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I have a question. You do realize that TFA hugely implied that Rey is Luke's daughter, right? So that makes her and Kylo Ren cousins. I'm just wondering how/why one of the biggest anti Elsanna fans can ship Reylo, because it's also incest.

It’s not confirmed incest yet. I’ll actually be hugely disappointed if they go with Rey being Luke’s daughter, because a) Han Solo turning out to be a shitty father was already a huge blow; I’m not prepared to have Luke Skywalker, Last Hope and Bastion of Light for the Galaxy, abandon his toddler daughter to a hopeless and hardscrabble existence on an isolated junkyard for 15+ years without caring what happened to her; and b) it’s exactly what everyone is expecting, because it’s the easy road. Star Wars has gone to that well too many times. I’m not saying they won’t do it again, but it’s tired and lazy storytelling.

I’m with the crowd that will move away from it if it turns out to be incest, but it’s premature to slam the ship as incestuous because coding and potential storylines aside, we just don’t know yet.

When poverty-stricken Joni Ernst was wearing bread bags over her shoes, Ronald Reagan was President

While some who came from modest means remember their roots, Joni has chosen the ‘billionaire boys club’ AKA Koch Brothers’ “Americans Prosperity” as her patron.

“And it’s inspiring that someone like Joni Ernst can start life in the most modest of circumstances, fitted as a baby with tiny booties made from Hostess Twinkie wrappers, then graduate to bread bags as she learned to castrate hogs (they do help keep the blood off your one good pair of shoes), and eventually grow up to do the bidding of the nation’s noblest plutocrats. It shows what’s possible in this great country of ours.”

Joni also edits the Ernst family farm’s hardscrabble existence including $460,000 from the government in farm subsidies. Poor, poor Ernst.