hardest thing to color


Today I am wearing lacy black underwear, for the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them. And underneath that, I am absolutely naked. And I’ve got skin. Miles and miles of skin. I’ve got skin to cover all my thoughts like saran wrap that you can see through to what leftovers are inside from the night before. And despite what you might think, my skin is soft, and smooth, and easily scarred. But that doesn’t matter, right?

Kenma’s expressions

I’m often confused how Kenma is shown in the fandom… I don’t really like this idea of him being helpless and fragile ┐(´~`)┌  HEY GUYS KENMA JUST SASSES HIS WAY TROUGH LIFE how else should he be able to put up with Kuroo’s shit? ಠ◡ಠ


I know that many of you will want to fight. Some of you may even think that to fight is wise. But this is a folly. Give me Harry Potter. Do this and none shall be harmed. Give me Harry Potter, and I shall leave Hogwarts untouched. Give me Harry Potter, and you will be rewarded. You have one hour.


//guess who tried drawing in Hima’s style! Coloring that was the hardest thing I’ve done orz not trying it again

But, I can draw again, so send asks! I might not be able to update with a drawing every day like before, but I can update! Why not send two characters who haven’t really interacted before, and I’ll draw something from history or their relationship (if there is one)?