hard work and dedication ;d

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i dont get why youre making such a big deal outta people reccing their faves if theyre popular writers like no duh the popular ones will get picked - other writers should just work hard and wait for their time

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Alrighty, so I don’t think there’s a problem with your favorite writers being popular ones. In fact, it makes sense, does it not? There’s a reason they’re popular, and individually, everyone has the right to their own opinion and favorites, etc. 

HOWEVER, I think it’s a problem when big writers or big accounts or majority of people ALL recommend the same batch of people over and over again. I think it can be hard for readers to understand, because you/they are on the other end of this relationship between writers/creators and readers/audiences. Let me try to give an example.

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Thank you Jack, for putting so much effort into the channel!

You’re even working “overtime” to make sure those of us who can’t go to Pax still have content.  Please know that we really, really appreciate your dedication and hard work!!! :D  Thanks Jack!!!


Alexandra Bring is my fitness motivation :D
I admire her hard work and dedication and damn girllll!!! If weight lifting made her butt look that bootylicious I will amp up my weights!!! :D plus her face is sooo adorable hahahhaha