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Who: Hermione Granger
Where : Harry Potter Series
Prompt : “You can’t put her in a cage and expect her song to be about you.” 
“To love a person is to see all their magic and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.” Requested by Anon, “Can you do one where Hermione tells Harry [quote 1] and [quote 2] about you?”

Still accepting HP character requests involving two quotes. I’ve got quite a few that I’m working on :) To anyone who requested one, I am most certainly going to do them so be patient please <3
xox, kay

“You’ve been acting odd, Harry. What is it?” Hermione plopped down next to Harry in the common room, quirking a brow his way as he gave an irritated sigh. “Have I stepped out of line by asking you a simple question?”

Harry ruffled through his hair, setting down his homework that was making him even more upset. “No, I’m sorry Hermione. It’s just, I can’t, it’s [y/n].” 

“[y/n]? You two haven’t been arguing again lately, have you?” It was all starting to make sense as she watched his expression change. “Oh Harry.” Hermione started, biting her lip, she tilted her head and placed a comforting hand on his.

“She drives me absolutely mad, Hermione!” He blurted out. “Everywhere she goes, she has a trail of boys. And she doesn’t even tell them to go away! How do you expect me to not to complain about it?” 

“Has she given you a reason not to trust her?”

“Well, no-”

“-then let those boys trail her, Harry. [y/n] is the most sweetest girl I know and a bit oblivious to obvious things. She’s dedicated to you and only you, those other boys don’t matter enough for her to waste her time with them. Lighten up, you two are perfect for each other.” 

“It’s just hard…” Harry trailed off, “She’s been so distant since we’ve started arguing, I think she might break up with me.” He sat back with his eyes wide at the thought of actually losing you. For the first time ever in his life, he felt what love was like in return. 

Hermione gave a gentle smile, “You can’t put her in a cage and expect her song to be about you, Harry.” 

“I know. It’s just, I’ve never loved someone so much before and if she’s not happy then-”

“-stop it right now, Harry.” Hermione snapped, “To love a person is to see all their magic and remind them of it when they have forgotten. I know it’s rough between the two of you but remember that before anything gets easier, it’s gets harder.” 

“I suppose you’re right, Hermione.” Mumbling under his breath, he sighed out. “Always right.” 

“Now, go find her and apologize.” Hermione commanded, shoving him off the couch, she pointed a finger towards him. “I want to hear that you two have made up and are arranging to be married.” 

Harry rolled his eyes. “I think we’re a little young for that, Hermione but when the time comes, you’ll get an invite.” 

Isn’t it interesting that until Taylor really “remembers” and makes her decision to take control and find herself the woods just keep getting harder and more painful?  At first the vines look almost pretty with leaves, and they’re just kind of blocking her way but she can move through them.  However, nearer to the end of her journey they’re wrapping around her immobilizing her and are covered with thorns.  Something that once seemed innocuous is now injuring her and holding her back. 

Also, she doesn’t have to decide to take back her life once (i.e. ripping off the necklace, or breaking free of the ice) she has to do it multiple times.  And each time she does things seem to get worse not better, until the critical moment near the end where she picks herself up one last time and you can literally feel that she’s a different person from the way she holds herself to the look on her face.

This is so symbolic of life and the fact that many times things get a lot harder before they get easier.  It’s always darkest before dawn.  Finally you see that light through the trees on the beach and it feels like freedom.


“maybe we are taking weapons away from people by saying ‘it just gets better’ because that’s just not the truth, it doesnt just get better. Saying stuff like that, like we’ll work it out is fine or whatever,you know, thats like a weapon of that status quo, People, people for the most part fear change. Uh, little change is fine like you can dye your hair, I mean, real change is scary. The idea that, um, the idea that something may be harder before it gets easier, you know is difficult for people to kind of understand. And that change will only come with this generation of kids and maybe we should re message it and saying something like 'you are the only person in direct control of your own happiness’. And sometimes that’s going to be hard, you know? We have to talk about hard things or else people will think its okay to shoot unarmed fucking teenagers, you know? Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger”

-Pete Wentz. 9.12.14

I honestly live by these words

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Rucas and Smarkle are still together so the writers can't say Riarkle will happen because than the fans will know about what's going to happen.

That’s true. They usually try to keep those things a secret. I guess the way the tweets were worded bothered me a bit. But you’re right, they definitely won’t be giving many hints to riarkle in the tweets. I’ve told you guys before, if you’re shipping riarkle, it’s going to take a while before they’re together, or before the writers even really acknowledge them. It’ll get harder before it gets easier. Now we’re at the hard part.