hard work is its own reward


Hardwork is it’s own reward.

@the-ill-doctor and I talked about the headcanon that Fiddleford took in Pacifica after Weirdmageddon or at least let her hang around his mansion. We both agree that Fidds would have a garden and grow his own plants and stuff and thought that Pacifica would be curious as to why he doesn’t just build robots to tend it for him. He’d go on this big inspirational speech about how hard work is its own reward and how important it is to be able to accomplish things yourself. And I thought it was really sweet.

for a lot of students, myself included, it can be really hard to figure out how to set goals! often, things like new year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions, followed for a week, and then forgotten. here’s my personal step-by-step on setting and sticking to a goal!

  1. think about why you are setting this each goal. if you have a concrete reason, it’s much easier to remind yourself of that later and stay motivated.
  2. set realistic goals. if what you are trying to do is impossible, you simply can’t meet your goals, and you will become discouraged!
  3. make quantifiable goals. this is, in my opinion, the most important step! you need to be able to keep definite track of your progress. if your goal is just “smile more” or “be nicer,” how will you know that you are succeeding? however, if your goal is “smile at least 5 times a day” or “compliment my friends at least 3 times a week,” that’s something you can measure. if you have trouble coming up with these, check out my list of them here
  4. set a time limit. this isn’t applicable to all types of goals, but it’s important for some. if your goal is something that can be completed, like writing a novel or finishing an assignment, know when you want it done by, instead of just “someday.”
  5. break down your goal into smaller goals. “writing a book” is a daunting task, but if you have smaller, daily goals of “write 1000 words,” it becomes much less intimidating. it’s easier to hold yourself accountable. this also prevents procrastination, because if you are making regular progress, you can avoid doing it all right before the deadline.
  6. account for time. make sure to include goals in your schedule, especially if it’s something like “work out for half an hour every day.” set aside time to achieve your goals, otherwise you might find yourself scrambling.
  7. set reminders. sometimes the easiest way to not achieve a goal is to forget to complete it! i use phone alarms with a unique sound and a label, but sometimes all you need is a daily checklist.
  8. have a way to track progress. keep all your information about a goal in one spot, and don’t lose it! bullet journals, google docs, and printables are great for this. at the end of every day, consider: did you meet your goal for the day? write down the answer, and maybe a reason why. it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable.
  9. tell others. another way to hold yourself accountable is with a little help! personally, if i’m the only one who knows about my goal, i’m less likely to achieve it because if i fail, i don’t feel like i’m letting anyone down. sometimes that extra pressure is useful.
  10. reward success. sometimes success can be its own reward, but sometimes you need a little extra motivation. this is where having an outside party helping can come in handy: if you have a partner who you’re working with, they can reward you if and ONLY if you’ve achieved your goal! it might be hard to restrain yourself from taking the reward anyway if you’re the only one calling the shots, so having an outside voice of reason can be really useful.
  11. don’t let failure make you quit. sometimes, it takes a lot of work and a lot of tries to get something right. if it seems like you won’t get it on the first try, see if you can on your second.
  12. work hard! in the end, only you can get yourself there.

good luck with your goals, and feel free to add to this post if you have any other tips! if you end up using my method, tag me with #celestudial. you can do it!

Enstars: B’s-Log May 2016

Released in March 2016. A short story project with the theme of “Class Outing” that commenced from Feb 2016 issue (released Dec 2015).

This month features 2-B students going to a fancy shop (I stole the translation from Holiday Scout–it’s a store that sells cute, miscellaneous things. Like a dollar shop but cuter and more random, perhaps?)

Arashi: Oh? They have new goods lined up—they weren’t here last time♪ Look! This aromatic candle is shaped like shortcake. Ufufu, it’s so cute I want to eat it♪

Mao: Uhh, Narukami. Sorry to ruin your fun, but…don’t we stand out quite a bit?

Arashi: Jeez, you won’t be able to shop anything if you worry about people’s eyes! No one says that boys can’t go into a shop that sells cute things, right?

Mao: That’s true…but… couldn’t we at least bring somebody else with us? Like the transfer student, maybe?

Arashi: She is busy with her work as a producer. Besides, we promised to go out together as a class today, right? We can hang out with the transfer student some other time♪

Koga: Ah…………

Ritsu: Hey. I can see a soul coming out from Corgi’s mouth.

Mao: Whoa!? Hey, Koga. Are you all right? You alive?

Koga: Ugh………………

Yuzuru: This seems serious. His gaze is empty—this is what you would call to be present in body, but not in spirit.

Arashi: Jeez, you’re a big man, how embarrassing! I heard that Koga-chan likes little doggies, so what do you think of this ornament?

Koga: ……! Oh wow, that’s one dignified look you’ve got there♪ Hey, Narukami. If you see other different ones, bring ’em over.

This ornament looks like my pet, Leon. He will be pleased to see a new buddy, I know it♪

Mao: And he recovered just like that, huh!? Moreover, he went further into the back of the store with Narukami. He’s a tough one, eh…?

Ritsu: Aah… That couch over there looks comfy♪ *Yawn*…Good night…zzz…zzz…

Mao: Hey, don’t fall asleep! Ah jeez, you’ll make the shopkeeper angry.

Yuzuru: Oh, this is…? Fufu. My young master has been working hard recently. I should reward him with this stuffed toy.

Mao: On top of Narukami, Yuzuru is also enjoying himself… Oh well, this is fun in its own way♪

7 things I learned in art-school that I wish I knew going in.

Today I graduated from Pratt Institute with my BFA in Digital Arts. Over the past few days I’ve collected my thoughts one the most helpful tips I’ve learned for other incoming art students and others dipping their toe into the art world before they take the plunge. These are them.

