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Olicity Fic: Kiss Me ~ Part 2

Okay so this is the requested part 2 to Kiss Me the story I wrote for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt Taste. After the amazing @mel-loves-all pm’d me and even made me an edit I could hardly say no to adding more. This is the second installment and yes folks they do have sex. For me it’s explicit but, still pretty tame compared to what our other amazing writers have created. So without further ado I will say this, I’ve never been more grateful to a single group of people in my life. I’m constantly in awe of you incredible souls and, the depth of the you endless compassion and eternal kindness. So thank you and I hope you enjoy. 

Artwork by @mel-loves-all

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Part 2

Memories for the immortal are like un-pulled threads of yarn that have been woven into an unending tapestry. For Felicity that tapestry often left her feeling cold and, utterly alone… Finding him hadn’t been easy nor had keeping herself under control once she did. The plan was simple at first; she was going to seek him out by using an innocent soul to lure him down from his ivory tower. Once his feet fell once more to solid ground she would then begin her test. What she couldn’t fathom was how connected their two souls had once been…

She couldn’t believe her immortal ears. He stood below her dangling feet with crossed arms and, a quizzical brow while she continued to yearn for the freedom that only flight could bring. “Wings my friend are meant to soar freely through the crisp white clouds of an endless blue sky. They aren’t meant to flap helplessly by your sides!” she lectured genuinely to see if her mate would finally take the offered bate.  

Blue, timid eyes flickered in passing amusement while Felicity hovered gently above the mud laden ground. “True as that might be you seem to be forgetting one very small yet important detail Felicity.”

“Like what?” she questioned while her powerful wings flickered softly beneath the dying light of the late afternoon sun.

His small smirk made her fingers twitch along her hips, “I’m mortal…”

His reminder brought her hovering feet to rest upon the soft Earth. Her shy smile made his eyes glimmer brightly with expressions of happiness, hope and, even love. Her blonde curls bounced down her back when her lips curved into an apologetic grin, “Can you forgive me for my foolish oversight?”

“I guess so,” he shrugged with humor littering his smiling eyes.

She reached for his hands once her toes were sinking along the cold ground. He brought his warm fingers to be joined with hers when she whispered, “Oliver do you really love me?”

As he’d done more than twenty times before he fell to his knees and buried his face along the soft fabric of her clean, white dress. She brought their joined hands to rest along the small of her back then slipped her fingers back along his extended arms until she felt his soft hairs racing along her skin. His lips made her skin jump through the fabric of her dress when he muttered confidently, “I love you Felicity and, I will always love you.”

She slipped her fingers along his temples replying blissfully, “And I Oliver, will always love you…”

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Lemme try something...

i have a paper due in an hour and 32 minutes and what do i do? 

write septiplier smut. that’s what… 

celebrating getting 1000 followers here’s a smutty septiplier with a fluffy ending just about 1000 words long… enjoy :)

They kissed fervently as their hands roamed each other’s body. It felt like forever since they last kiss, when really it was earlier today. Both young men were so busy that day with recording and editting they hardly saw each other.

They didn’t even realize how much they missed each other until they got to cuddle a little bit on the couch to watch a movie togethter. They hardly got through the first 15 minutes when they started making out, and then they started groping, and biting, and moaning.

Mark made a needy moan when Jack pulled away. Before he could pull him back in his arms the Irishman silenced him and said, “Let me try something.” and promptly got down on his knees between the American’s legs.

“Jack your gag reflex.” he reminded him.

“Just lemme try something.” he insisted.

How could Mark say no to that?

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“Whenever I approach a piece, it’s really an extension of myself. If I’m playing a different character, I try to find the similarities and put myself into imaginary situations. That’s how I approach Lagertha. I’ve learned a lot from her as well, how to overcome a certain struggle and how women were in that time period, so I definitely relate with her and also admire her as well.” – Katheryn Winnick for Real Style (Spring 2014)

Hunter Hayes performing Counting Stars live at Bridgestone.
Thunderegg Megapost 1

I cut another bunch of my Colorado thundereggs recently and took pictures. These are all wet, unpolished, and (poorly quickly) edited for color since I can’t hardly even see the screen on my camera in daylight to determine if my white balance is good. I think this is fairly comprehensive lineup of what is there. I’m tossing them into this one post because there are 30 pictures. I’ll probably post some individually as time goes along too.

Whoops, dropped my eggs on the ground, read more and I’ll pick them up.

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