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More from that one Fett reunion, because I keep adding more family members pffbt. Part 1 - Part 2 

Anyway so last night @ahsokaisawesome and I were talking about 99 in this AU and how obviously he’s the sweetest, wisest ol’ grandpa-figure in the Fett clan. Though he’s not actually anyone’s direct grandpa; he’s the brother of whoever it was that sired Sifo-Dyas, Alpha, etc. I just figure that that parent (and in fact most of the Fett parents of that generation) must have been fairly hardass-y for Sifo and Alph to have ended up the way they are, but I can’t see 99 as having ever been a drill-sergeant parent. So I thought, maybe 99 can’t have kids due to his birth defects, so instead he becomes the kindly uncle who tempers the effects of his siblings’ parenting styles. So technically he’s the great-uncle of all the cousins in this picture. But in spirit he’s everyone’s grandpa. uwu 

I also figure that his legal name is Niles, and over the years it slowly transformed to Nye-Nye to mirror other grandparent-level names like Nana or Pop-Pop. Then it turned into “99″ partly as a clever play on sound and partly because it was easier for the little kids to write. Though many people still say “Nye” or “Nye-Nye” aloud, instead of wasting time on all the syllables in “Ninety-Nine.” ;P

How would you guys feel about an “Admin” section?
Like I know on kpoppantydrop they have a link to a page about the admins n stuff.

I mean to be honest our relationship of admin and follower does not span far, we just post, you like, that’s the extent- but idk if anyone would care about it?
We’ve talked a lot with anons before about other things, just conversing about feelings and experiences and whatnot.

We love talking to you guys always and it’s fun answering things that sort of give us a break from our daily grind.

It’s just an idea, idk if you guys rlly care about knowing the ppl who write your nasty stories.
Maybe it would help us understand each other better 

  1. you start game and you make your character and your sibling and your dad just changes skin color and hair color to match kind of like fallout 3 dad
  2. for “reasons,” your sibling is going to be a plot device for at least half of the game (probably stuck in the cryosleep or w/e the crew gets put in)
  3. the dad is going to die. i mean, come on. either that or he gets injured or kidnapped or taken out of the picture altogether. his last words are all “BE THE PATHFINDER”
  4. the first party member you get is “good man guy™”
  5. the second member you get is “chick with balls of steel™”
  6. then you’re stuck with those two until you have some sort of REALLY IMPORTANT THING that causes you to run into the rest of your party along the way: quirky manic pixie dream girl™, seasoned veteran hardass guy™, maverick with a heart of gold™, and the outsider™
  7. THE BIG QUEST that sets everything in motion is gonna require FOUR THINGS™ all inconveniently located on separate planets
  8. the second to last thing is gonna trigger a bad event that causes your team to get kidnapped/trapped and you must find a way to get back on track
  9. you know you’re at the end of the game because your LOVE INTEREST finally decides to let you ride the booty
  10. SHIT GOES DOWN without any time to smoke a cig after playing the fiddle that is sweet sweet sexual magic
  11. like at least 3 fights in succession and then the last fight is sort of lame but the ending is bombastic
  13. to be continued… also buy the dlc!

Where it starts: Me trying to think of the most ridiculous concept for an AU possible.
Brain: Dinosaurs.

Where it went:

Meet Me In the Pit (The Velociraptor Pit)

A Jurassic Park AU.

Tucker is a junior velociraptor handler at Jurassic Resort (Not to be confused with the failed “Jurassic Park” Project where Wash previously worked and also people got eaten). He even raised one of the runtier baby raptors into an adult! (Junior is still his favorite.) Senior velociraptor handler and resident hardass Wash thinks he really need to be more careful. Tucker thinks Wash needs to chillax. And that Wash can totally handle him anytime.