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Different Types Of Safety Hard Hats

If you work in an industrial environment, you definitely know about the importance of the hard hats. Generally, there are two types of hard hats to choose from – type I and type II. Type 1 is protecting the worker from above, Type 2 is protecting the worker from the side. Based on the fact how well they protect against electrical shock, you can find different types of hard hats for sale divided into classes: Conductive hard hats, Electrical hard hats and General hard hats. To read the full article, click here.

I was going to post pictures of all the exciting events of Australia Day in Port Pirie. But it was too bright, and also I couldn’t take sneaky portraits very well - my lens is a bit basic. Also I didn’t know anyone, so I couldn’t even spam them with photos.

But I did take a picture of my next-door neighbor’s front garden on the walk home. A ladder with hard-hats, and flowers growing in those hats. I live in a very cultured place.