Threaten my livelihood, don't be surprised when I come at you harder.

This happened a few years ago and it’s somewhat lengthy but I’ll try and keep it reasonable. TL;DR below.

It all started when I moved to Nevada with my dad because my parents had divorced relatively recently and he wanted me to stick around and help him with my younger siblings. He is the hardest working man I’ve ever met, and I didn’t have anything really going on besides kind of roaming, so when he asked if I could move in with him and just kind of be there for my little brother and sister in exchange for room and board, I wasn’t going to say no.

Anyway, we ended up moving to Nevada in our travels because he was in the mining field and there happened to be a mine there.

A little later on, he hooked me up with a job at the mine too. Nothing special, just working in the warehouse doing various duties. It paid well though and I was pretty strapped for cash so I was glad for it.

I actually enjoyed it for the first 2ish months.

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Acting to mid-air is odd. There’s a perverse pleasure to it when you get it right, but often you don’t. Aliens are really hard. On the second one [Star Wars: Episode II] I was doing the scene with those tall ones - actually, I quite fancied the female one - and they’ve got actors there who will actually be providing the voices for the characters. They wore blue hard hats with cardboard cut-outs of heads taped on top of them. So you’ve got to remember not to talk to the people but to talk to the hats.

In the Vietnam War, for example, the picture most people had was of middle-class radicals, the New Left, fighting against the war and the hard-hats supporting it and beating up the antiwar students. Yet more war production was stopped by workers carrying on ordinary strikes in the course of their lives in the plants than by the whole antiwar movement put together. There were strikes at Olin-Matheson, which made munitions, at McDonnell-Douglas, which made fighter planes, on the Missouri Pacific railroad, which transported war materials for shipment from the Pacific coast. In a few instances, strikes lasted a couple of weeks, and the shortage of planes and war material reached the point where the Johnson administration was getting ready to take over the plants to stop the strikes. 

This was not because the workers were anti-war. Many workers were, but many weren’t. What the workers were doing was trying to live as human beings in the process of production. It is important to understand two things about working-class struggle. First, it is an inherent necessity and takes place all the time whether the means are socially approved or not. And second, the bourgeoisie is constantly aware of that fact, and the related potential for major social upheaval, and goes to great lengths to protect against it, to derail it, and to prevent it.

—  Martin Glaberman
The types as hats
  • INTP: tin foil hat
  • ESTJ: hard hat
  • INTJ: graduation cap
  • ESFP: party hat
  • ESTP: flat peaked cap
  • ISFJ: normally sized sunhat
  • ESFJ: ridiculously huge and floppy sunhat
  • INFP: beret
  • ISFP: beanie
  • ENTP: fedora
  • ENFP: giant inflatable party hat
  • ISTP: balaclava
  • ENFJ: boater
  • INFJ: Witch's hat
  • ENTJ: sherif hat
  • ISTJ: one of those dorky sunhats with the chin strap and toggle

You must understand, Trump is a bit ‘Slow’ he’ll get around to insulting California in a week or two. Have patience!…oh, and if you’re a California resident planning on attending his one single relief handout visit, wear a hard hat. I’m thinking fire hydrants hurt more than jugs of water and rolls of paper towels!  The EPA has been dismantled and runs without protective regulation now. Just wait til next year. Catastrophe after catastrophe may trigger more quakes, especially with the fires on the west coast. Then California may experience the BIG ONE. Then what Mr. Trump? Will you take responsibility for California dropping off the west side of America?


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