So monsta x fansites were waiting for the boys at the airport but Tom Cruise came out of the same exit before monsta x so the fansites took pictures of Tom Cruise IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Some even changed the name of the preview HAHA

Good boy (Kihyun’s fansite) -> Tom Boy

Here My Dear (Hyungwon’s fansite) -> Here My Tom

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I'd love to see an ISTJ Ravenclaws post, if you don't mind! thx!!

  • their practical mindset makes them very good at transfiguration
  • but in all honesty they’re very good at everything because they work super hard
  • some of the few ravenclaws to actually get stuff done without procrastinating
  • and the indecisiveness of some of their housemates drives them nuts
  • don’t understand the point of an unbreakable vow because surely if you’ve said you’re going to do something you’ll do it, you don’t need the threat of death looming over you
  • would hate the half blood prince’s potions methods because everything needs to be done by the book
  • one time they snuck out of bed to the library and everybody lost their shit because ‘omg you never break the rules I’m so proud of you!!’
  • gryffindor friends are always asking to borrow their notes and tbh it gets a bit exhausting
  • great to talk to before exams because they don’t have time to deal with panicking 
  • almost always the chairman on for debates in the common room
  • would probably have a real issue with the Luna type ravenclaws
  • ‘just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there’ ‘but it’s NOT there you can’t just ignore the facts!!!’
  • but having said that they tend to accept that others can have differing viewpoints, even if they don’t understand it
  • have a small circle of friends that are very important to them

please god, let the fourth pikmin game

  • bring back purple and white pikmin at full power
  • bring back subterranean cave things those were great
  • some combination of the wii u controls and the old gamecube ones? i miss being able to adjust how zoomed out i was.  bring camera angles back, please
  • photo feature from 3 is a+.  could be improved by pikmin doing poses or some shit.  i want them to make a pyramid or smth
  • more garbage, less fruit
  • a type of pikmin whose only purpose is that they scream really loud