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I told my ex I wanted space, to think about us and where I feel I stand in the relationship, and she didn't respect my wishes of just needing time to myself with no contact. She kept pushing for me to make up my mind and just be with her even though I felt like I was drowning in my own feels, plus her's, but she couldn't just let me focus on myself to heal. She wouldn't let me and yet some part of me cannot just leave her. I know logically she isn't healthy but I can't help it. I miss her.

Oof. That’s such a hard situation. I’m sorry she’s not giving you the space you asked for. I know it’s so hard to draw those boundaries especially when you care about someone and they make you feel needed but I hope you’re careful to do what’s safe and healthy for you. I obviously don’t know your situation but someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries especially when you ask them to back off can land you in some dangerous places. Take care of yourself, peanut.

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“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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the thing that impresses me most about the mental health storytelling on One Day at a Time isn’t just that it exists, it’s that so much of it is dependent on Penelope’s own agency. I can’t think of many (any???) other shows where someone goes to therapy because they WANT to, because they personally make that decision based on available information and curiosity and not in some kind of state of crisis or needing an intervention from a healthy character. She does it, she likes it, she continues to go because she’s getting something personally out of it, which in itself is remarkable because of the narrative of mental health treatment being a tournament of suffering before you’re allowed any kind of relief. She even finds community and connection with the women in her group!!!! 

It is just beyond refreshing to see a character who takes medication (again, because she’s like, maybe I want to do this, and decides to), whose mental health struggles are explicitly a part of her life, but who is also a stubborn goofy beautiful brave weirdo who enjoys her life and has so much else going on in it

that’s not even getting into the fact that this character is a woman of color, a woman with chronic pain, a woman who is consistently portrayed as a extremely competent at her job and a great mom and a great daughter and friend and person

Properties of Sands

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

⌲ Beach Sand: Use for calming or anxiety spells to gradually wash away and smooth out fear/negativity, for spells of change, or in magick for motivation or strength

Desert Sand: Use for cursing to “dry out” your target of wealth/luck/happiness/etc, or add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations

⌲ River Sand: Use for spells that are focused on moving on physically or mentally, or for change and/or healing magick - Can also serve as an elemental water offering

⌲ Volcanic Sand: Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper or hidden meanings/feelings, or for banishing magick - Can also serve as an elemental fire offering

 Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand: (Sands with significant presence of Quartz, Garnet, Olivine, Hematite, etc.) Use in magick for personal growth, focus, or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific gemstone (quartz, for example) usable as a substitute for that gemstone in spellwork.

⌲ Black Sand: Use for protection, banishing, or negativity-based spells

 Biogenic Sand: (Sand composed majorly of bioorganisms - shells, skeletons, bones, corals, etc.) Use in magick for healing or protection

The thing is, this isn’t just about Colin Farrell. This is about the fact that Rowling built up an incredibly intriguing character and then said he wasn’t coming back. Not just that, but also that we won’t get any answers to the multitude of questions following the big reveal.

Clearly Grindelwald must have selected Percival Graves long before he actually pounced - no one else had Credence’s trust. How long had Graves been selected? Did Graves put up a fight when Grindelwald came for him? What situation would’ve lead to that? At any rate, Credence certainly seems to remember a different Graves than we saw; a kinder, more generous one. (“You said you would help me, I thought you were my friend,” his utter rage and hurt when he thinks Graves betrayed him).

Even if by some chance Grindelwald didn’t use Polyjuice Potion, what did he do to the real Graves? Is he dead? Is he holed up somewhere? If Graves wasn’t being used for Polyjuice, surely he’d be used for information on Credence’s family situation, even Credence himself? (None that he would give up without torture, I assume).

Of course, me being ever hopeful, it seems sketchy that Rowling wouldn’t answer these questions if he truly weren’t coming back. It wouldn’t be that hard to confirm he’s dead. But that hasn’t been the case. (A girl can dream.)

TL;DR: the fact that we may not be getting answers to ANY of these questions about Graves is just as infuriating as the idea that such a crucial and genuinely interesting character might never come back at all.

1D Hiatus: Day 362

* An official statement regarding the passing of Louis’ mum on Dec 7th is published

* The boys, their friends and families show support and let Louis and the whole family know that they’re not alone via Twitter & Instagram

* A preview of Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ is released

* Louis will be performing on The X Factor tomorrow as a tribute to his mum

* Pictures of Harry out in London yesterday are released

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall arrives in New York City, meets fans at the airport

It’s Dec 9th, 2016.

How to cheer up the signs


make jokes around them, make them laugh, don’t concentrate on their problems 


just be there, they might not be talking about their problems, you don’t need to say anything either. Just hold their hand and show them that you’re by their side. 


distract them, start a completely new conversation, ask their opinion 


ask them how they are, let them tell you their deepest secrets 


compliment them, tell them how amazing and unique they are until they smile again 


wait for the moment when they are finally ready to talk and just listen to them, don’t say anything, just listen. 


take a drink or two with them, this will make them forget about their problems


tell them your opinion, give them good advices, they will consider them in a hard situation 


make them go out and have fun 


tell them that they are going to succeed, remind them how many times they have been through even worse things and made it. Support them no matter what. 


dating, love, sex. Make them start a relationship 


bring them chocolate and tissues, wipe away their tears

Right, okay. I’ve received a bunch of same-content messages and I’ll respond in one simple post.

No, I don’t believe that everything is fine with B.A.P in spite of Daehyun’s tweet. I expected a reassurance from him at some point once TS got so pissed about the fact that BABYz protested against their shady-ass tour move. It’s not like he can come forward and tell us that they don’t want it.

They’re still under a contract.

They’re going to put pressure on B.A.P to reassure us. Naturally. When they can see that their words don’t work with us, they’ll have to use the boys to convince us. I respect anyone that wants to believe that everything’s positive. Believe me. I’m a positive-promoter myself and I’ve blindsided a lot of crap from TS for, like, a year now. But I’ve personally decided that I can’t pretend anymore. The whole thing is a strategy on TS’ part and I get it. I do. It’s show business. But I care so little for TS and their profit-greed and so much for B.A.P’s future as artists.

A future that will diminish the second they’re no longer under TS Entertainment unless they have a solid Korean fanbase. That’s the reality of it. Those boys are not looking to settle down in Europe or America as Korean artists in which case a global fanbase would’ve come in handy. Korea is their homebase. Fact.

Those that want to support a postponement of the tour can join us on Twitter + Fancafé. Those that don’t are also completely free to stay away from it. No hard feelings.

Just keep the ‘I told you so’ crap far from my inbox. Some of us happen to think that everything isn’t as it appears; some of us are seriously concerned right now and I believe that we have a right to be concerned.

You don’t have to agree and you don’t have to support it. But don’t devalue our concerns and sentiments. Please ♡ 


Smiling through it, she said she’d do it again.
—  La la land