harder better faster doodlier


I recently got a tfa blackarachnia for my collection and was inspired to do a redesign of her that was more toy-accurate and based a bit more on her pilot model

and then from there I decided to do an agc blackarachnia design based on that

(same pose bc with the second one I wanted to see if I could push it a lil more. also those red dots on her helmet are totally eyes.)


doodled some lugnuts because @rinneil really likes how I draw him

I’ve been thinking about just using “draw your favorite bots eating sandwiches” as an art exercise for myself/an excuse to practice drawing everyone

also I need to get back to doing more tablet sketches because I have a tendency to draw kinda big and run out of room on paper

I finished my new tf2 spray and spent longer on it than I would care to admit for a crappy doodle but whatever it’s done

you can use this if you want but please don’t edit out my url

I was gonna make a red version but I’m just really tired rn and also red team smells

I don’t know about those box beats

this is probably about as done as this is gonna get (been REALLY busy with school and would rather spend time on other digital art things) so I’m just gonna leave what I have here