So let’s make it clear guys

Pictures are pictures, they are not reality. 

Here is my stomach when I am standing and stretching, like real hard

here is my stomach when I’m just sitting normally

here are my legs when I put myself in a very uncomfortable position, I bend foward as much as I can and turn my legs in slightly

and here are my legs when I just stand normally

Don’t believe what you see on the internet, or on the magazines. Not only do they do that kind of thing, but they also use photoshop. You are beautiful and the things that society teach you not to like on yourself are human, and natural.

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite/must read vixx fics?

o wow well I have a LOT of favorites and must reads hmmmm this is hard

here are some that I can remember I really love in no particular order (I HAVE A LOT SO THEY PROBABLY WON’T ALL BE THERE SORRY I NEED TO MAKE A FULL FIC LIST)

This super amazing well written heart wrenching leohyuk star wars au (I’m sobbing internally remembering what happened in this fic)

this leohyuk fic where they’re stuck in a time loop its very sweet and the ending is nice i love it

one of my all time favorite fics ever where taekwoon can’t touch anyones skin or they will forget everything about him

THIS NEO FIC I RANDOMLY FOUND ONE DAY which is actually one of the best written fics i’ve ever read??? But no one seems to know about it what a shame YOU SHOULD READ THIS THE PLOT IS A++

this college au leohyuk/rabin fic thats just really fun and cute and sweet. The leohyuk was so innocent and fun I loved it and the rabin was REALLY REALLY INTERESTING

another fun leohyuk fic that i adore centered around the members betting on taekwoons sexual preferences lol

Ongoing leohyuk vampire au which is basically my obsession atm. I am but a shell of a human being between updates

hi i really love this author and all their fics they write incredible wontaek and I really think you should take the time to read all their stuff!! This is one of my fav fics by them where taekwoon is the son of a billionaire and wonshik gets close to him because his fathers a politician

continuing the worship of my fav wontaek author here is another great fic w mma fighter wonshik and Taekwoon who is the boyfriend of one of his rivals

can you really say you ship wontaek if you haven’t read House of Blossoms????

lol now im just listing my fav wontaek fics but this sugar daddy au,,,i adore it and the characterizations and taekwoons and wonshiks internal conflict is so good and interesting to read I love ; ;

I think my fav vixx fics are ones that have characters that actually manage to creep me out which this fic does in fact have!! I really love the plot line and it was so well written and the leohyuk reunion was great ; ;

ongoing leobin college au where Hongbin is trying to get taekwoon to go out with him for a bet. Hm I’m waiting for shit to hit the fan with this one.

this rlly fkin cute leobin fic where hongbin is a cop and they move in together.

wowoowow ok I literally have so many more that need to go on this list i hate me i’ve read so much vixx fic… .I didn’t even put any keo on there how is that possible uggghh. THERE ARE A LOT MORE FICS THAT I LOVE AND FEEL LIKE MORE PPL SHOULD READ I PROMISE I’LL GET AROUND TO MAKING A REC LIST OTL….k im done bye