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You know what makes me laugh the fact haters think they are going to be rude to Colin and I'm here think NOPE Jen is not going to take that cause if I learned anything is that Jen is a hardass and she takes no shit unlike their fav Lana. This people really have NO life it's quite sad actually. But on the bright side more new pics of Colin and Jen as if we didn't have enough already with Jen always posting more haha.

haha yesss. next hiatus is going to be so good. 

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What is the $q fandom trying to do?

There were some discussing buying tickets for Jen and Colin’s duo photo op and shoving Colin to the side for it to ‘prove a point’. It seems Creation have updated their photo op policies to not allow for this sort of thing to happen anymore (I also read that props are no longer allowed, which is another change).

Like I said in my tags, I know for a fact Creation will change how they operate things, sometimes mid-con, to make sure fans can’t be rude to the stars. IDK how well this is known in Once fandom, but it’s fairly common knowledge in SG fandom that Creation can and will be hardasses and will strictly regulate things in order to make sure their stars are as protected and comfortable as possible, above all things.