1.     Don’t waste your time and money

No wait wait wait don’t drop out! What I mean is- either you, or someone who cares about you is paying for you to go to an expensive art school because they believe you have what it takes. Don’t do them (and yourself!) a disservice by wasting the best time you’ll have in life to work hard and improve. Believe it or not art-school is a safety net, it gives you the chance to try new things, push yourself further, and become better all without the peril of losing your job if you try something new that doesn’t work. When others are hitting the clubs, you’ll need to be hitting the grindstone and honing your art skills if you really want to come out ahead at the end of college. You’re developing a skill that you’ll continue developing throughout your life, it’s not always going to be fun, but if you work hard then it will become its own reward.


2.     Being self-critical is your biggest strength AND your biggest weakness

One of the biggest mistakes an early art-student can make, or ANY artist for that matter- is not see the flaws in their own work. If you don’t see your own mistakes, it’s impossible to fix them and learn from them. It’s easy to become so attached and protective of your work. If you work hard on something you want it to be as good as you pictured in your head; but if you’re anything like me when I began it would look like muddy garbage, and you’ll feel frustrated. As long as you can recognize the flaws in your own work you know you can improve, you can look and study other artists (Tumblr is great for this!) and see what their doing, their compositions, line weights, color, lighting, animation, and see what’s working, and then look back at your own work and see what’s not.

The first step to becoming a great artist? Realize you’re most likely a terrible artist and work up from there.  Don’t let your own suck dissuade you, if you let it self-criticism will scare you and stifle you into thinking you’ll never making anything worth-while, but that’s not true! Statistically if you keep making work, recognize your own flaws and keep improving you’re inevitably going to make something good! Don’t let yourself be defined by the projects you’ve made in the past, but by your tenacity and work ethic to keep making work in the future.


3.     Consistency and hard-work beat waiting for inspiration every time

When I first got into art-school I was not “Talented”, my portfolio was terrible, and my drawing/painting skills were virtually non-existent. Go back and check through my old tumblr posts, really, look at them, they’re awful, but I didn’t delete them because I wanted to remind myself what hard-work could accomplish. If there’s one thing that helped me in art-school above all else it’s work ethic. I’ve seen incredibly talented artists go nowhere and burnout on art because they were always waiting around for inspiration to strike, and I’ve seen students with no natural ability train themselves from the ground up and produce amazing work. Inspiration is fleeting, but if you can train yourself to work every day you’ll improve immensely over your four years of art-school, and will carry that forward into the work force and continue to improve until the end. At the end of the day remember you’re making artWORK, it’s not always fun, if it was then everyone would do it!

4.     If you’re going to give one project 120% you have to give 80% somewhere else (A.K.A it’s not about the grades)

There was a semester when I was taking 18 credits, was an RA, developing my thesis, and producing two other animated shorts at the same time, it was that semester when I really learned what my priorities are. Similarly, understanding your own priorities and why you’re at art-school is paramount to your own education. Set up long-term goals and dreams for yourself, where do you see yourself in five years? Do you want to be working in a studio? Have your own gallery showing? Riding the rails from town to town never staying too long for anyone to learn your name? Your long term goals are going to help you put your short term goals in perspective, if you realize that what you want most out of life is working at an animation studio in LA as an animation director, then you’ll realize you don’t NEED to get an A in your Chemistry of Ancient Egypt class, and that you can focus that time and energy into work that will be more productive for your long term goals.

5.     Surround yourself with people who inspire you to keep working and do better

It’s difficult to keep up morale by yourself, and college isn’t meant to be a solitary experience, that’s why you’re in classes with other people who want to do the things you do! Your classmates aren’t competition, they’re your best sources of connections, inspiration, and valuable lessons that may have taken you years to have figured out on your own. I’ve learned as much from my friends and classmates at art-schools as I have from any of the professionally paid teachers. You’ll meet people who have similar passions, inspirations and aspirations as yourself, and make friends for life.  Of course not all friends have to be artistic inspiration, some people are just amazing to be around.

6.     Monster and other energy drinks will give you a worse hang over than any reasonable amount of alcohol.

Sure you should be working hard, but coffee and water will treat you better than any energy drink you may consume. Energy drinks leave you feeling like death the next day. My suggestion? Three cups of water and a couple of chocolate covered espresso beans will get you where you need to go!

7.     You do you

Be open, honest, and understanding with yourself and others. Know you’re working, growing, and improving, and if you keep going, nothing is out of reach.

darknpretty  asked:

animorphs in percy jackson verse

Here’s the thing: they’re not demigods.  They’re not sprites or deities or blessed ones or chosen champions.  They’re just heroes, that’s all.  

Tobias earns Artemis’s respect right from the start, because she knows better than anyone how to turn loneliness into strength, how to kill and hunt and provide for herself while needing no one else’s support or even their approval.  She rejoices with him over each kill and mourns with him as well, because she loves all the orphans with nothing left to lose but most of all she loves the cleanness of putting something right and doing it all by one’s lonesome.  She laughs as he leaps across the sky and clenches her fists with fierce pride every time he asserts again and again: I need no one.  I am myself, and I am free.  

Pan doesn’t come to him until later, crouched next to Tobias to whisper in his ear even louder than Taylor’s taunts, to warm more fiercely than the endless lights of the Anti-Morphing Ray.  Don’t you give up on me, you piece of shit, he growls in the voice of a collapsing mountain.  Us of lesser gods can survive anything, because we already have.  I know it hurts, you fucker, but you already have all the strength of all the ugly and broken and wild things that no human can ever love or tame.  Pan teaches him in that moment, and in a thousand thousand that will follow, that sometimes there is no need for words or norms.  Sometimes all you have to do is scream.  Sometimes you have to hammer your pain into the instrument of your enemies’ terror, and let it loose in a cry that will break the hearts of anyone who hears.  Pan shows him that pain has no words, but then neither does the feeling of the entire Earth joining together at your back to fight on your side.  

