• Kise: Kurokocchi, kick it as hard as you can!
  • [ball hits Aomine in the back of the head]
  • Kuroko: [fades away]
  • Aomine: What the fuck, Kise?!
  • Kise: It wasn’t me! It was Kurokocchi!
  • Aomine: But I don’t see him.
  • Kise: I swear it wasn’t me!!
  • Aomine: So you’re telling me that Tetsu just magically disappeared into thin air?
  • Kise: That’s exactly what he did!
Baseball (M)

(I can’t get over baseball Jungkook so I had to write something)

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

╳ Genre: smut | One shot

╳ Summary: You hated being dragged to baseball games because your best friends boyfriend was on the team. But maybe this time wasn’t going to be so bad.

“You know I hate baseball” You said, your arm being dragged as your friend pulled you across your lawn.

“Yes, and basically any sport” Your friend Rylee said, unlocking her car door. “But today is his big game and I really want you to come along!”

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Broken Heart

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The music was blaring loudly from the large speakers in the gym, lights flickering back and forth between different colors of the spectrum, the smell of punch lingered in the air mixed with alcohol that some students had managed to sneak in.

(Y/N) sat on the bleachers with her head down, looking at her short and shiny black heels that were beginning to make her feet ache. Reaching down, she took them off and wiggled her toes for a moment before sighed and leaning back against the bleacher behind her.

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Concept: an RPG magic system that inverts the traditional paradigm such that huge, flashy, overwhelming effects are easy, and small, subtle, tightly controlled effects are hard.

Cutting a troll in half with a laser? An apprentice’s trick. Illuminating a dark room? Now that’ s difficult.

Completely overwriting a person’s perceptions and trapping them in a false reality of your own devising while rendering their true body comatose? Easy. Turning yourself invisible? Hard as balls.

anonymous asked:

TFLN - the missus and Harry are friends sometimes with benefits but mostly friends, he's out of the country and she's in bed with another man but Harry text her in the middle of the night because he knows she's awake and he shows signs of jealousy and tells her that the other man took the side he sleeps in usually in her bed and eventually she tells him that she sleeps on his side now because she wouldn't let anyone else take his side. And he's being very possessive but in a cute way.

Anonymous said: A tfln where Harry is away and gets jealous for some reason?

Harry. Missus.

Who’s the guy you went home with last night?

Not that it’s any of your business since you’re away on tour, but, he’s just someone I met at the bar down the road. I went out with some friends last night, he was there, we started talking, one thing lead to another and we were snogging in the street and walking back to my place.

He’s in your bed right now?

I would hope it’s my bed or else we’ve stumbled into the wrong flat.

This isn’t the time for jokes, (YN).

You know you shouldn’t be drinking right now; you’ve just gotten a big promotion at work and you don’t want to fuck that up by oversleeping and walking in with a massive hangover.

Since when do you pay attention to what I mutter during sex?

I always do.

It’s hard not to when I’m balls deep in you.

Besides, it was only a couple of drinks. They wanted to take me out to celebrate - 2 weeks too late but hey, they offered! - and I couldn’t turn them down considering they had some plans made to make it a good night.

A good night, huh? Getting utterly shit-faced on cheap alcohol and tequila shots from a bar down the road from your place? Chatting to men? Hooking up with a stranger? That’s what you call a good night?

Are you jealous?

I’m looking out for you!

I’m a friend. That’s what friends do.

You’re jealous.

I’m not.

If you’re not jealous, then, you won’t mind me telling you what happened tonight… how I ended up in bed with him…

Go ahead. It’ll show you I’m not jealous.

He’s fucking fit, Harry. His dick? Tasted SO good. His balls? They were juicy and nice and they slapped my arse real good when he fucked me. His cum? It was so sweet. Better than yours, if anything.

Shut up.

I didn’t think you were jealous?

Of course I am!

Fuck, I’m jealous! And I shouldn’t be, but I fucking am!

I’m always going to be jealous of the men who get to take you home, fuck you, and then leave you the next day with a scribbled note about how good your pussy feels. I’m always going to be jealous of the people you snog and grind against in the clubs and take into the bathrooms for quick blowjobs or eating out sessions. I’m always going to be jealous of the men who worm their ways into your life and sweeps you off of your feet, no matter how fucking blind you are to how much of a fuckboy they are! I’m always going to be jealous of the one man who gets to take you home every night because you should be with me. I shouldn’t just be your shit shag during a friends with benefits fuck session; I should be your boyfriend. 

The deal was no feelings, but, you’re mine…

That’s right. The deal was NO feelings, Harry.

I can’t just get over how he’s sleeping on the side of your bed that I’ve owned for over 2 years now. I earned that place beside you on your bed. I earned that pillow I laid my head against. I earned everything in that bedside table drawer; from an older Nokia phone you used to use to a packet of condoms and a bottle of lube I stocked in there when you were just too dry for me to fuck.

