Being a creep in cool alley ways in the pouring rain.

{please don’t remove my words}

so first they got my mans ksoo out here lookin like a hardboiled egg and now sehun here tryna make sleepin bag couture happen today has been a long week

official ranking of every detective emojis on emojipedia

he’s serious. he’s working on a case. he will not let you get away.

a young man ready to find some clues! he’s a novice but he’s eager to learn!

he’s chilly but will not let that keep him out of a case.

a good boy! he’s mischievious but he’s working hard!

a dad

he’s dark, hardboiled, brooding. maybe he’s gone too far this time?

the invisible man

an old man who’s too old for this job but will not resign, even tho his soul has already escaped his body

your little brother who stole your dad’s fedora and is playing pretend

ur classic gritty hardboiled noir detective story complete with tragic leggy lady love interested BUT: the detective is a middle-aged grizzled woman