Marco wins Hermes over right from the start, with his charm and rule-bending and ability to get away with seemingly anything thanks to the sheer outrageous boldness with which he does what he is told not to.  Hermes cultivates his self-deprecation and quick-wittedness, laughs when he triumphs and laughs even harder when he fails.  Hermes teaches him to tell the truth in such a way that no one even notices when he does, to joke of church-doors and curses even as he bleeds to death, to be all things and all people but never ever serious for long.  Through Hermes Marco learns to be faster than the bullet that would kill him, to move through all places and modes of being—even darkness, even cruelty, even ruthlessness—but never to stay for long.  Always the delicate quick-thinking ones must race ahead of their would-be killers, dodging and twisting and coming at their problems from a thousand angles, if they want to survive the war.

Apollo shows Marco how to love beauty in all its forms—male, female, in others, in himself—but above all teaches him the beauty of simple clean rules of logic applied across all situations.  He might be cold at times, might be aloof even, but he also sees all possible angles to every problem that confronts him and can offer half a dozen solutions, most of them more elegant than anyone else might come up with, in half the time it would take an ordinary kid.  Marco has a beautiful body but more importantly a beautiful mind, and Apollo cultivates that mind like a peer and a lover and a patron and a worshipper all at once.  

Rachel fights with Ares’s own ferocity, the terror of tyrants and the pathbreaker for her peers.  She is a creature of legend and song, a pure warrior who can strike fear into Crayak himself while even the Ellimist watches in awe.  She laughs off her own wounds and drinks in those of her enemies like mother’s milk.  Ares revels in the slaughter at her side, and swaggers at her shoulder murmuring: You have power, power that you have killed and wounded and been wounded in turn in order to earn.  Walk with your head held high, because you deserve it.  Ares laughs with her as she kills, and he laughs with her as she dies.  There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth.  There’s only one path to immortality, and it’s fighting to your last breath.  It’s living like there’s no tomorrow because there is none.  It’s taking hundreds of the bastards with you as you go.  It’s leaving the world a safer place than it was when you entered.

For every ounce of Ares’s ferocity she possesses, Rachel also has all of Aphrodite’s poise and grace.  She can draw beauty from the most unlikely places and keep it at all costs, emerging unscathed from the hurricane and the carnage alike.  She is ethereal, untouchable, as golden and glowing as the goddess herself and as—rightfully—prideful besides.  Rachel has the instincts that tell her when a blouse is overpriced, when adjusting the curtains will draw out the beauty of a room, and it comes from her patron goddess.  After all, Aphrodite always does spare her best love for the ones who will never age or grey.   

Cassie doesn’t catch Persephone’s eye, not at first, because Persephone may love all things that grow but she also sees the pretty ones the most.  And then Cassie, eight years old and with tears striping her face, picks up a rock and crushes the skull of a suffering rabbit that was fatally injured by a passing car.  Persephone takes notice.  When Cassie saves four baby skunks and doesn’t blame Tobias for eating the fifth, Persephone watches carefully.  When Cassie coaxes David so gently to his doom, Persephone smiles just a little.  When Cassie eats a seal while its children watch, Persephone approves.  Life is death.  Cultivating a garden is a matter of loving every blossom and also knowing when to snap its neck.  Persephone is green and growth and spring, but she is also the goddess of death because she understands that these processes—growing and aging, blooming and dying—are one and the same.  Persephone may see the pretty ones first, but the ones she loves are the ones who know that all things must end, that all cycles have two sides, and that humans are ultimately not that special in the grand scheme.

Hestia’s interest in Cassie begins on those late nights spent watering horses and murmuring to sick wolves and checking on cranky eagles, but it blossoms into admiration the day that Cassie hugs Jake goodbye and chooses not to adventure.  Hestia is a one-woman army of her own, a burning homefire to her own adopted family, a brilliant brand in the darkness who never ever compromises her morals even for a second.  Hestia nurtures Cassie through the long years during which she must redefine home after everyone she loved is gone, but it is work that she is glad to do because Hestia is like Cassie in that regard: she understands that a hard day’s work is its own reward, but that a smile at the end of it is a greater reward still.

Ax comes to Gaia late, as an outsider, and she doesn’t know what to make of him at first.  In all her infinite millennia she has never had a creature quite like him running across her surface tasting the sweetness of her grass.  But he sees her in a way that none of her homegrown children ever really do, drinking in the incomprehensible richness of the millions of species she uses to populate even the meanest square of grass on the most neglected of her fields.  He speaks to her trees and drinks of her streams… and he shares her taste for vengeance as well.  Gaia can adapt and evolve, and so can Ax, but they both understand the importance of following certain rules and never losing sight of one’s heritage.  Gaia welcomes Ax and gives him a home like none he has ever known before, strange and frightening and wonderful and lonely.  He cultivates himself and his heritage under her watchful eye, and he learns to love her back even though he did not come to her by choice.

Hades is a keeper of memory the way that Ax is, sheltering him first when Ax is trapped beneath an infinite black ocean and surrounded by the dead.  Hades does not forget, and he does not forgive; every time Ax clashes with Visser Three, every time he refuses to compromise his morals to humans or to andalites, Hades is there.  Hades is a collector of rare and precious things, and he recognizes that Ax is a thing like no other.  Ax does not flinch from death, nor from killing, but he does recognize how terrible a life wasted is.  Ax can find the life in a simple sound or a beautiful food, but he never loses sight of the place that he came from.  Ax mourns his family, Ax remembers his heritage, but Ax has enough understanding of the vastness of his task as a warrior that he never allows himself to be consumed by grief.  Hades sees all, and Hades approves.

