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I'm a sucker for domestic angst, bro. How about the paladins' s/o wanting to take a break and separate for a while??? (Sorry if you've already done something like this before!)

- he’s gonna be devastated. he might ask you what he can do to change your mind, even
- he won’t press too hard though. if you want a break, you want a break. he can’t stop you.

- he’s gonna be feeling a LOT of emotion but most of all he’ll be feeling angry or desperate. he might straight up suggest to break up instead of “taking a break”
- he’s gonna regret saying that bc that means he’s given you up for good…..something he never wanted in the first place

- he might try to talk in through with you, see if you REALLY want to take a break, but if you’re insistent, he can'y stop you
- he’s going to be hiding a lot of pain no doubt. he’s going to become nervous and way too polite around you until you actually end the relationship or say the relationship is back on (ie. closure)

- like keith, she might straight up ask to break up. unlike keith, she’s way too stubborn to admit to anyone she regrets saying it
- it’s gonna tear her up for quite some time. grumpy and snappy, she might not be the politest person in the world after that

- he may try to problem-solve with you, but if you really want to take a break, he’s completely ok with giving you space (no pun intended)
- he tries his best to treat you like the rest of the crew, but you can tell he tries not to be too close or too commanding with you to avoid uncomfortable situations

Managing Blood Pressure with Natural Oils

Managing Blood Pressure with Natural Oils

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Most people never consider the rippling effect that a lack of modern medicine used by millions would really have on themselves or those around them. Hospitals and medical facilities can only handle so many people and the supply of pills is finite. Those who deal with diabetes, arthritis, and are managing blood pressure levels will be hard pressed to make it through a long lasting disaster. Learning different ways to help yourself when the pharmacy isn’t open is a powerful skill to have!

Before there were pills, there were salves, tinctures, and teas to help ease the symptoms of varying ailments. The ancient Chinese have thousands of years of ‘natural’ medicine using the plants and resources around them to ease the suffering and damaging effects illnesses can have. The extraction of oils from plants to get a more concentrated mix of desired healing properties from plants is not a new invention.

Of course, with any health related issue, starting with a good diet and exercise is the main key to maintaining good health. For those that rely on additional medication to help with their own efforts, being armed with more natural healing methods is another step in being more prepared and self-reliant!

Managing Blood Pressure With Essential Oils

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- Chris, would you like to say a few words about Mr Stan?

- Of course I will...

From the Beijing CA:TWS Press Conference [x]

The USWNT + youtube comments

(otherwise known as reasons I love this fandom part 1/?)

Darren Criss has a goofy sense of humour that catches you off guard, upon picking up the phone the actor chirps, “You’ve got Darren.” Then, “Wait, that sounds like you’ve contracted some form of vicious disease, right?” It’s hard to argue with someone as forward and articulate as Criss. Actor, singer, songwriter, composer and long-running television star are all notches in the California native’s theatrical belt.
—  HERO Magazine (x)