harddrive fail


I was gonna wait to post this until I had drawn out and colored everyone and was satisfied with all of their designs, but it turns out my harddrive is failing and I can’t afford to do 5 more full colors (Prowl, Ratchet, and Sari as well as redoing bumblebee and bulkhead bc they were meant to be design and color tests and not a final product) so I’m gonna post these now and not risk loosing them. Also they were all drawn at different times which is why they’re so inconsistent style wise :’D

So I love magical girl AUs and what transformers show is more magical girl like than Animated, with the fun unique weapons and detailed transformation scenes that end with a cool pose? I have a basic premise thought out that I’ll probably get to posting about soon on my sideblog but it’s mostly a pretty straightforward translation from the show, just imagine the basic plot with magical girls instead of alien robots. It works surprisingly well.