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In Good Hands

RWBY, Bee’s Schnees (Weiss/Yang/Blake), ~5k words, hurt/comfort.

Weiss isn’t one to let others see her vulnerable moments, but today, she’s disinclined to refuse comfort when it’s offered.

A/N: Thankfully, fanfiction is cheaper than therapy. Also, my appreciation for Freezerburn doubled while writing this. 

When Weiss looked up, the room was empty.

How rare it was to find herself alone in the room shared by three others, who came and went with such frequency that it hardly seemed appropriate to keep the door shut during midday. Yet when she searched her brain for any recent memory of one of her teammates carrying books in from the library or searching for food, she was suddenly overwhelmed by the silence.

How long have I been sitting here? She almost posed the question to the air, but opted instead to let the book in her hands - Practical Dust Applications - fall onto the covers of her bed. Her legs screamed in protest when she moved them for the first time in hours, pulling herself up to a sitting position. Twisting limbs relieved some of the tension, unleashing a series of pops that were quite impressive to hear from a girl of her stature.

The lamp at her nightstand was the only source of light in the room, save for the white rays of light peeking in from behind the curtain. She stood up, reaching out a hand to brush the fabric aside, a small gasp falling from her lips at the sight outside.

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Finally got around to drawing my Duncney babies!

Azzurra (10) - If you’ve read my super old poorly written TD fic Azzura-chan! this is that precious little girl! She’s hot headed, spunky, and bright, and has a love for adventure. She loves music and getting into messes so she can figure out how to get out of them. She’s blunt, straight to the point, and courageous to the core! She has a crush on Barnaby, which she doesn’t make a point to hide.

Roland (6) - Roland is the intellectual and geek type; while he’s not exactly the most terrifying he secretly takes joy in out witting everyone else purely with his mind and quick tongue, and he’s not afraid to slap someone across the head with a book (something his sister does to him when he craps up) which is a lot because socially, he kind of sucks. He hardly understands what’s appropriate to say and what’s not, always says what he’s thinking, and has a hard time understanding sarcasm. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! May I request a fanfic where Naruto & Kakashi tease Sasuke how Sakura is is getting really attractive lately and that most shinobi have been taking a liking to her and he gets really jealous about it? Thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE your blog btw! Keep up the good work!

“Sasuke, I’m concerned.”

Those were the first words that popped out of Kakashi’s mouth when he entered the small restaurant and sat down at the table in the back besides Naruto.

Sasuke grunted as he took a sip of his water. “Me too. Your habitual tardiness is not getting any better.”

“Your wife is too hot.”

Sasuke almost choked on his water. “What?” he sputtered out. This was hardly the appropriate place or time to talk about such matters. In fact, it was not at all appropriate in any way no matter the place or time.

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So now that I’m a full fledged eligible bachelor, I figured it was time to really work on myself. I mean really, I’ve acquired quite the dad bod, but seeing as I’m not a dad, it’s hardly appropriate. It’s safe to say I’m hangry. You know? Angry because I’m hungry. So bear with me the next week or so as I adjust to the swap from pizza and beer, to salad and water. Who am I kidding. I won’t last the night. Who wants ice cream? 

I’m just going to headcanon right now that Hux’s first name is Kyle and that’s why he instinctively hates Ren so much.

“What do you mean he’s Kyl-o? That’s… that’s not even a name.”
“He’s clearly doing this just to irritate me. He changed his name to spite me.”

Plus, now he can never go by his first name ever. Not that he would. It would hardly be appropriate for anyone to refer to him as anything other than ‘General’. But at least before he had the option!

When Kylo eventually finds out, he thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. And refuses to call him anything but.

Strange Impressions || Closed RP @feintchord


To say that Shalem had a bit of paranoia was an understatement. But he was a man who focused on staying alive no matter the situation. In a sense, he always had his hand on the trigger finger, ready to fire a shot to stop any possible threat.

Of course, this kind of attitude was hardly appropriate in meeting new people. Especially those who had the misfortune of trigger this sort of response from Shalem while he was in a heighten state of perception.

With the sound of footsteps reaching his ear, Shalem reached into his jacket and turned around, aiming his handgun at whatever target it was, not even bothering to even check.

Hold it right there! If you move, I’ll shoot!”