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How to deal with Ransomware

Yo, my guys. With the recent Ransomware scare, there is more need than ever to back up your computer data in the event of infection. Recently, it’s forced me to create a back up point for my computer, and it took a bit of digging. So hey, why not outline the relatively simple process here. 

The reality is, Ransomware is extremely hard to deal with once you have it. And by extremely hard, I mean basically impossible. Your best bet is to just backup your stuff, and restore it all if you get infected.

Note: Make sure you read this through at least once before doing anything.

Quick background:

  • Ransomware is malware that will lock you out of your computer by encrypting all of your data. It will prompt you to pay them in exchange for the decryption key, however 9 times outta 10, the won’t actually decrypt your data. So never actually pay them.
  • This process will create, on an external hard drive, a copy of all your OS settings from your current computer. You can then use this to reformat your computer to it’s current point
  • Because of the way this malware spreads, it’s vital that you keep your backup disconnected. This means you shouldn’t use a second hard drive on your computer, or a network drive. Doesn’t matter where, just not on, until you need it, or the malware has passed on.

The process goes like this, for windows 10. 

  1. Make sure you have an external hard drive, or USB plugged into your computer. Make sure the storage device you want to back up to has more free data than your normal hard drive has used data.
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Change the ‘View by’ field to 'large’ or 'small icons’
  4. Click 'File History’
  5. on the bottom left there should be a little shield with “System Image Backup” next to it. Click that
  6. On the left again, there should be a shield with “Create a System Image” next to it. Click that.
  7. A window will pop up asking you where you would like to save your back up. On the drop down menu labelled 'On a Hard Disk" find your external drive. Click it, then click next.
  8. The next page will ask you to select which drive you want to backup. By default the two you need to back up for this are selected. Just click next.
  9. Finally you’ll come to one last screen asking if you want to confirm your back up. Make sure that the two that show are the ones you’ve selected in the previous page. If so, click 'start backup’.

Now this should take a little while to complete. This will depends on whether you have an SSD, or a HDD and also how much data you’re backing up will influence it. if you’re worried it’s taking too long, give it an hour and come back. Failing that, you can always stop the back up.

Once completed you’ll be prompted to create a system repair disk. If you don’t have a USB or DVD with Windows 10 on it, this is something you should create. Otherwise, it’s not necessary. 

Now, that you have a spare hard drive with your backed up data on it, make sure that you keep it in a safe place that it won’t get knocked around in. Hard Drives are quite fragile, and too hard a knock could kill it. Additionally, despite all this stuff on it, the drive is still a functional drive. It will now just have a folder in it with all the data. It’s not advised you use it, as it’s still susceptible to infection, but the option is there if you need it.

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Hi I'm the annon who asked about you doing spam of kyungsoo being jealous please will you do it thank you ❤️

Hello anon, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I just recently got the time to check up on the blog again, I wasn’t in such a great place mentally for the past few weeks but I’ve finally managed to get myself together lol 

I couldn’t find as much gifs as I wanted so I’m apologize for the short compilation.

This is the gif I stumbled upon most repeatedly. As you can see Sehun and Jongin are messing around with the ribbon. Sehun is trying to tie it around Jongin’s neck as some form of joke and for some reason Kyungsoo is not liking it . You can see him clearly pulling Sehun’s elbow away and Jongin laughs instantly in reaction.Throughout the whole thing, Sehun is oblivious to it all and you can see him slightly flinch at Kyungsoo’s unexpected touch. He seems startled for a second there. He let go almost instantly after that.  

Apart from the obvious, which is Kyungsoo’s reaction to the man ( possibly hair stylist?) brushing Kai’s hair in somehow questionable way, what I find most interesting in this gif is Luhan’s subtle reaction. Look at they way Luhan seeks Kyungsoo with his eyes almost instantaneously after witnessing the man’s hand in Kai’s hair. In the third gif you can notice a small somewhat knowing smile tagging at his lips. He looks almost amused at Kyungsoo’s reaction and the whole situation. At this point, Kyungsoo doesn’t realize it and is fully focused on Kai. You can notice the way his eyebrows slightly rise up once he notices what’s going on. Humans tend to do that as instinctive reaction to questionable situations or actions they find unamusing/uncomfortable. Kyungsoo’s stare is open, straight and direct which makes it verge on being more of a glare. If you concentrate on the second gif, you will notice the subtle gulp in his throat. He looks way right after, his eyes  down, arm folded. He licked his lips few times (but not shown in the gif). It most likely translates to Kyungsoo not understanding (liking?) what he saw and it made him nervous, possibly uncomfortable. 

I’ve followed Kyungsoo well enough throughout the years that I’ve grown familiar with his expressions and his overall character. I know that he tends to switch from one emotional expression to another in curt, abrupt and sometimes unexpected manner. It’s a reflection of his reserved nature and possibly his upbringing. Most Asian cultures install in children the habit of self-composure, of modesty even in expression yourself. I was personally raised not to laugh too loudly in polite company, not show anger in public and to keep most of my emotion to myself and it be modest in the manner I express them. 

In this gif, however you look at  it, it looks much more than Kyungsoo being.. well…Kyungsoo. Personally, he seems genuinely annoyed to me in here. The way he shifted his eyes so swiftly to the complete opposite direction while dropping the smile immediately is quite telling. Many find Kyungsoo hard to read and label him as the least expressive of the group but in this exact moment, he is technically wearing his heart of his sleeves. It’s all on his face, easily seen.

This is the most interesting of all the gifs I could find. Bodies are incredibly telling. The subtlety in the way they communicate our most inner, unfiltered feelings is eternally fascinating to me. There was a full video analysis of this moment on YouTube but the creator seems to have deleted their channel. 

