Things have been hard lately. I feel like I’m slipping a bit out of control. I’m honestly so tired. The restriction and dieting is going alright, but people start to notice and question and being drunk and hoplessly honest about things are shaming as hell. I dont want to be a bother for anyone. I dont want them to know cause I’m scared they’ll judge me for not being thin enough or they’ll try to stop me and all these ideas feels so bad right now.
I guess everything comes with ups and downs tho.

“My family and I are going through hard times right now. We can just barely scrape up enough money to make it through the month. Some of the things that keep me moving forward, is the thought of some Disney characters must of gone through hard times like my family and I and they made it. Right? They found their happy endings in the end. All I can do right now is hope that things WILL get better.”