I love you. I can’t say it anymore, but I’m still in love with you. I know, it’s been forever since you have been in love with me. You’ve given up on us, and or you have been searching for someone better. I never wanted you to try. It shouldn’t be that hard. It never was for me, but it takes two. I hope you find love and fall as hard as I did. I wish you happiness. You still bring a smile to my face and heart. Reality sucks but I’ll get over it.

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Is Zen your bias? Ahh I'd be so happy if he is! <3 it's hard finding a fellow Zen fan ._.

Zen is my babe, I love him so much

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alright, but no, seriously. Yes, Zen is my bias. At first I was like “fuck I’m in love who iS THIS GORGEOUS BEING?!” and then I found out he didn’t like cats and I was like “ok that’s it zen u don’t like cats and i don’T likE YOU, FIGHT ME” but I cry everytime during his calls and his route is beautiful, my soul is cleansed. I’m no longer bothered by the fact that he can’t stand cats and that means this must be true love *gross sobbing*

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Your url made me laugh so hard. Sproingtrep. Lol

It makes me laugh too ^_^ I was really happy when this name wasn’t taken. It sounds so absurd and I love it. Glad you could get a kick out of it!

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You know what c I have depression and a bit of anxiety and so it's very hard for me to be genuinely happy. The thing is I have been having a shitty week and as such have been feeling quite shitty. But somehow looking at Harry's face when I opened my phone today (I had just set the picture of him in the flowers with the blue sweater as my home screen wallpaper) managed to put a smile on my face and genuinely made me happy. It's just like ???? Wow. Just wow.

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I looove your legacy and i loooove Joey and Malcolm. And I love Perrie! I just read through everything! I'm gay and I find it so hard to find legacies that properly include LGBT+ stories so I am really happy I found yours. Do you know where I could find morelegacies with LGBT characters? Thanks :D

off the top of my head i know @lunarr-sims @pxelbeast @partihaus @simtzu @bisousims @blarffy and @pixelbbs do :D

just a friendly reminder that the ending of how I met your mother was total crap

What bothers me the most is that Tracy died and Ted came crawling back to obviously totally egocentric Robin. And the kids where ok with it? Like what’s so hard about a happy ending. I spent 9 seasons on finding out how Ted finally becomes happy and the THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE DIES???? And the ENTIRE last season was just about Robins and Barneys wedding and Ted finally letting her go and then they spontaneously divorce??? I know it’s just a show and I respect the writers work but I’m honestly so mad right now.

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I’m not really good at this but wow do you ever just look at an idol and just ?? You break down ? Because yeah look at how cute they are!! Look at their smile !! But then you see a post or read something, and they’re honest. They’re honest about how it’s hard, and how they’re not always happy, and even if it’s not a lot, I can guess, and that hurts a lot too.

these idols work day and night, perfecting a song or a dance, making sure they have the right harmony, sometimes beating themselves up because they feel like they can’t get it right. And they hold it in, they perform, they go back to the studio or dorm, and do it all over again. They barely get a vacation, they barely see their families, yet we mostly focus on just the shell they show us. I won’t lie that I am deeply concerned for some idols, stories about their past releasing new information about them that I have never known before, and sometimes it just seems to add to the fire of being an artist. And I feel selfish sometimes, because here I am in my own home, watching these people with a smile because they seem so happy and joyful and it looks like they’re on cloud 9, but in reality they could be feeling like they’re in the deepest and darkest pit of hell and that just hurts, and I’m worried and so sad and I want idols to be okay

I came up with two possible ways for the timeline to not be as messed up as it seems. 

1- Happy has the baby prior to the Christmas episode.  If Happy was truly pregnant the entire time we were given clues in Season 2, she would be due some time in November.  This would mean she wouldn’t have a big pregnant belly for the Christmas episode.

2. We have been told that the team will be fabricating pictures from Halloweens past for the INS investigation.  What if they did the same thing with Christmas pictures.  This would require Happy to not look pregnant.  (This idea is also dependent on when the time jump takes place.  It’s hard to know until we see how Happy looks in their fabricated Halloween pictures.) 

I know neither of these ideas is able to completely remedy the timeline issues (because they’re there), but this was what I was able to come up.