Moved to a new apartment last week, so i took it as an opportunity to redo the oscar’s hardscape!


Custom Acrylic Drop Off Tank from Amin Aquatics and  aquascaped by  George Farmer



The last days were exhausting. Because of the planarians and the Cladophora Beard algae I teared down the entire tank. I am glad I did because what I saw when I had taken out all stuff was shocking: The soil was full of planarians, tons of them, thousands maybe. If I had used medication against the worms and they would have all died in the tank the water would have been severe polluted by the dead worms… ergo only death of all animals. SO GLAD I didn’t do it. 

Instead I took out the plants and am now curing them from the Cladophora Beard Algae… with “Easy Carbo” fertilizer (more an algae killer than a fertilizer) and H2O2. The plants need to stay in the boxes for at least 3 weeks now because they could still contain planarian eggs which need 2-3 weeks to hatch. Planarians are easily killed with mineral water but not their eggs. 

I really hope I can get rid of the Cladophora Beard Algae entirely. It was taking over the entire tank… 

Ugly thing, huh? 

So I took out all plants and took out all stones and the root, cleaned it with hot water (not boiling!) and a hard brush so there were no Cladophora Beard algae left. This took me a while. This thing is really nasty! 

The Soil was crowded with planarians. So disgusting! I took it ALL out of the tank and poured in entirely new soil. Also cleaned the entire filter and what does that mean? Correct: Tank Nuke… Reset. 

This means now I need to change 70-80% of the water in the tank every day so the raising nitrite won’t harm the fish. Also I need to test NO2 every day now for at least a week or better two. The fish were one night in a bucket with another filter and some floating plants… very scared, those poor things. :’(

I tried to rearrange the hardscape as I had it before. Fish are now in the tank… set them back yesterday night …  I leave the lights off so they’re not so illuminated and scared.. no plants to hide in the tank .. only a handful of floaters but even on their roots Cladophora beard algae was found so the others are still in the bucket. 

Man, this is a real nightmare. Nevertheless I still need to buy Panacur against Planarians because those beasts tend to come back. But now there won’t be thousands worms anymore… I recently thought I saw them in the small tank, too… Will dose Panacur there, too. Just to be sure. 

So this is why didn’t post or answered any asks lately :(
Sorry, dears. I have a lot to do now every evening. Changing water in the big tank, changing water in the small tank (every second day since it’s a very small tank with only 2.5 gallons) and changing  water in all plant boxes and plant bucket. I was busy until 11pm yesterday. x_x” 

*jumps off a cliff with tanks in arms*


A picture of my semi-aggressive community.  Recently put a TON of time and money into rescaping it.  I have a whole bunch of plants coming in soon :D  Ignore the moss at the bottom, that will eventually be wrapped around the driftwood. 

Stock as of now: 
3 philipine blue angels
2 platinum marble angels
4 congo tetra
2 bolivian ram
1 EBG ram
1 red spotted high fin pleco (8in)
1 rainbow shark
3 rosy barbs

Planning to move some fishies around in the near future.

But yea.  Isnt it beaaauuuttiiiifffuuuulllllll?????


Basic Aquascaping Shapes (Click images to full view)

  1. The Triangle
    This shape shows a simple and well structured shape which gives enough space for placing plants and hardscape. Important is the increase in substrate to get the depth effect. The substrate should increase towards the back. Smaller plants should be placed in the foreground, larger ones in the background. The increasing shape is not only to realize from front to back but also from left to right or right to left.

  2. The U-Shape
    With the U-Shape you can simply realize an effective layout. Plants and hardscape will be positioned at the sides of the tank so there will be free space in the middle of the layout. It’s better not to place the free space in the exact middle but in 1/3 & 2/3 of the tank. Symmetries are to be avoided. 

  3. The Hill Shape
    In this challenging variation plants and hardscape will be placed in the middle of the tank and set with high growing plants and decorative stones and roots. The focus is clearly set so the Hill must have an appealing look. Foreground and sides will be planted with small plants. On free space on the substrate small stones or roots are suitable.

  4. Shape with perspective
    This shape is supposed to increase the perspective of the tank. In the foreground at the sides high growing stem plants are used. In the middle of the foreground ground covering plants are the best choice to keep a clear view at the middle- and background. In the background a highly increasing ground will be planted with small plants. Therefore the illusion of a distant hill framed by woods is formed.