Jake springs from his cocoon of mediocre complacency the moment the war lands in his lap with a speed that reminds Athena of herself, and he wastes no time demonstrating a military spirit that proves her faith was not misplaced.  He is canny enough to maneuver seven Animorphs into the world leaders’ conference with everything from repurposed fishing weights to reverse psychology against Visser Three, but also bold enough simply to tear through problems with a rhino’s ferocity when he cannot solve them with a dragonfly’s cleverness.   He sees how the pieces—of situations, of tools, problems, of people, of teams, of empires—fit together, and how they fall apart.  Athena has fought on the shores of Normandy, in the icy waters of Trenton, on the bloody sands of Algeria, and now in the suburban streets of a California town.  War is an art, won through sacrifice and strategy and sheer cussed refusal to sink to the level of one’s enemies.  War is about victory for the sake of peace, about winning to return to the hearth, about making plowshares out of swords.  Athena fights by Jake’s side, and she considers it an honor.

Poseidon is inscrutability and depth of thought, but also rage that shakes planets and tears islands from their moorings.  Poseidon is about masculinity and pride, not the silly posturing of his younger peers but the brutal self-assurance that comes with hard-won maturity.  Poseidon recognizes himself in Jake, and though Poseidon does not ally himself with anyone, nor does he respect any mere mortal, much less admire such silly fleeting creatures, he still smiles faintly across the battlefield at a worthy opponent.  He watches the Howlers destroyed and 17,000 yeerks sucked into the unforgiving vacuum of space, and thinks that these things have earned his time long enough for him to whisper to Jake: The sea weathers down all things in the end, and the prettier they are the faster they fall.  But any rock that has survived a hundred storms and still stands has more dignity in its defeat than any statue or house never battered into the smooth utter essence of its being by the waves.

onsereverra  asked:

Apologies if this is something you've talked about in the past and I've missed it, but would you be willing to talk a little bit about being single? I'm not in a relationship and don't foresee entering into one anytime soon, and some days I'm totally comfortable with that, but some days I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out, even though I feel like that's not right for me right now. I would love to hear your thoughts on being okay with being single when a relationship feels like the default

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile, but today I’m in a comfy pajama-wearing hockey-watching beer-drinking rewrite-working kind of mood so I’ll take a stab at it.

There’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely, and the Venn diagram where they intersect is different for everybody. You can be surrounded by people and in a committed relationship and be crushingly lonely, but you can also be alone and not lonely at all.

I am single. I have always been single. I have never been in a long-term relationship. I don’t know why this is, I mean I think I’m fairly awesome and reasonably attractive. Between you, me and the lamppost, I could have had a relationship a number of times if I wanted it, but my standards are probably unrealistic. It’s just the way I’m wired that I FAR prefer being single to being in a relationship that isn’t up to my standards but I’m in just to avoid being single. I have never in my life felt a drive to be coupled, or felt distress because I didn’t have it. So perhaps I’m not the best person to ask, because I really have never felt like I was missing anything. I don’t know if that’s a result of the way I was raised, or just an accident of my personality.

A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that the people around me have never made me feel like being in a relationship WAS the default. My family have NEVER given me the “so when are you going to get a partner” talk, or wondered when I was going to “settle down” or asked for grandkids or implied that I was somehow lacking because I was single. I never got that pressure from them. They have always valued me and the life I’ve made for myself on its own merits. (Part of me wonders if they never thought I COULD have a relationship since I’ve been fat my whole life, so they set about valuing other things about me just assuming that nobody would ever want me, but that’s another discussion)

My father once told me that he admired that I’m so comfortable in my own company. I think that’s a big part of it. I have worked hard to make the inside of my own head an interesting place to live, and myself a rewarding person to hang out with, since I am the person I spend the most time with. 

I have days when I think I’d like to have a partner, someone to share things with. I have other days when I think I wouldn’t want to up-end my entire routine and my life the way I have it. Nothing is without downsides in life. In general, I love my life.

But I definitely sometimes think…why has nobody ever loved me? Why do other people get to have that, but I don’t? Do I not deserve it? Am I just unlovable and hopelessly unattractive? Part of it, I’m perfectly aware, is that I don’t put myself out there for it very much. I might not be an easy person to start a relationship with. I’ve had a lot of first dates that I thought went great and then I never heard from them again. I shrug it off, mostly.


It’s important for all of us, I think, to separate ourselves from the idea that we are not enough by ourselves. I require nobody to complete me, I am a complete person in my own right. I have a lot to offer, but I don’t need a partner to be the recipient. I am not alone in life and I can honestly say that I very rarely feel lonely (if ever). I value myself, my own company, and I don’t let not having a partner keep me from doing anything I want to do.

I’m honestly not sure right now how well I’d deal with having someone constantly in my life all the time, or sharing my living space. I’m so set in my ways at this point. But if I were to meet someone who was worth making those changes, I’d do it. But if I don’t…it’s okay.

