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Suicide Squad: *has problems with soundtrack, under developing characters, bad CGI for the Enchantress, boring villain, bad plot, sexist writing for Harley, neglecting all the Squad members except Deadshot and Harley, bad tone for the film, underwhelming Joker, cliche story, shallow and meaningless, dull motives, plain sound mixing, ugly set design*

Critics: *decides that because of such problems, they aren’t going to endorse the film* 

DC Stans: OMFG YOU ARE RACIST!! You’re opinion doesn’t matter, unlike mine :) :) :) marvel sucks by the way

anonymous asked:

This may seem like a stupid question but I'm kinda new to your blog and I wanted to know if you prefer the books or the tv show?

i vastly prefer the show, but i actually came from book fandom. i watched the movie first and it was….garbage but i loved the glimpse of magnus we got, so i read the books which were actually better than the movie (the movie was THAT bad).

the books were always mediocre at best – the writing was silly and most of the concepts plagiarized – but beyond that, as the world moved on, neither the series nor the author ever bothered to grow to keep up. so the “diversity” in it is super outdated and can hardly be considered diversity so much as token rep thrown in there for points. the show is much more progressive and tries a lot harder. even if they’ve made some mistakes, there’s more effort being put into improving the diversity and rep.

i thought about this in the morning and i cant stop thinking about this

yknow when hollywood shows joke around about how hollywood hardly has any diversity and then the show joking about that hardly has any diversity as well! that bugs me