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Nanjolno (Eli’s Seiyuu) talking about μ’s Disbandment & Aqours’ Position

With Aqours’ First Love Live being over and the Rikyako incident, I felt that it was appropriate to post screen caps of this video~


okay but let’s all keep in mind that not only is exo the nation’s boy group, the members are not just working hard on their idol schedules, they’re studying their ass off too…………ksoo juggling acting and performing and studying at the same time……… like minseok is literally out here getting his PhD while junmyeon is studying to become a professor like his parents and jongdae is on his way to getting his masters degree like……….if that’s not inspiration for us then I don’t rly know what is

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I started bawling once again when finding out exo cried during concert today. They love their brother so much I'm so upset over SM making them continue on with schedules and concerts, it hasn't even been a week?

ofc they were having a rough time, they’re all extremely close to him, but keep in mind that they couldn’t exactly give refunds to thousands and thousands of people, babe……….they’re still in grief and in mourning and so are we, but life needs to go on while we keep him in our hearts and continue to fight for what jonghyun was so passionate about! 💜

Not to sound dramatic but becoming a Kpop Fan is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made, and I do not reget it at all.

No Rest for the Wicked | 01

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Summary: You’re hired in the middle of BTS tour to replace a colleague. One of your talents gets unexpectedly noticed by Taehyung who is also struggling with some personal issues…

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, very light smut

Word count: 9.5k

No Rest for the Wicked | 01 | 02

You were exhausted. Simply, totally, undeniably exhausted. And you had been for more than a week, now. It was the third night in a row that you had to wake up before sunrise and when you didn’t have to, you went to bed so late that you saw the sun appear through the curtains.

When your boss Eunji called, trying to hold the tears and asking you to replace her on her job, you didn’t even try to make it difficult for her to come back home. At first, you were sure something tragic happened, but then she explained: a baby. A blessing, actually. Her long-awaited pregnancy became a reality among everyone’s disbelief.

She got the news while on tour in Bangkok, from a Thai doctor who made sure she understood that the chemicals and the fatigue were a no-no for her condition. And Bangkok was where you flew with the first flight in the morning to join the hair and make-up team that was following BTS on tour.

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Imagine radioDJ!Wonwoo reading the letters he received from his listeners and smiling to himself because he’s proud that he’s able to inspire people through his show.

if 👏 you 👏 only 👏 stan 👏 tae 👏 for 👏 his 👏 looks 👏 this 👏 comeback 👏 get 👏 out 👏 of 👏 my 👏 face 👏👏👏

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We were leading but MNET said ARMY cheated and took away 1 million votes. It’s like EXO-L’s used bots and didn’t get punished but ARMY did. We just have to keep voting and get back those 1 million votes.

Msnake just decided to do something nasty and not exactly.. be fair, I think? TBH I’m hoping it’s just some glitch in the system.. Even then, let’s get those votes back!

And you can’t really.. Say that EXO-L’s used bots.. they might have not. Plus, they have a HUGE fanbase in Korea and China. Those fans must just be working really hard. (pls Let’s not drag EXO’s fandom into this for the sake of not starting fan wars ;-;)

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