The Problem With Today's Older Parents
  • For many of us in our late teens through mid 20's, we have an older generation of parents whom seem to forget what it's like to be young and starting out. They forget the fact that our generation is the generation that's been declared screwed over from the start. For example, back when our parents were our age, the world in general was cheaper when it came to prices and taxes, a bit more flexible when it came to jobs and education standards, and a minimum wage job could get you somewhere. Not everywhere but, you were able to save up to get your own car without a loan; which is something you can't do today unless you want something that'll break down within the hour you first bought and drove it. Then there's the fact that when they were in school, they were actually taught. Not droned. They learned how to work on, fix, and create things, do paperwork, cook, sew, knit, and etc. Skills that prepared you for the adult world, unlike us. We just learned how to press buttons for an answer and maybe half-assed taught maybe two of the above skills I mentioned our parents learned in school. They don't realize that we have been taught nothing at all other than most teachers saying we're shit people, probably not going anywhere in life, and good luck. School doesn't prepare us for life anymore. It prepares us for, hopefully, minimal standards for a job at most. And even then, that doesn't seem to get us anywhere either. Our parents, at most, just needed to pass and graduate high school to get a good, supporting job when they were our age, along with free benefits such as health insurance and etc. Now, in today's society, we can pass through high school and college and still not be eligible to work somewhere that would give us financial stability and benefits (which we now have to pay for as well through our paychecks).
  • Might I add as well that I've also noticed and experienced that older generation parents think we're lazy, don't do anything productive, and don't understand how we can be tired from our jobs? Let me rant on this as well. Parents, 30-40 hours a week jobs DO NOT FUCKING PAY FOR SHIT ANYMORE. Especially when they're minimal wage or close to it! We are literally WORKING OUR ASSES OFF just trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some pay. Then, again, there's that wonderful fact that we are either NOT hired or ELIGIBLE for a job that could financially stabilize us because we are under qualified, over qualified, or people are cheap and don't want to hire nor train anyone anymore like they're SUPPOSED TO! We literally have to get 3-4 shit jobs and run our bodies into the ground before we will be able to achieve financial stability and be able to support ourselves, alone. And once again, that's only if we can get hired at this point. Employers expect us to have 30-50 years of work experience under our belts and have been hired by, what it seems to be,100 places already at the ages of 16-25 years old. Obviously, that's not how it works in the real world. The standards for a job are ridiculous now! We are jumping through hoops and breaking our backs constantly just to get a minimum wage job, and especially for a financially and beneficially stable job! You worked 2 jobs and were able to afford a car and an apartment at the age of 18-20 years old? Good for fucking you. That's not how it works anymore.
  • Parents, let's also remember that if any of us want to even attempt to get anywhere anymore, we have to go to college. College that requires us to cough up 1k-200k EVERY SEMESTER, or take out student loans that'll put us in DEBT for the REST OF OUR LIVES while we work low income jobs with little or no benefits that we're struggling to survive off of IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Yeah, mom and/or dad, it's easy as fuck for us. We're totally lazy low-life fucks just trying to make your life hell.
  • No. That's not what we're trying to do to you. We're sorry we can't afford our own place, afford our own car/health insurances, or to buy our own cars. Life, or in our circumstances, attempts to start a life are harder than ever for us at this point. This world is now stacked against us. We no longer have those happy-go-lucky opportunities waiting for us anymore. It's why we either give up, run our bodies into the ground working, not working, or doing malicious things (drug dealing, stealing, etc) to gain money and make a living off of. Hard work and education no longer seems to pay off/reward/benefit us anymore; or does very little.
  • Stop belittling us. Stop nagging at us. Stop putting us down for things we can't control!
  • We need support! We need a guide! We need love and positivity! Not you screaming at us for being "useless", "worthless", "lazy", and etc!
  • We need understanding parents. Not drill sergeants pushing us to our deaths. If we wanted that, we'd go and get ourselves killed in a war.
  • Respect and love us for our endless and failing attempts. Give us a break. We're under more pressure and stress than you're acknowledging.
  • Sorry, not sorry.
glassdoor tumblr reviews

if you’ve never heard of glassdoor before, it’s basically this place where employees of (usually at least fairly large or notable) corporations can leave reviews of where they work. while glassdoor doesn’t allow companies to edit the reviews they get, there’s also no screening process to verify previous employment, etc. however, some trends in these reviews – as well as how they match up with what we’re seeing on the site – makes me believe they at least have some truth to them and aren’t all faked. here are some interesting insights:

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6/7/16 - hi guys! so second post but i figured i’d make it about something i’ve always been really focused on. having a mental illness is difficult on its own, but being productive with it is extra hard. remember, this guide only contains some of the most common mental illnesses, but i can make a post with more rare/specific ones if you guys want.


  • try the pomodoro technique: force yourself to work for 5 mins, and then continue if you feel up to it
  • set rewards and stick to them: reward yourself for being productive
  • practice self care: clean your study space, make yourself a cup of tea, and play soothing music. all can lift you up (at least partially) from a depressive episode


  • make a schedule and set goals: while this works for everything, it is especially helpful for anxiety. you can often overwork because you are anxious with the results, which can actually make your work less quality. set reasonable goals such as “type a draft,” “do 10 problems,” or “
  • tune out electronics: if you have social anxiety, it’s difficult to focus when you know your friends are trying to contact you. keep your phone in another room, and get apps on your computer to block social media sites.


  • know your learning style: are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? knowing this can help you organize your notes in a way to best assist your studying.
  • don’t do drugs!: if you are taking meds (or even if you’re not) do not consume large amounts of alcohol or drugs!
  • clear your space: find a quiet space with only your needed study materials as to not get distracted.


  • break it up: distribute your work into small chunks. if you are cramming, chances are it will not stick. review before bed for 15 mins, and study for a little each day before a test.
  • exercise: (this is for everyone) exercise with boost focus, especially for people with adhd. you can also study while you exercise with audiobooks or videos
  • taste and smell: chewing gum or smelling a candle while studying can imprint the information in your mind in a more concrete way. this way, when you recall the taste or smell, you can recall the information that comes with it.


  • sleep!!: sleep deprivation triggers mania and depression, especially in universities, where binge drinking and drug use are often common. keep regular hours.
  • support system: build a support system of trusted friends, teachers, and advisors. make sure they can help you out of episodes and get you back into productivity
  • follow the tips on depression for when you have a depressive episode


  • inform your teachers or counselors: schizophrenia is a tough mental illness to deal with. alert your school nurse or counselor that you could be missing school or have to have special extension dates. they can help a lot!
  • don’t overload: do not overload yourself with work. again, long hours and stress can cause your schizophrenia to act up.
  • again, practice self care to center yourself, especially after a period of hallucinations or paranoia
The Signs and Their Birth Flowers

ARIES - Honeysuckle

“My vines climb to great heights.” 

