hardly ever seeing his parents when he was young

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]


That might possibly be one of my very favorite moments in the entirety of the movie because seriously look at Loki’s face.  It’s better in full view, where you can see that that is the face of someone who was often spoiled when they were a child.

That is the face of someone who was entirely precious and precocious when they were young and they knew how to use their adorable “I’m a stinker, but you love me, right? :3” face to melt hearts.  And that is exactly how I see Loki as a child and why he has a lot of the problem he has later in life.

Namely, that he was spoiled rotten, that he never had really solid boundaries set up for him in the way he needed, that his parents saw him as such a precious little squish that they couldn’t hardly ever say no to him.  Add in that Odin was not a very communicative sort, while Frigga probably had her heart bleeding every time she picked her little snuggle bunny up, remembering that he’d been abandoned and unwanted, she loved him so much and wanted to give him everything.

Thor is spoiled as well, of course, but in a different way.  He was also a charmer, someone who was used to getting his way through sheer force of personality, will, and determination.  He was like a dog with a bone when he wanted something, completely tunnel-visioned and bull-headed about it.  While Loki was the kind who tried attacking from every angle, always a new argument for what he wanted, always a new wheedling tactic, until his parents finally gave in, because they loved that little pumpkin.

I think his parents went the opposite way, they didn’t starve him for affection, but instead overfed him.  They praised every little thing (always remembering that he’d been abandoned, unwanted, so they unconsciously made up for that), they built him up and up and up, never really giving him the tools to deal with something major falling apart under his hands.

He still felt overshadowed by Thor, of course, largely because Thor’s strengths seemed effortless to Loki, because Thor’s strengths were ones that won him friends and approval of everyone in Asgard, because Thor was the type who could make friends anywhere, while Loki sniped and snapped and was jealous.

And because of that, because I don’t think Loki dealt with much hardship at all, he was woefully unprepared when real hardship hit him and that mixed together with all the other shit going on with him (ie, I think he has some fucked up brain chemistry going on—possibly depression or bipolar) and you get… everything we see.

But that precocious look, that “I’m a little shit, I’m a cute little shit, right? :3” look remained, because that’s how Loki was used to getting his way and winning people over.

(I’m pretty sure he did it with Thor as well.  ”Thor, don’t you want to give me your new hunting knife?”  ”No, Loki, you’re just going to break it trying to crush those dragon scales again!”  ”But it’s really important to me, Thor, I’ll get you a new one (no he won’t) next month when we go to Nidadvellir.  :3  :3  :3”  ”……okay, fine.”)

Luke Hemmings - You Can’t Hear Little Footsteps

To say you and Luke planned a pregnancy so young was a lie, it was the most unexpected and unwanted thing at the time. But still you both decided to keep it and now look at you, three years on with a beautiful little girl of 2, a loving boyfriend and father to your little girl. Having her didn’t ruin Luke’s musical career like you thought, it probably made it better. Although, with the still raising fame of 5 Seconds Of Summer you rarely saw Luke.

Yeah, you visited him on tour for months at a time but soon that was going to need to stop, Y/D/N was going to start school in the next few years and although she could still leave, you didn’t really want her to as much. But Luke had always told you that his management had planned for this as soon as you revealed you were pregnant. They’d be home longer, go on shorter tours with bigger arenas, and be home for at least 5 months a year. And of course, if Luke still needed to see you both, or the other way round, you can always visit to wherever in the world he was.

But with Luke being a big-time musician touring the world and both of you being young parents, you hardly ever got to spend alone adult time together anymore. 

You had planned a big day at the zoo, so when you’d get home your daughter would be really tired and want to go to bed early. That would then give you and Luke plenty of time to do some adult business before she woke up and stumbled into your bed as always. 

As you expected once you got home from the zoo your daughter was super sleepy, wanting to go to bed straight away. You tried to keep her awake for a while, even going over to Luke’s parents house for a few more hours to drag it on a little more. Y/D/N, fell asleep in the car ride home from Luke’s parents, and you were fast to safely drive home and not to wake her up when you put her in her bed. Luke put her in her own bed not waking her up as you ran to get new bedding for afterwards, you didn’t really want her to come in and sleep in the same sheets.

The new bed sheets were on the floor next to the bed when Luke came in smirking. He walked right up to you and kissed you, you opened your lips, inviting his tongue in. His hands tapped your thighs, you jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist as he caught you. He moved you both to the bed, lowering you down on the bed as you were still wrapped around him. You parted your lips as you moved to the top of the bed, Luke crawling over you. He peppered kisses down your neck as you smiled from ear to ear, you both had to be quiet, not wanting to wake Y/D/N earlier than when you wanted her to wake up and come in.

Soon both your t-shirts were off and on the floor near the bed. You both moved under the sheet as you both wasted no time getting each others pants off by doing it yourselves. Luke had gotten a condom from his wallet and putting it on his hardening member, you were wet from the short but effective foreplay. 

Luke moved back over you, the sheet just covering his bum downwards. He entered you and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him in deeper. He started thrusting into you, your mouth opening as you tried your hardest to hold in the moans. Luke’s face was buried in your neck already, neither of you have had this feeling in so long, masturbating isn’t nearly as close to how amazing it feels. It wouldn’t take long for both of you to reach your climaxes and orgasm, but you craved more of this feeling.

You managed to breath out “more,” Luke began moving faster, going a little deeper with the momentum of the speed. Luke began kissing your neck, leaving a mark that will be visible tomorrow morning. You saw something move out of the corner of your eye as they began to close as you let out a moan. Luke’s lips moved to yours, kissing you the best he could. But when you pulled away you heard a familiar little voice, “Mummy? Daddy?” You both froze and Luke pulled out of you and jumped to the other side of the bed putting on his boxers and throwing you his tshirt. You looked to the side of the bed to see your daughter clutching onto her teddy bear uncle Ashton gave her. You put Luke's tshirt on and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, “What’s wrong hunny?” Y/D/N yawned, “m, tired,” she got out in her tiny little voice, you stood up and picked her up in your arms. 

You moved towards the door but turned around to see Luke looking at you both, “can you change the bed sheets?” You simply asked him in which he responded with a nod, slightly frustrated and slightly upset. You took your daughter into the living room and sat on the couch, talking to her and answering her curious questions, until Luke came in. 

You all moved back to your bedroom and waited until Y/D/N fell asleep, which was in minutes. “Sorry, I thought we’d have more time,”

“It’s okay, but I think she should stay at my mums or some where else tomorrow night so we can continue this.” Luke told you, and it was a great idea. Next time you’ll have all night and with no interruptions.

This was suggested by someone on my instagram account, and I thought it was cute, so I wrote it :)

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