbothways #hardstyle #art #customdesign #ohiotattoo #ohiotattooartist (at Black Sheep Tattoo Studios)

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Toneshifterz - Psystyle ft. MC D

Y’all I love it