If you are born under the sign of the honeysuckle you are sweet to the senses of others. Meaning, you naturally entice others with your charm and grace. You have a smooth confidence that attracts a wide variety of friends and business partners. Just as bees can’t resist the lure of the honeysuckle - people can’t resist your energy. You are the first of the flower signs and so you are assertive and a natural leader of the vine. Honeysuckle people are strong and determined, weaving their way through any challenge, and are quite deft at finding innovative solutions.

TAURUS - Poppy

“I provide beauty to your senses.“ 

If you are a poppy among the zodiac flower signs you love the finer things in life, and you love to share them with other people. You have a flare for design, a good eye for detail, and a knack for putting things together with style. Refinery comes natural to you, and you have a classy way about you that others find alluring. Poppy people are about pleasure: giving and receiving it. You enjoy security and comfort. Those with the flower sign of the poppy are very resilient too, and can weather any storm because of their patience and headstrong nature.

GEMINI - Lavender

“My beautiful expanse will inspire you.”

If you are a lavender flower sign you freckle your landscape with beautiful ideas. You love to share these ideas with other people and get more new insights as you do so. You are expansive in your expressions, and you always seem to be able to find your muse. You are amazingly productive, creative and have an active mind. Sometimes you feel pulled in too many directions, but part of the lavender’s beauty is that it spreads itself far and wide for all to enjoy.

CANCER - Acanthus

  “Look to my petals for your nurturing.”

Sensitivity is the watchword for acanthus flower signs. You are perceptive, and have high intuition in matters of the heart, and environment. You often react to others (even when they don’t speak their feelings, you still know what is going on inside their hearts), and your surroundings. You are warm and sympathetic, and a natural healer too. Acanthus zodiac flower signs are highly influenced by outside forces - especially the pull of the moon. A secure home life, surrounded by friends and family who love you and you love back often help ground you and keep you from falling prey to negative influences.

LEO - Sunflower

“I will brighten your darkness.”

Sunflower signs are warm, open, and natural leaders. You rise to any occasion with confidence and assurance - you have no doubt that you are the perfect person for any challenge, and you know how to reach to the top. You tend to be the center of attention and others look to you for advice and mentoring. You are a loving, faithful and tenderhearted friend. You are generous and enjoy a wide range of intellectual gifts.

VIRGO - Morning Glory

“I bring you clarity.”

Morning glory zodiac flower signs are thoughtful and reflective. You tend to think and plan first before you take any action. You are organized and very observant. You have a natural eye for detail, and can be very analytical. You love to help people, and often use your organization skills to help others who struggle in “getting their act together.” You bloom beautifully right where you are planted, and you have a neat way of making things right and tidy. People come to you for guidance and healing. 

LIBRA - Rose

“I will balance you in my beauty.”

The rose zodiac flower sign exposes the truth in all things. If you have this flower sign you have a unique ability to see the hidden meanings in things and expose the underlying evidence for what it is. You have an eye for classic beauty, and you love to surround yourself with beautiful things too. You are attracted to philosophy, poetry and art. Because you see the beauty and truth in all things, you do not tolerate injustice or cruelty. You are most happy when you are with friends and family - taking a walk and enjoying nature.

SCORPIO - Chrysanthemum

“My mysteries are forever unfolding.”

You have many layers to you, and just as soon as someone thinks they have you identified, you pop out with another blossom of surprises. You like clarity and honesty in all things. In fact, when situations are murky or unhealthy you are the perfect sign to come in and clear the air or heal the situation. You are focused and tend to be serious in your emotions, but you are very intuitive and help others identify areas they need to work on for their own emotional growth. You are active and amorous with no end to suitors.


“Escape into my dreamy depth.”

Narcissus zodiac flower signs can be very influential and enjoy sharing their philosophical ideas with others. You are direct, to the point, trustworthy and honest. You are naturally wise, and you also are gifted with good luck. You come on strong, but have a sensitive side you don’t share with too many people. You have an active imagination and love to dream the days away.


“Simplicity is its own reward.”

Those with the carnation flower sign are beautifully adept at putting things in order, and organizing. You are strong willed and determined for others to see your point of view. You are a natural leader, and others look to you to lean on. You can be driven and determined and this makes you a strong personality. You are no stranger to hard work, and you like to get things done your way. You like security, particularly if you are building a comfort zone with your own two hands.


“My uniqueness is my effectiveness.”

Those with the zodiac flower sign of the orchid are curious and inventive. You can be contradictory but you know exactly where you are coming from. You have a dreamy persona and people are attracted to your unique, sometimes eccentric ways. You have a different way of looking at the world. You are a natural humanitarian, and love to unravel mysteries. You are also very good at organizing or completing tasks that allow you to establish order.

PISCES - Water Lily

“My roots touch unseen knowledge.”

Water lily flower signs are perceptive and deeply psychic. Water runs through all the flower signs but especially through yours and this accentuates your intuitive abilities. You are sometimes able to absorb ideas and thoughts of those around you. You can be emotionally swayed by other people’s feelings too. Sometimes your emotions can run out of control, but you can turn to your natural creative abilities to help you get grounded. You are a natural artist, dancer, and musician. You are also an excellent communicator, and may be drawn to other languages too

Continuity: Star Wars: The Clone Wars AU
Names: Tasuka Tano, Kebiin (SWD Kebiin is altogether different, though you can see how he’d look grown)

Who Are They:

      Tasuka: Found as a small child on her own in Ahsoka’s home village she is taken in and brought back to Salucami where she lives happily. Now able to have a bit more of a broad education at the school Rex teaches at, she loves meeting and interacting with all the different species she hadn’t known existed outside of her small village.

