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Carry On Countdown // Day One {November 23rd} // Coffee Shop AU

Every Wednesday, Simon and Penny would study together in the library. Every time, after the first hour of studying, Simon would have to take a short break which meant he would go buy coffee for the both of them. 

Even though Penny had offered to get them both coffee every once in a while, it was always Simon who would wander into the coffee shop to get it. Penny didn’t even ask anymore. It didn’t matter much for her wether she or Simon got the coffee. So when she started asking again, Simon was at least a bit confused. Though, the question was a bit different this time.

“Can I come along today?” Penny asked as Simon started to gather his things for a trip to the coffee shop.

Simon looked up at her, confused. “Uh, why?”

“Well, because there seems to be a hidden treasure or something in that coffee shop. You’re obsessed with going there. I’ve seen you glancing at the clock to see if it was already an appropriate time to go. I’m just curious about what’s so special about that coffee shop,” She said with a lovely grin on her face.

Simon felt the heath rise to his cheeks. “Right… Uh, of course you can come along.”


As soon and Penny and Simon walked into the coffee shop, Penny felt Simon go tense beside her. 

“Simon?” She spoke out in concern, looking at him to see if he was alright. He looked nervous; self-conscious almost.  He had his eyes fixed on somewhere that was further back into the coffee shop. Penny followed his gaze to find the barista, who had just looked up, staring back with an incredible grin on his face. 

Penny and Simon were nearing the barista and Penny tried to figure it all out. These two knew each other. Of course they did, Simon came here every Wednesday, she thought. Though, this was more. She looked back at Simon and saw his cheeks had reddened. He wasn’t looking at the barista anymore, his eyes were now focused on the ground as they walked to the counter where they would order their coffee. Penny noticed how the corners of Simon’s mouth wobbled up a bit into a small, private smile. When Penny looked at the barista again she saw that he wasn’t looking at Simon anymore either; he was looking down at the counter, grinning to himself. 

And then she realized. Oh, Simon, she thought, a smile appearing on her face. 

“So this is the mysterious person you always buy your second coffee for?” the barista, who’s name tag said Baz, asked. 

“Yeah… This is Penny,” Simon answered. 

Baz gave Penny a curious look. “I’m his best friend,” Penny said without any good reason behind it. She just felt like it was something that needed to be clarified. Penny knew it had been the right thing to say when Baz’s eyes lightened up at that information. 

“You chose the right best friend when he is willing to buy you a coffee every single week.”

Penny grinned, “Well, I have offered him multiple times to buy the coffee for once, but he never lets me. He always wants to go here himself.”

“Oh?” Baz said, turning his glance to Simon who’s cheeks were bright red. Simon just shrugged. 

“Well,” Baz said, “I’m assuming the usual?” He asked, taking in their order. Both Penny and Simon nodded. 

“Except,” Penny said, “we’re drinking them here. It’s nice here.”

“But–” Simon said, but Penny shushed him.

“Okay,” Baz said, “you can sit down at one of the tables whilst I’ll get you your coffee.”

Penny looked around the coffee shop as she and Simon sat down at one of the smaller tables. The coffee shop was pretty much empty at this hour. There were a few people scattered around the coffee shop who were working on laptops and there was a couple of two females sitting somewhere near the back who were in deep conversation together. 

Penny got distracted by Simon’s fingers tapping nervously on the table. He was watching Baz making their drinks with a fine concentration.

“You like him,” Penny said. 

Simon didn’t take his eyes off Baz, he just shrugged and blushed as reaction on Penny’s statement. 

“I think he likes you back.”

“Yeah?” Simon asked, his fingers tapping faster now. 

“Yes,” Penny said, Baz was now walking towards them with their drinks. Simon quickly looked at Penny.  

Baz set down their coffee and a scone. 

“Uh, I didn’t order a scone?” Simon said carefully. 

“You didn’t, but I saw you eyeing them like you wanted one desperately,” Baz said with a smirk on his face. 

Simon looked at Baz with a wide-eyed gaze, then at the scone, then back at Baz. “But–” he began.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to pay for it, I did. Just enjoy your scone,” Baz cut Simon off, looking a bit flustered now too. Penny found herself grinning at the boys. God help them, she thought.

“Uh, thank you… So much,” Simon said with his cheeks bright red. 

Baz just nodded, not meeting either of their gazes and off he went, back to his place behind the counter. 

“Might I repeat, I think he likes you back,” Penny said delighted. Simon only blushed.

The both of them sat in peace as they sipped their hot drinks and as Simon ate his scone. (More so devoured.) By the time Simon and Penny left the coffee shop, Simon was too flustered to even look at Baz, so Penny said ‘Goodbye’ from the both of them. Though, Baz was not looking at her when he said his goodbye, he was looking at Simon’s hand which was shoving the napkin he got with his scone into his coat pocket. 


08:09 PM Simon said ›› Hello, you wrote down your number on the napkin. It is OK that I saved it, right?

08:12 PM Baz said ›› yes, that was the whole idea. hello ;)

08:12 PM Simon said ›› Haha good. Thank you for the scone today, you honestly didn’t have to do that.

18:12 PM Baz said ›› i didn’t have to, but i wanted to. 

18:12 PM Simon said ›› I feel like I need to pay you back for it.

18:13 PM Baz said ›› you really don’t have to, though if it makes you feel better we can meet sometime after one of my shifts and you can buy me something. 

18:13 PM Baz said ›› as in a date.

{simon is typing…}

Honestly, Junkrat and Roadhog deserve way more credit for evading the authorities, and not just because they’re 7′3 and 6′6 with easily distinguishable tattoos and features. No, its because of they’re motorcycle.

Look at this thing.

Not only does it have the the most conspicuous sidecar humanly possible, but it also touches the ground. In a future purposely created by Blizzard so that all the cars are flying cars, they have a giant motorcycle with regular old wheels. How hard would it be to tell people to be on the look out for a non-flying motorcycle with a bright yellow smiley face sidecar?

But nope, Roadhog and Junkrat still don’t get caught. Even with all the odds against them, they’re both able to outsmart the authorities and that itself deserves some praise.


Chat: Zen vs Jumin Me: More like Zen x Jumin @mysticleafy

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mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

Jonathan Byers Imagine

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Summary: So basically this is where you came with Jonathan to his dad’s, and you confront him(his dad), and just help Jonathan and stuff.

Warnings: There’s some bad language, but that’s about it.

Jonathan was silent during the car ride to his dad’s. He was blasting The Clash and gripping the steering wheel so hard his hands were red. I wanted to comfort him in some way, to ease the ride over as much as possible.

He was focusing on the road intently. We’d been in the car for about an hour, and he’d only glanced at me a few times. I was still happy I came though, I knew he would need the support afterwards.

I decided to try and talk to him, and ease the tension that had been building up. “Babe, maybe we should stop and eat something, you haven’t eaten all day,” I said, pointing at the sign that signaled there would be places to eat up ahead.

“No, no I-” He gripped the wheel tighter, “We just need to get to my fathers.” He shut his eyes slowly, then focused back on the road. 

He looked at me, gave me a weary smile, and then turned onto the exit towards the food area. “Really quickly though,” he sighed “I guess I am a bit hungry”

I smiled at him, he responded with letting one of his hands fall from the wheel and held one of mine. 

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AU where people have their soulmate/enemy’s name written on their wrists but they don’t know which is which (and here we have Yuu who has Mika and Kimizuki’s names on his wrists)

origins of the au can be traced from here

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Tem. XVII; the situation out west.