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Hey doll :-) was just wondering about the TWAAL outtake, just don't want to miss it because I looooooove this story!!!! Hope you're well, I love your drawing of the Pipster :-)

Well hello there! Thank you so much for still showing interest, though I wouldn’t really worry about missing it any time soon…

To be completely honest, I haven’t touched it since I released the preview out. Mostly because I’m back in college now, but also because my motivation is just…at an all time low really.

It’s difficult to keep with it when there are very few people writing Joshifer, let alone reading them. It’s gotten to the point where part of my brain is like “is it wORTH IT THO.”

And I mean, I don’t have to write for anyone, certainly. But that validation and the presence of readers is a really welcome form of motivation, one that’s kind of dwindling right now.

I’m just hoping we get more IDB and perhaps some Passengers (*squints at Sony) to get the fandom moving again. Or if we’re really lucky, some Joshifer news/a previously unreleased picture. 

I just feel like there needs to be some motion to get iN MOTION MYSELF AGAIN 

Roy: Johnny’s been bubbling over something he’s been dying to show us. You might want to stick around for this. 

Marco: I hope it’s interesting at least. 

Chet: Come on, Marco. It’s Gage. It could be anything. 

Cap: Did I hear correctly that there’s gonna be a little show and tell? Well Gage, please do show and tell! 

Marco: Your enthusiasm worries me greatly, Cap. 

Johnny: Hehehe, well don’t mind if I do fellas!

Roy: Now that giggle worries me

Johnny: You guys are going to be incredibly impressed. She’s for sure the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. -eagerly opens the envelope- 

Johnny: Well? What do you guys think?!

Marco: -whistles- 

Chet: You have got to be kidding me.

Cap: John I’m… Amazed?

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If you were to associate Master Yi with a tree, specifically a leaf type, what would it be? Based on color, shape, history, etc.



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((Duuuude you have such a nice voice! I especially liked You'll Be Back. It's a tricky song to sing, so don't worry about not hitting a note. Some of the notes that you hit were really strong, so great job! Keep on singing dude, I love hearing it!))

// THIS WAS FROM FOREVER AGO, BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I saw this legit just now xDD

fnweioufownefonw THANK YOU

On the hard days do one very important thing for me, be gentle with yourself.

These days will come and they will try to rip your self esteem, peace, joy, wholeness, even your breakthrough to shreds. These days will come and make you feel suffocated, hopeless, broken, exhausted, miserable, unworthy… Don’t give in.

It is on the hardest days that you have to choose to love yourself, love the process of healing you are in. Love the wounds, the scars, the shakiness of your breath. Loving yourself on the good days is easy, but what matters most in healing is loving yourself when it’s the most difficult. When it hurts. When you feel like you can’t. When you want to give up because the voice inside of your head tells you there is no other path for your life.

Don’t listen. Don’t back down. Don’t give in. You have come this far and you my love will go even farther. Just get through today. Just hold on till tomorrow. Tomorrow is a gift and I want you to be there to receive it.

The hard day ends, and the next day is undecided. No matter how many hard days come each and every one of them will come to an end. Let that truth give you the hope to keep going.

Hang in there, and please my dear be gentle with yourself.


You are precious,

~~Acoustic Imagery~~

My heart has been acting up lately. Pushing and pulling against itself. A mind of its own, it has. I try to settle her, calm her, ease her, but she persists on. Stubborn and impatient, she is. She’s always wanting what she wants and worried it won’t come. “Shhhh”, my soul tells her. “Shhh settle yourself, don’t beat yourself up”. All the thing does is beat. Fast. Slow. Fast. Slow. Fast. Fast. Fast. “Shhhh, stop. Don’t attack. He has it in His hands. Rest there. Rest.”
—  Jessi Lynn