hardison x parker

i’m hissing i just realized that parker, hardison, and eliot holding hands was like… a thing that nate felt he needed to draw attention to? like that was a long time in his story? this was something he thought was relevant information. he needed them to know that they were all poly. it was very important to him that interpol knew he was working with three polyamorous thieves.


the G E E K and the T H I E F

Where you going?
Let’s see how hard you look.

Happy Birthday Emma!! (@downriversandroads)

so i started binging leverage again thanks to you lol but i’ve only made it to the beginning of season two. hope you have a great day!!!!

lynne-monstr  asked:

Parker/Hardison for the weird ship questions

Send me a ship and I will answer the weird questions:

*Who puts up the holiday decorations?

Parker. Hardison helps when directed. (And so does Eliot when he can’t escape)

*Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?

I was going to say Parker, but Hardison eats a lot of hot pockets, so it seems like he’d be down with pizza crust.

If it’s cheese stuffed crust Parker is all over it though.

*Who always forgets to pick up their wet towels in the bathroom?

Hardison. Parker is too disciplined about her space for that. It drives Parker nuts. Which is why they generally use separate bathrooms unless they’re sharing a shower. ;)

*Who talks smack while playing video games?

At first it’s mostly Hardison, but Parker picks it up pretty quickly. She’s brutal. Sometimes Hardison loses games just because he’s staring at her in wide eyed fascination/fear.

*Who watches Jeopardy and calls out the answers?

Both of them. Parker gives really out there answers sometimes, but she also knows a lot of obscure stuff that tends to trip up the actual contestants.

*Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?

Hardison. But Parker isn’t allowed to read books or watch movies where the dog dies.

*Who sings along with the radio?

Probably Hardison does it more often, but there’s a few songs that stick in Parker’s brain and sometimes she’ll sing the chorus if it comes on.

*Who falls asleep on the other?

Parker falls asleep on Hardison much like a cat would. She also has a tendency to curl up nearby to nap if Hardison is busy with something and she’s bored.


I just CANNOT get over this perfect vid and I need everyone to come wallow with me in how INCREDIBLE it is.

That is all.