A picture of my semi-aggressive community.  Recently put a TON of time and money into rescaping it.  I have a whole bunch of plants coming in soon :D  Ignore the moss at the bottom, that will eventually be wrapped around the driftwood. 

Stock as of now: 
3 philipine blue angels
2 platinum marble angels
4 congo tetra
2 bolivian ram
1 EBG ram
1 red spotted high fin pleco (8in)
1 rainbow shark
3 rosy barbs

Planning to move some fishies around in the near future.

But yea.  Isnt it beaaauuuttiiiifffuuuulllllll?????


The Deep Shade Dilemma
- by Troy B. Marden

One of the greatest tests for those of us who garden in the shade comes from those areas where the amount of light is so limited by buildings or tree canopy that it seems we may never be successful in our gardening ventures …

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