I’ve noticed some people here (particularly on my gender studies book post) like to say “Anti-SJWS like to pretend that the stuff they teach us in gender studies only exists on tumblr and not in real life but it actually does so jokes on them uwuwuwu.”

Yeah it technically does, but if you go anywhere outside the internet, the liberal arts department of your college, or feminist circles in general, most of the stuff they teach you in those classes have no practical use outside of those places. I hardly doubt a gender studies degree will get you a job that has to do with that subject matter alone either.

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Hi Sam! As I have grown older, I have learned a way to store &recall information very quickly. I thought I was unique like a young arrogant fool does. Then I heard others refer to it as a "mind palace", among other things. I'm in my 30s, it's become keener. I hardly have to study for tests. As I just flip through the book in my mind. I'm not sure what enhanced it, healthy diet? natural genes? I know many are smarter. But it's a curious thing not people have, but I think many can achieve.

Interesting. There is a special kind of memory associated with doorways. We forget some things but remember others in each room so that when you enter a room there are entirely new memories associated with that room. So people use this to remember stuff. It has been discovered that the doorway and rooms can be imaginary. It still works. So people build imaginary houses and store memories there. When they walk into a room they remember what they put there.