hardest thing to color

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What is your favorite color? And no I don't mean "red" or "blue". I mean, real emotion colors.

This was the hardest thing to answer, and I let it sit in my inbox for a couple of days because I wanted to come up with a genuine answer. I know these aren’t exactly colors, but my god if they were, they would be my favorite.

A mix between mountains and skylines on a sunny day, right when the world is waking up. Morning dew on long stems of grass. Late night fog sinking into a valley. The smell of the rain. Storm clouds covering a full moon to where it glows, but still shines through. Ice that’s almost completely see through, but with a rebellious stripe of white. Pine trees on a hot summer day and cold lake water between my toes.

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okay but steve rogers can draw. he can draw REALLY well. so pick up to 70 years later after ww2 and he meets his s/o in a park after he stops to take a break from running. they start talking and bonding over different techniques with different forms of media. they find that he's really good with structure, and they're good with color theory (which is the hardest thing to learn). so they start meeting up every other day of the week to collab on pieces of art and then they move it to his place 1/?

and they find that they both live in the same building. so sooner or later during their visits, his s/o snoops around and finds drawings of them and steve starts blushing and saying that they’re works in progess and there’s a lot of tension in the air. then the person says, “so you’re drawing me like one of your french girls?” and he just laughs his ass off and yeah that’s how their relationship starts

i’m fucking screaming this is adorable