Let it go

Do not feel remorse over that which is not in your hands. Do not think that you could have prevented the fence from falling, the water from flowing, the wind from blowing, or the glass from breaking. You could NOT have prevented these things, whether you wanted to or not. All that has been preordained shall come to pass. Surrender yourself to your taqdeer (fate) before anger and regret overwhelm you. If you have done all that was in your power, and afterwards what you had been striving against sill takes place, have firm faith that it was meant to be. Do not say ‘ Had I done such-and-such, such-and-such would have happened’; rather say ‘ This is decree of Allah, and what He wishes, He does.’

Do not be in despair: it is impossible for things to remain the same. The days and years rotate, the future is unseen and every day Allah has matters to bring forth. Just leave things on Allah and believe Him when He says : And verily, with hardship there is relief. 

[ Notes from today’s Khutbah]

Relief After Hardship

The last leg of any arduous journey is always the toughest. It takes every fibre of your being to dig into your elusive stores of energy, to turn the final corner, and to keep your hard-earned momentum going. Sometimes our problems compound so much that we really see no way out. That’s when we consider back-tracking, and perhaps giving up altogether by calling it a day. When we’re on that fickle thread of despair, we see it–the finish line. All of a sudden, our anxieties vanish and we see our door; the best possible exit. If we knew we were so close to salvation, we probably wouldn’t get a chance to gauge our full potential. It’s in the struggle that we find out what we’re capable of; that’s when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. That’s when we rediscover ourselves.

When we’re surrounded by barriers and there’s nowhere out, know that Allah (swt) is Al-Fattah (The Opener) and Al-Hadi (The Guide). When we’re struggling with family issues, marriage problems, or employment dilemmas, we need to know how helpless we are without Allah (swt). We need to knock on His door, and we need to keep knocking, because He will open it.

This vulnerability is the lesson. Our automatic response to such helplessness is to run away from it all. We seek means to numb the pain, but it’ll come back stronger. Folks might turn to gambling, intoxicants, and other Haram endeavours. We fall because we need to know how dependent we are in the first place. We need to find Allah before we can be rescued.

Meanwhile, there’s so much comfort in knowing that Allah is the only One worthy of my worship. I can spend my precious time trying to please the creation, but that leads to distress and a turbulent heart. 

I have to trust that His plans are better than my dreams. Allah is greater. Trust. Pray. Breathe. Let go. Move on. Never stop praying and always maintain Tawakkul.

Allah owns the finish line, and He can bring it to you, so find Him.