Odette Hallowes (1912-1995) was an investigation officer for the Allied forces during World War II. She worked with the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation, and was subject to terrible torture and treatment by the Gestapo for her activities.

She survived the war, and became the only woman to both receive the George Cross and be appointed a Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur. In 1955, she co-founded the Women of the Year Lunch, a charitable event in honour of women achievers that still goes on today.

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I noticed that all the Yamas have a little symbol on their shirts and jackets... what is that?? Did they do that???

It’s the 山 (yama) kanji! It’s part of all of their names so it’s just the yama club symbol now and lmao yes I’d like to think that Shibayama stuck them onto everyone but who knows!!

Anonymous said: I actually went on haikyuu’s character wiki and there are 10 yamas in total, but I think at least 3 of them didn’t even get lines. 

Yes, there sure is! I would like to include them all, but drawing so many characters every time would end up tiring me out ;; Thank you for letting me know though! 

Anonymous said: I happened to be reading your tags on the last yamayamayamayamayama post and I saw one…. um 6, who is 6th Yama I must have missed something……… 

It’s Higashiyama from Johzenji! I haven’t put him in yet, but I think he’ll be the last (?) one I include! Oh! And for anyone who has asked about Sarukui too, but I’d just like to reiterate that he’s not a 山 (yama), he’s a 大和 (yamato), but he can be an honorary yama!! Σ(ノ°▽°)ノMaybe he’ll make an appearance soon!

Anonymous said: yamayamayamayamayama is really confusing i dont know when to stop writing yama

The more yamas the merrier! If it helps, I sometimes shorten them to yama5 (or however many there are) or yama club so it’s easier to manage! 

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Everyone might know how to make poses.... doesn't mean they're any good at making them like Cris 🙊 (blender gives me anxiety attacks, I appreciate your work very much <3)

thank you so much love! I appreciate your words indeed; *hugshugs*

I have problems with blender too, but I like what I do, very much! nothing is easier at first, you have to do your best, to practice, and ofc you’ll get better and better.

everyone has something special and personal in their poses/posts, everyone is unique in their own way of doing things

Amy Winehouse Remembered by Jared Leto
'Her passing hits close to home'

A few weeks ago we were asked to replace Amy Winehouse at a festival in Europe. We agreed to fill in for her, and were curious as to why she cancelled the date. We confirmed the show and soon heard about her fateful concert in Belgrade and the subsequent cancellation of her entire tour. I remembered running into her father a couple of years ago in the lobby of Universal Music. I was reminded of the frustration, pain and dysfunction that is such a big part of the life of the addict, and unfortunately everyone else involved.
I didn’t know Amy personally, but her recent passing hits close to home as the disease of addiction is a very familiar part of my life. It’s a  brutal and savage condition that wreaks havoc not only on the addict but those around them as well.

Having played over 250 shows since our last album came out, we  understand all too well the challenges of life on the road. We have  been touring for about two years now and it can be tough. I couldn’t  imagine it in the midst of an active addiction. I certainly would not be able to do it.

It seems that many in the press had no problem acting as though her disease were as trivial as the latest “hot beach bods” spread.  Maybe the next time someone exhibits the classic behavior of an addict in trouble, rather than using it as tabloid fodder, more energy could be spent attempting to help the person. Laughing at the behavior of a person in the throes of addiction, or dismissively treating it as entertainment, is no less unforgiveable than making fun of someone who has begun to deteriorate from the damages of any other chronic and debilitating disease.

I understand they have not confirmed the cause of death but it seems obvious that she suffered deeply for many years. I feel for her and those closest to her, for the pain of these years and for this tragic ending. It’s a heartbreaking loss, not just of an incredibly talented artist, but of a beautiful and blessed young woman in the beginning of her life.

Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and an actor.