hardest thing in the world to make through my tears

Let Your Heart Heal

(He comforts you)

Justin’s P.O.V
I knew when she text me that something was wrong. I hadn’t seen Y/N in weeks, ever since her boyfriend broke up with her,  and it was really starting to worry me. She was a strong girl, she usually dealt with things on her own,  but this just wasn’t settling right with me. So when she messaged me and asked if I could come over, I didn’t hesitate.  I got in my car and used the spare key I had for entrance.
The house was dark when I entered,  except for one light  coming from the kitchen.  I made sure I closed and locked the door behind me before I moved forward.
“Y/N? It’s me, where are you,” I called out checking the empty kitchen.  No answer, but I knew she was home.  I left the kitchen and went upstairs to her room and sure enough she was there,  in bed with her head practically buried under the covers.  The lights were off and the only reflection was coming from the moon.
“Y/N,” I said much softer than before causing a shift underneath the mountain of covers.
“Can you just come lay with me, ” she mumbled so weakly that I was surprised it came from her mouth. I didn’t hesitate to slide off my shirt and shoes. Then I was next to her, suddenly allowed into her blanket barrier. She wasn’t facing me, but I could see the pain that was consuming her body just from the position she was in. I had never seen her so broken up over the end of a relationship,  it concerned me. As if she had been reading my mind she said, “I really love him Jay and he just changed so fast. I-i don’t know if it was all a lie or if I’m-,” her voice cracked and then she was crying. My heart sank at the sound and I kissed her shoulder. She sobbed quietly and her body shook slightly.
“I’ve never l-loved someone like I love him and he’s gone,” she sobbed.  I felt a pang in my chest at the sentence but I pushed it aside deciding that it wasn’t a time to be selfish. She was on her back now,  her sobs subsiding, but her tears still falling silently.
“Hey, ” I whispered.  “Look at me.” She swallowed and then slowly turned to face me, her beautiful eyes deeply filled with sorrow. I bit my lip.
“I know what you’re going through Y/N. I had to go through the same thing in front of the entire world,” I said. And it was true, my hardest break up was exploited and broadcasted for all to see, making it 10 times harder than it actually should have been.  But Y/N knew this, she was by my side every step of the way and I was definitely going to do the same for her.
“I hate him,” she muttered next. A chuckle escaped my lips and her eyes fluttered shut.
“You just said you love him,” I replied. She sighed “I know.” Her face scrunched and then another tear slowly came down.
“Oh sweetheart,“ I whispered. “C'mere.” She moved into me allowing me to wrap my arms around her. I held her tightly as she relaxed into me.
“My heart hurts so badly Justin. So bad,” she whispered into my chest. I bit my lip.
“I know baby girl. But I promise you it’ll get better. It just takes time. Lots of time, but your heart will heal. Plus,  I’m right here,” I confirmed. She sighed softly once again and I kissed her head. Truthfully, I hated that she had to go through this, but I was happy that I was the one that she chose to lean on in her time of heartbreak.

through the hardest of things, he stands by my side always. and, even when i can’t see the good things anymore, he sees them for me. i could have never imagined the kind of love that could exist in this world. the rugged, raw, tear-stained, brave, stand by you through the battle kind of love. i am in awe of this type of love and i love you, ryan. you love with a vulnerability that scares me and makes me brave.