hardi panel

Dudley Hardy—Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, 1889

1880s   Female Portraits   Dudley Hardy   Oil on panel   via Art of Darkness / art-of-darkness.tumblr.com

The Human Torch is the worst at buying presents.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Venom fans! My gift to all you amazing people is the Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995, featuring stories for Scarlet Spider, Black Cat, Spider-Man, and Venom! You can read it in the link below.



Kustom Steel shop build- 2nd floor

The first floor houses my metal shop, the second floor is the woodshop and office.

The exterior finishes are hardi panel for the first floor siding, metal roofing and ipe on the second floor. The long triangle shaped window running along the top of the second floor is 2 layers of twin wall polycarbonate.

The double doors on both floors are fabricated steel with polycarbonate windows.

jensen signed my art - the AU jensen with piercings and tattoos.

me: you mentioned tom hardy in your panel. that made me really happy.
him: what am I looking at here?
me: well originally it was just an alternate universe you, but I guess now it’s season ten.
him: this is demon!dean right here.
me: *smiles and weeps internally*