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Nanjolno (Eli’s Seiyuu) talking about μ’s Disbandment & Aqours’ Position

With Aqours’ First Love Live being over and the Rikyako incident, I felt that it was appropriate to post screen caps of this video~


lesson of the day: don’t make a kpop twitter, people there are problematic af.. they’ll stan a group but then trash one of its own members smh.

reminder that hwayoung’s words are his own and boys24 still has twenty-seven other members. reminder that those members worked hard and it’s not fair to judge twenty-seven people based on one person.

i’m not a boys24 fan but it makes me uncomfortable to see comments like this:

and not to mention the flood of tweets when you search up “boys24 cancelled”:

and that’s just the first few. there are so, so many.

imagine your fave group. now imagine one of the members doing something that is, yes, terrible. how would it feel if everyone immediately dismissed the entire group?

another situation- imagine if you were an idol, and one of your members did something terrible. how would it feel if everyone started bashing on your entire group, even if you did nothing wrong?

kpop fans really have to stop with this ‘*insert group* is cancelled’ thing. it’s not edgy, or funny or the best way of standing up for whatever cause. 

all of you love repeating phrases like “idols work so hard”, “idols suffer so much”, “idols deserve more respect than this”, “idols are human”, etc. but to some people, apparently it only applies to their bias groups. 

I understand not liking a particular group, but trash talking idols of a group you don’t like is extremely disrespectful. They may not be your favorites, but that does not mean you should treat them as if they don’t work hard and as if they are talentless.
It’s okay to have an opinion, but being an asshole is not okay.

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On your "things to stop thinkinh about bts" post, I feel like another thing to add is that fans need to stop messing with jungkook about him still being in high school. I see that so much especially on twitter and i just hope he never sees those tweets because they clown him hard.

A G R E E D.  i know it’s harmless jokes fans always got some kinda joke for every occasion but, Jeon Jungkook works HARD, so hard, literally SO hard, at every single thing. He works hard at being a son and feels that he still needs to work on that. He works hard as an idol, dancing, singing, meeting with fans, learning English to better communicate with foreign fans, working hard at MCing, working hard at opening up even though he says it’s hard for him to do, works hard at everything. School is the same.

And tbh, people seem to entirely forget, that Jeon Jeongguk met BTS and became a trainee at age like 13, he was a BABy. At this point, while I was getting home off the bus and eating hot pockets and watching recess, he was maintaining school as well as idol training. He was training countless hours at BIGHIT, this is an extra added stress that’s both mental and physical, throw that on top of the fact that Jungkook was a very shy boy, introverted and going through the toughest hormonal years of his life while maintaining training and school at the same time, that’s just the middleschool/early highschool stages.

Now skip to BTS debut, Jungkook was like 15 years old at the time. 15 years old. At this age, not only did he have to worry about regular training as well as school, he had to balance actual public debut. Not only did he have added responsibilities like; PR, added choreo, special choreo, learning stage life, fanmeets, public scrutiny, general prying, dieting and body/image management, he had to focus on school at this time.

They arguably rose to popularity around dope//i need u, this places jungkook around age 17 or so, still a regular highschoolers age. He’s now been delayed in highschool a few years thanks to a demanding schedule, a schedule which will only get worse in the future. Add to this having to grow up in the public spotlight, maybe not being the best at math in the first place, and generally having 100000% things to do every single day almost every single hour. It’s not wonder that he struggles with classes and has for some time. It’s no wonder he’s slowly working his way through his classes, trying to catch up to the other students while also maintaining idol life.

I know people like to clown him over it because it’s a funny joke or meme, but this kid works himself to the bone as a idol, and the fact that he has been leading the life he has, which no doubt is a HUGE contributor to why he’s still doing classes atm, idk, I think sometimes the jokes go a little overboard, but then again maybe i’m just being too uptiGht?

…actually no, I’m not uptight. I’m about 159% too tired™ to read one more jungkook is stupid, jungkook can’t read/do math, jungkook failing a subject meme, Imma go ham.

Teacher: as final, show your clasmates themes y’all consider important. 


The City, Chapter 2

Genre: Angst

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 3.0k

Warnings/Triggers: none

 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

You didn’t sleep at all. Instead you spent the whole night unpacking boxes and trying to put your new place together. You even put together that stupid IKEA bed frame he tried to convince you not to buy. You only cried once in the three hours it took you to re-assemble it. You tried your best not to think about the first time you did. He had come over after practice with a bottle of wine because he knew that you would get frustrated. “WHY ARE THERE ONLY PICTURES. FUCK YOU IKEA IT SHOULDN’T BE THIS HARD!”, you shouted after your third glass. You were drunk and had been stomping your feet on the ground like a toddler. Namjoon had to deal with your pissed off neighbor because you couldn’t stop slurring your words.

This time it seemed like such an accomplishment. You didn’t need his help. You didn’t need him. You would be fine seeing him tomorrow. At least Jin and Taehyung would be there. That’s pretty much the only reason why you agreed to it. They were his bandmates but sometimes he was convinced they liked you more than him. You hadn’t really spoken to them or the rest of his bandmates since the breakup. You understood why, but it still stung a bit. They were some of your closest friends and Jin and Tae never failed to make you laugh and for that you were grateful. You knew that if things got uncomfortable tomorrow you could lean on them for support.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *sees that loads of my bias groups won awards at the MMA's*<p/><b>Me:</b> what a great day :)<p/><b>Also me:</b> wait...MAMA...is...coming<p/></p><p/></p>

The thing I don’t like about Elsa is that she’s low key judgemental, especially to Laura. Just because she doesn’t have a brand or Aura doesn’t mean she isn’t that great of an idol, yet she’s literally one of the most hard-working Idols in Aikatsu. Even if Eliza has sparked an interest in her, there’s no reason to judge a person because of their status. (This just makes Princess Elza a snob tbh)

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