I earned that place.

And you just gave it away as if it never meant anything to you. Like I never meant anything to you. Fuck, you probably used to the lube and a condom from that box meant for US. And just US. Me and you. Not some stranger from a shithole.

Are you even processing everything before you send this to me?

Or is this all just a fucking dream? Are you actually confessing your liking towards me? Your LOVE towards me?

Right now, I don’t even know what to think.

We had a deal. No feelings, Harry.

We also had a deal to tell the other if we were fucking other people.

You’re not here for me to fuck, Harry!

I would fly around the world to get back to you, you know that!

Anything to lay next to you, on MY side of that bed, cock soaked in your juices, panting and out of breath from an orgasm that only you can give to me, that only I can fill you with.

Except, it’s not my side of the bed anymore, is it?

You’re right… It’s not your side of the bed anymore.



It’s my side of the bed.

You think I’d let some stranger take that from me? From you? This bed holds SO many memories of us. Before we even started this shit deal where we hid out feelings and carried on as if nothing was ever locked away. The pillow smells like YOU. I don’t want it smelling like another man. It’s YOUR pillow. The mattress has a dent from YOUR body. I don’t want another man’s dent in it. I want YOUR dent. There are stains on the cotton that I can’t get out from YOUR cum. I don’t want that with anyone else! I want that with YOU!

Tonight, you weren’t here to fuck me.

But, tonight isn’t the night I give up what we have.

Kick him out.

What’s to say he didn’t stay?

He left as quickly as he came.

Get on Skype. I don’t care if you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Get on it now.

We’re discussing this whole thing face-to-face; from our feelings to where we go next. And, Skype will have to do until I’m back on the UK ground in a couple of days. x

Game #3887

I was having trouble following this game with all the satellite imagery and the rotating gifs, so I plotted everything on Google Maps. 

What the hell is going on here?

As Danny said, the line of scrimmage (I think that just means the place where they line up to start the play), was in this small town of Gresham, specifically at the intersection of Pine and Maud. Instead of trying to break through the line, she retreated west, and the booked it south down Highway 69. 

She continues south until she passes Lincoln Creek, which prevents the defenders from the North from getting in front of her as she goes east, as long as she can beat them past the 462nd bridge. 

Upon crossing the creek, she cuts diagonally across the field. She could have just followed the road, but Pythagoras is a dick so it would have taken 1.34 times as long. 

Once she goes as far east as she can, follows the creek southeast until she hits McKelvie road. 

She crosses the creek again at the Seward bridge. She’s pretty safe there. As Danny said, it’s hard to catch a lone ball carrier in an urban area. Her next problem is all these bare plains and Iowa is setting up a long wall of defenders on 154th street. 

This is where we first tuned in on chapter 2. 

She runs into the twister, which flings her all the way to a field just northeast of Garland. This is pretty far, but not far enough to skip over the line of defenders, so she cuts northwest across the Oak Glen State Wildlife Management Area

After leaving the park going west, she moves north-northwest through all these lakes, and concludes her run for the day by rushing west to the small town of Bee.

This was Nancy’s entire run for the date of July 2, 17776. 

Monsta X reacting to walking in on you dancing around to Gone Bad naked

Your significant other was off to dance practice. And in a way, so were you. You just got out of the shower and didn’t feel like getting dressed. You turn on your music, specifically playing Gone Bad, and start dancing. You don’t hear the door open…

Shownu: He’s a little frozen, watching you dance. At first it was sexy, but then you just started flopping around like a fish. I know you didn’t learn those dance moves from me, Jagi.

Wonho: He’d sneak up behind you and grab your hips. No no Jagi. Not like that. Like this. He’d start guiding your body around touching all over you till you finally snap and spin around, kissing him hard.

Minhyuk: This ball of sunshine would storm right in. I’M MISSING NAKED DANCING TIME?! He’d immediately strip down and start dancing like an idiot with you.

Kihyun: He’d be standing in the doorway trying so hard not to laugh at you. Finally, he’d snap and start laughing so hard he ends up on the floor. “It’s not funny, Kihyun! Learn to knock!”

Hyungwon: Judging. You. So. Hard. Baby what in God’s name are you doing?

Jooheon: I feel like he’d be bringing Changkyun home with him so they could chill. So he ends up tackling Changkyun to the ground and covering his eyes. Jagi put some clothes on! “You could have warned me that Changkyun was coming round!” Like I knew you were gonna be flouncing about naked!

I.M: He’d manage to somehow change the song. Gone Bad would come to an abrupt halt and all of a sudden you hear Give it to Me by Sistar start playing. You whip around and see this coming at you.