Zdzislav Beksinski (previously) (1929-2005)
was a Polish painter, photographer and sculptor, specializing in the field of utopian art. Beksiński did his paintings and drawings in what he called either a ‘Baroque’ or a ‘Gothic’ manner. His creations were made mainly in two periods. The first period of work is generally considered to contain expressionistic color, with a strong style of “utopian realism” and surreal architecture, like a doomsday scenario. The second period contained more abstract style, with the main features of formalism.

Beksiński had no formal training as an artist. His paintings were mainly created using oil paint on hardboard panels which he personally prepared, although he also experimented with acrylic paints. He abhorred silence, and always listened to classical music while painting. Although he loved classical music, Beksinski appreciated rock music as well.

Beksiński was murdered in 2005 via


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Dream vision of a captive nymph seen on 13.02.15

I hear a female voice calling for help while trudging through some gnarly thicket and rush to the rescue. After a good deal of wandering I arrive at a small glade and see the woman tied to a tree in a rather peculiar fashion. She explains she is a forest nymph being used by “acolytes” (?) as a bait for …(?) She begs me to set her free but insists that I take my hat off first. The strange request inspires suspicion and makes me realize that I’m either the prey the acolytes are after or that there are no acolytes at all and I’m at the mercy of an evil witch here. The realization wakes me up.

Acrylics and ink on coloured wax ground on paper/hardboard, 32 x 41 cm