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Can you write malec with Alec and magnus talking about different types of music?

Alec laughed loudly, and Magnus almost kissed him for it. It was such a beautiful sound, which is why Magnus refrained from doing it. He would not deprive himself of the sound at any point of his life–that was his promise to himself. 

They were lying on Magnus’ bed, soft music in the background. It was from an artist, a very popular girl called Ariana Grande, and Magnus had chosen to play for Alec. Alec was fully clothed, his head on Magnus lap, while Magnus sat with pillows behind him, running his fingers over and over through Alec’s hair. 

It was a picture perfect moment. 

“I just don’t understand it.” Alec continued, his eyes twinkling. Magnus wished he could commit this moment to his memory, in all it’s simplicity and perfection. 

“What don’t you understand?” Magnus asked softly, thinking that the softest thing in the world was the feel of Alec’s hair. 

“You just took me to a rock concert, what are they called?”

“Blink-182.” Magnus grinned. 

“Whatever.” Alec waved his hand in dismissal, but kept his smile. “And now we’re listening to a girl with a high pitched voice–”

“High pitched? The word you’re looking for is angelic.”

“–who looks like she’s about twelve.”

Magnus feigned hurt, pressing his free hand to his heart. “You wound me Alexander.”

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Rising Sun’s bridge part makes me want to jump up and dance to hard club music whilst attacking annoying colleagues with a pitchfork. Oh yeah, it’s that good. Holy CRAP I wonder why I never found that song this addictive when it first came out.