hardly worker

Hardly Working and Hard Worker

My fingers, passing down your hair as our kiss deepen. Our lips caress one another’s as my fingers fall on your back. Slowing climbing down your neck, like warm drops of water, they stumble down your skin. You feel my fingers’ embrace as I steal your breath away between our deep kisses. I reach your hips and I pull you closer, your crotch grind against mine and you hear my breath gets sharper. You are still sitting on me, your lips still mine to bite and your ass still mine to fondle. I gently squeeze it as I grind my crotch against you to make you feel how hard I am, you feel my cock against your clit and it gives you a shock of pleasure. You feel my cock getting firmer as you grab my shoulders, your hips bucking against mines. Throwing your head back, you expose your neck to my mouth, and you keep grinding on me, teasing your soaking pussy with my cock. My hard shaft pleases you as you keep rubbing your clit on me, you can’t stop the feeling it fills you with. Your neck is still merciless to my mouth and I leave no skin without soft kisses. You wrap your legs around me as I wrap my hands around your waist. I rise you from my hips and onto my cock.  You move my hard member against your pussy as you can’t wait to feel it inside if you. Not waiting any longer you place the head inside of you and then you slowly sit down until every inch of it reach deep inside of you. While you slowly sit on me you feel my cock easing its way deep in you. Your nails dig in my skin as I finally fill you, my whole cock is finally in you and you gasp. You begin to ride my cock and the chair begins to squeal. My hips move with yours as we go faster. You feel me reaching deep inside of you as my hands continue to massage your ass. You continue to pump my cock in you, going faster while the chair’s legs thunder the floor under our lustful act. You straddle me tight as my throbbing member caress your walls. Your juice drip on my balls as your pussy shivers to the passage of my cock. I feel your legs around me pulling stronger to feel more of me in you. You hear me curse as we keep our rodeo going. My warm cock fills you and every time I slide in you, you moan. Your legs shake while my cock pulse in you, you bite my shoulder as I penetrate you faster, your nails are scratching my back while I caress your thighs. You keep riding my cock until you can’t do it anymore and you collapse on me, resting your head on my shoulder as we get back our breath.