Filled with wonder and curiosity, she enjoys enveloping herself in the culture around her, but never letting go of what she had been taught growing up. Very in love with her own culture, she never loses her connection with home. Continuing her lessons in fire dancing (bo staff), hunting, prayer, and spirituality, she grows to become a very peaceful person who can still become fierce when need be.

Her negative views of the Empire and how they hunt for people like her sister are challenged and subsequently grow and change once she meets Kebiin and learns more about him. Still, she is firm in her views that though he is good, that the ones he works for are still doing bad.

This discussion is slow and painful for both of them due to Kebiin’s initial unwillingness to listen to such arguments.

     Kebiin: One of the young clones left over after the war, he was put through the Imperial Academy where he and other brothers excelled before finally being given their armour. He takes pride in the armour he wears, honestly feeling that he by extension is helping the Empire bring good to the galaxy.

Never having held ill will against aliens unless they’re bad people in general, Kebiin doesn’t feel comfortable when others in his unit are more vocal in their dislike.Especially when they call an alien by crude terms when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Meeting Tasuka showed him how he is right in knowing that kindness is a trait to all people, but her views of the Empire initially soured his outlook on her. Especially when she didn’t understand the good that they do. Her challenging him with how the Empire treats species, or her asking about why there are no alien officers drove him to walk away from her and focus only on his work like he should as the soldier he is. With these new thoughts in mind, he begins to see what he’d always seen before, but in a new harsh light. It is after that he realizes that he is the one who is wrong, and that now he wants to escape the life he now knows is a lie.

Personal Views: Tasuka: You must trust yourself fully to get the best results.

Kebiin: Hard work is its own reward, but pilfering extra dessert is better.

Why Did I Create Them: For Kebiin, I wanted a young clone to survive all that happened, though his story has had many incarnations since he was first created. I love them all though, for a variety of reasons.

As for Tasuka, the root of her creation is more personal to me than what it probably seems at first glance.

I am adopted, and I have always been fascinated by the idea of having younger biological siblings somewhere. And well before any teasing my friends gave me in High School about never being able to date any Mexican’s younger than me just in case, I had always wondered if I was the eldest child (figure I probably am) or if I have other family around somewhere. So when I was thinking about Ahsoka’s past, I saw an opportunity and thought why not? And here is Tasuka.

Galactica, part 1 - AU!AAG

Hello darlings! The lesbian AU has officialy taken over my brain, and will now be turned into a series. The series has heavy inspiration from Devil Wears Prada. Fame, Violet, Katya and Pearl are females while Max and Trixie are males.

A million thanks to @samrull for being the greatest, @toriibelledarling for her lovely brain and to @veronicasanders for her support! ❤️

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anonymous asked:

What do happy cannibal noises actually sound like?

Good question, anon. Cannibals make a wide range of sounds, many of which are uncategorizable by us non-cannibals, but attempting to identify and classify these sounds is a good first step to avoid being eaten by your cannibal.

One sign that your cannibal is happy is a penchant for speaking in complex metaphor. Here is an example of a happy cannibal showing affection to his non-cannibal owner:

Furthermore, a cannibal that is happy will often emit a purring sound to demonstrate his pleasure. A cannibal will purr when he is partaking in an activity that he particularly enjoys, such as torturing non-cannibal victims, erecting non-cannibal human tableaux, dining on rude non-cannibals, and being both seen and known by its non-cannibal owner.

However, it is important to note that a cannibal’s purr is not always a sign of contentment. A cannibal often purrs when he is scared, upset, feeling betrayed, or feeling like his rare gift was not properly appreciated by his non-cannibal owner. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that you learn to differentiate between these purrs if you want to avoid a knife in the gut.

It’s good that you’re asking these questions, anon. Owning a cannibal is hard work, but if you are willing to work at it, you will be rewarded with a lifetime of bitter regret and probable alcoholism.

Advice based off your favorite Free! Characters
  • Haru: It's okay to be scared of things changing. Your uncertainties are reasonable, but your friends are here to help you through if you let them.
  • Makoto: It's impossible to make sure that the people you love never get hurt, no matter how hard you try. It's okay to be selfish sometimes, thinking of yourself is part of being healthy.
  • Nagisa: Being sad won't make your friends dislike you. People may look to you as a mood-maker but they'll pick you up just as quickly when you fall down. Letting them see you cry won't stop you from making them laugh later.
  • Rei: Stop comparing yourself to others. You will blossom and fly at your own pace, not at anyone else's. Rome wasn't built in a day and Picasso wasn't born knowing how to paint; keep working and you'll get there too.
  • Rin: The hardest part of falling is picking yourself back up. Don't be discouraged by your backslides and bad days, keep focused on the good things you're doing instead. It's hard to see the progress you've made, but it's there even when things seem dark again.
  • Sousuke: Take a break and take a breath. You don't need to have your whole future decided tomorrow; let your feet find a path on their own and when you look back you'll see that you've been walking on it all along. You are not the mistakes that you've made and you still have a future.
  • Ai: There will always be people in your life who tell you that you're not good enough; don't be one of them. It's okay to have doubts but remember to be kind to yourself too, your hard work will reap its own rewards.
  • Momo: Be sensitive to those around you; not everyone can share in your energy all of the time. Don't let the world make you grow up too quickly, it's okay to be a little silly and to laugh loudly, you'll always find people to join in.
  • Gou: Be forgiving of others. It's hard feeling like you've always got it figured out for them, but people need to grow and learn on their own too. Loosen your grip a little and they might just surprise you!
Anyone else frustrated with the costume contest in New Orleans? : comiccon

This appeared on my FB from a wonderful family I’ve gotten to know:

Heroes” of Cosplay, and Close encounters of the horrible kind…

The Costume Contest from Hell

My children and I (and a friend with a tin dog) spent months working on costumes and thousands of dollars in fees, costume supplies, hotel room, rental van, food, and more fees to attend Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans. We were really looking forward to entering the costume contest as a group, not as serious competitors, but for one purpose and one purpose only: to help my autistic son have life experiences that are memorable and worthwhile that move him forward and help him grow and be happy. He LOVES Doctor Who and conventions and cosplay. LOVES them. So, in my naivete, I decided that even though the SyFy channel’s questionably ethic’ed show Heroes of Cosplay was filming at the venue, we would be okay if we kept our focus and stayed true to our family goals of fun and cosplay.

