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Just a quick PSA regarding keeping giant snakes in captivity

Setting aside the issues of proper housing and enrichment, let’s talk about another (often overlooked) aspect of keeping giants, in light of something that showed up on my facebook feed this morning.
They can seriously injure or even kill you.

I don’t care how careful you are.
I don’t care how experienced you are.
I don’t care how well you know your animal.

Do not forget that these are apex predators, and can be extremely dangerous. Is it likely that this will happen to you if you’re smart about keeping and handling them? Probably not. But if you are not ready to face the possibility of a bite like this, do not get a giant. This is not like most pet snake bites, where you just have to be ok with the physical pain of the bite. Not only is there potential for lasting nerve or muscle damage, but a bite from a giant has a good chance of sending you to the emergency room, so you’re in for some financial pain as well. Is your insurance going to cover “arm ripped open by a fifteen foot snake”? Probably not.

Do not get a giant to be cool. Do not get a giant to look more experienced. Only get a giant if you are fully prepared to deal with both its housing, and the possibility of something like this.

Pictures of a bite from an adult Scrub Python below the cut. If you aren’t ok with blood and gore, I don’t recommend opening the rest of the post. I also don’t recommend getting a giant, because it’s going to be far less pleasant when it’s your own arm instead of someone else’s.

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We had to design another character for animation II and I’ve concluded that reptiles are way too hard to animate and also don’t have many facial expressions, so I decided to go to the furry side.

Not the weird furry side though, the cute animal-crossing-esque furry side. (still Im not technically a furry)

It’s a cat who works in a cat caffe but wants to be a lawyer, BUT no law firms hire talking cats so she’s stuck working minimum wage.