Oh wait, I forgot my favorite one:

- Pathetically bland protag needs to win the trust of a band of hardasses (probably hot girls) and he somehow rouses and seduces them by consecutive passionate speeches about friendship and We Can Do Its, usually followed by the tough or cold girl chuckling something to the effect of “hmhm… He’s got spirt… That’s his real strength”.

It really makes me mad when people call people gay as an insult and it makes me even madder when people get so offensive, like that’s the worst thing they’ve been insulted with, for a word that’s not even an insult.

bts as youtubers

seokjin: beauty + gaming + cooking all in one channel. also has a side vlog channel that he updates everyday in 4k resolution 

yoongi: music channel. has the most subscribers even though he only posts once in a blue moon. 

hoseok: dance/dance tutorial channel. also does dance covers, especially sexy girl group routines

namjoon: educational channel that covers every topic in the world in full on detail from how to sleep (an actual 8 hour vid of him sleeping) to solving some hardass maths question. also has a side fashion channel

jimin: fitness channel more like 10 min vids of him flexing  posts cute encouraging fitness motivation vids. has a side vlog channel as well which is 90% jungkook 

taehyung: randomest channel. posts anything and everything. from him sitting on the toilet to a 5 min vid of jimin’s nostrils while he’s sleeping. has the second largest fanbase after yoongi

jungkook: started off as a gd/bigbang channel, branched off to singing/covers and now mostly just updates on his vlog channel which is full of dubsmash vids