virtue of simplicity



that’s exactly what
i’m trying to do.

i’ve got two major
obstacles to get past,
in the coming months,
but barring that i feel
i’ve arrived at a beautiful,
simple way of being.

anyone can
complicate things,
and i’m up there
with the best of ‘em.

but i’ve seen the
alternative, and
it’s such a better


do right by others.
stay humble.
do right by your self.
work hard.
stay honest.

most importantly:
repel and reject
the negative,
from within as well
as from outside.

replace it all
with positive, or
don’t give it
any of your
time or energy.

If you’re not where you want to be in life, you are probably making the same excuses, you are still looking for easiest ways, you are not giving 120% every day, you are not making sacrifices, you are lying to yourself, you are not focused and you are not serious about it. You say you want it bad, but you don’t mean it. Man up. Success is never on discount.