See, without a goal (a costume contest), it is hard to get anyone really to finish something at any sort of level of excellence. I want my children to understand that hard work is its own reward, and that we work hard so that WE will gain the benefits of the work. Winning is really not a goal in and of itself, and if it happens, it is simply one extra bit of fun. So, I had practiced with my son what he would do, helped him visualize how it would be, and prepped him for some waiting in line work (which is excruciating for autistic kids, but VERY important to keep experiencing so they develop strategies and skills for doing it on a small scale in daily life).

Here is the timeline of depraved indifference shown to the contestants of the Group Costume Contest, courtesy of “Heroes of Cosplay” and Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans:

6:30 PM—the call time. We arrived early (6:00 PM) so we could get in the front of the line so that my son would be done as quickly as humanly possible.

6:55 PM—the line is told we are in the wrong place and moved further away from the entrances to the hall.

7:20 PM—cameras following some people I did not recognize came through the line and did some interviews with line members and what I presume were cast members of the show. They stayed for a few minutes and departed.

7:25 PM—first encounter with anyone official from Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans and we are told to line up in number order, groups on the wall side, solo competitors on the opposite side by the escalators.

7:45 PM—the solo competitors were called individually by name, which took forever, and marched into the backstage area. We were told we would be waiting approximately 45 minutes until we would get to go on.

8:15 or so—someone came out who worked for Wizard world and said it would be 20-45 more minutes, without really explaining why.

Then, everyone official just vanished, like they’d gone backstage and friggin’ died.

9:15 or so (I’m starting at this point to lose track of time, as my son decompensates further and further and we have to work every single minute to keep him calm and focused, thinking “surely, since the audience is leaving in droves that any minute now we’d get to go do our 1 minute thirty second thing and go home”)—an official from Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans came out and informed the groups that there would be a 45 minute break while THE JUDGES CHANGED COSTUME.

Wait, what?

I cannot stress this enough: this was the most ridiculous moment in the whole evening for me. My son had not been out of his costume for well over three hours at this point. He had not been able to eat dinner exactly because we figured we could get food when we were done, since we had gotten there early on purpose so we’d be in the front of the line, and to hear this was offensive and hurtful. The judges were changing costume, presumably getting refreshments and having a smoke break. We’d been sitting on the floor for hours.

At this point we also discovered that the awards ceremony for the solo competitors had already happened, which explained the audience leaving in droves we’d witnessed earlier.

10:00 PM—yep, that’s right, 10:00 PM and we’re still in the hall. A dude brought us some water and there was some perfunctory apologizing from the Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans staff, and the stars of the Heroes of Cosplay were wandering around now in our line a bit.

10:30 PM—we are hurried (wait, give me a break, NOW WE are expected to hurry because you are barking orders at us) to a backstage area, where the line is informed that there is not enough time for anyone to be allowed to do their skits. The line behind is growing restless, if not possibly murderous…

I went to a Wizard World official and begged them to let my son just go do his thing. He was crying, overwhelmed, and traumatized by all that had happened and all I wanted at that point was to get him on stage, let him do the skit and go home. I chose to sacrifice actually competing so that he could have some closure on the evening, and to Wizard World’s credit, they did in fact let us do just that. There were no judges to see him, because they were still not out yet, but that’s okay. My son had made it through four hours of all of that and only lost it when the adults were chanting and stomping “Let us Go! Let us GO!”

10:50 PM We are allowed to do our skit for the audience members, but not for the judges, who were not there yet.

I would like to thank the Wizard World person who made the decision to let our little skit happen. I feel for the people in line who went through all of this and were not allowed to even do what they came to do. I will never watch Heroes of Cosplay again, and I plan on sharing my story with SyFy, all of the shows sponsors, Wizard World, and anyone else who loves cosplay.

Before anyone asks me “why don’t you just put him in the children’s contest?” I’m going to point out that by and large the children’s contests I’ve seen are not about excellence and this one was no exception. It was a photo op for parents and a toy grab for kids. No awards were given. I cannot teach my children about excellence if there is no standard to aspire to. Besides, I prefer to cosplay as a family whenever possible, for reasons that have more to do with his disability than anything else. We do this together because it means something to us. It’s fun, it’s worth it, even when it’s hard and disappointing.

A final bit of opinion from an angry, hurt mom: There are a thousand better ways to handle this. If you are having two separate contests (solo and group), schedule them at different times. If you want to show off your television show prowess, do it as an exhibition at the end, publicize it as such, and make it special for everyone, and then you can make it perfect and beautiful and knock the socks off of all the competitors and set a standard all of us would like to aspire to, but please don’t pretend you are competing with us.

I believe God honors faithfulness more than fruitfulness. Both are important: but we won’t always see the results of our work. We are not always meant to, and often it’s better not to. Otherwise we would rise and fall on the outcome. To be faithful without expecting recompense is its own reward.

– J


What Most Schools Don’t Teach - Short Film (by CodeOrg)