I’m sure most shippers remember this interview in which a girl called in. She turns out to be an old acquaintance of Jongin and then they started to talk. She spoke to him in a familiar manner and told of how she and Jongin were friends or used to know each other through school. Some other members started to jokingly tease Jongin about having female friends. Jongin brushed them off, saying that they were just normal classmates/friends or some of the like. Jongin was hunched over the mic the whole time he talked. He spoke in a low shy tone, his shoulders, his eyes and his head all pointing inward and down. He was likely uncomfortable/embarrassed with the attention from everyone or probably from the teasing. During the whole dialogue going on, the rest of members were looking at Jongin and mostly smiling, having pleasant teasing expressions, all with the exception of Kyungsoo. 

Those who know Kyungsoo well, know that he is not the fidgeting nervous type. In fact, he is admirably still in the manner that he sits and carries himself. I find Jongin the most restless of all of the Exo members. He seems to never be able to just sit still which is a total contract Kyungsoo who’s always self-composed and poised with his body and his expressions. 

Funny enough, the opposite happens here and you can clearly see Kyungsoo fidgeting with hands, mouth and nose in the gif below the picture. In different instances, he even touches the mic and his headphones couple times. His eyes kept shifting constantly, never actually focused. He looks unnecessarily restless. Students do that commonly enough during long boring classes or patients in waiting rooms.Most specifically it’s a sign of discomfort,, of nervousness, of not knowing how to react to a certain situation or not knowing what to do with your body. It translates to not wanting to be where you are, of  a desire to be somewhere else away from said source of discomfort.  In other words, Kyungsoo is not feeling comfortable in here. 

I could say that he was simply bored and disinterested with the whole interview and he just wanted to catch on some sleep or get some coffee somewhere outside but interestingly enough, his body didn’t express such blunt discomfort  at the beginning of the interview. Here is some pics of him at the same interview.

He looks interested and happy enough to be there. However the sudden almost instant change in his body language the moment Jongin’s old female friend came on air is quite noticeable and..questionable. Whenever one could argue if he was jealous or not is not something that can’t be determined ( unless one is a mind-reader lol) but I personally feel safe enough to assume that he didn’t like the obvious familiarity of the dialogue between Jongin and this girl. Kyungsoo simply felt and looked out of place during the whole exchange and that’s proof enough for me.

I apologize again anon for the belated response and I hope this answered your ask. Have a good day :)

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hey there! i always love your paintings they just looks so fucking amazing but i have a big question(s), what types of classes did you take? and what kind of books you read/use for this purpose "if there any"? i never went into an art school or whatever so i'm studying by myself & i already know a lot about anatomy & human body, faces, compositions drawing etc... but when it came to paint? every thing looks like shit for god sake, so whatever answer you throw at me gonna be appreciated & amazing

whello buddy! I have barely take any classes directly related to painting, I have only taken game graphics design and comic and vissual story telling. None have been very helpfull in creating drawings. Most of my artistic development has been self driven. 

I draw ALLOT! SO MUCH! EVERY DAY! MORE THEN ONECE EVERY DAY, ATLEAST A DOODLE. And when im not drawing im usually observing and looking at art. In this day of age it is hard to avoid. You can find insperation on soup labels stickers, the sky, Looking at a chair made me understand perspective better. 

Sometimes I might get bored with drawing. So what ill do is draw something entirely new. I noticed I got bored or tired whenever it seemed like i had drawn the same thing over and over again, so drawing something wierd really gets me going. This is allso really good to expand your comfort zone.

In 2013 I had a desire to get better at scenery becous I felt uncomfortable with them. It was a bumpy ride but now it is really fun.

I constantly look for things i feel uncomfortable drawing so I can get better at them. It has become a fun process.

As for books:

This one is my favorite! It is really good at explaining colour and light, and how to take advantage of it. 

This one is very good to!

Imagine fx is a magazine that contans allot of articles and tutorials for digital artists. Even provides you with video tutorials, brushes and stock images.

sorry for long and probadly misspelled post!

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Not a request but just wanted to say it's nice to see someone who recognizes asexuals, demisexuals and graysexuals as valid in the community.

I’m asexual myself! I know that sometimes it’s not as good to be told that you belong somewhere by the same people that are also excluded by others, but still…
Also I’ve had a hard time finding labels that fit me (especially with gender and romance) and I’ve changed labels a lot, the only ones that’s really stuck has been asexual and queer… to take the right to call myself queer away from me, is to take away a huge part of my identity, so yeah I think we belong in the community

“Do we really need all these labels?”

Let me tell you, as someone who bounced around and spent years trying to find a label to explain my orentation, finding one that almost fits is still alienating. You often won’t relate to the rest of that community, because you’re experiances are different. It’s not always a lot, but it can be very noticeable. You’ll find yourself explaining why you’re different than the definition, which can lead to feeling like you’re misusing the word or feeling like you don’t belong.

If you don’t like all the labels or find them confusing and hard to remember, fine. But they have a purpose and they’re helping people. Having more labels available for people looking for them is not a problem. If you feel like you can’t keep track of them, that’s fine. I honestly don’t think any of us expect you to know ever last little one. What we expect is that when we say our orentation and explain what it is, you will accept it and continue to treat us with respect.

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I caved and read that bullshit Backline Soccer 'article', do these 'journalists' even fucking fact check? "See, Jaelene Hinkle is known throughout the WoSo fanbase as the “gay hater,” or so you would believe from hearing how people talk about her." Ummm... no, the fandom didn't do that. Her social media gave her that label. It's not hard to find multiple examples if you bothered to try.

yep. that article really devastated me. fuck backline soccer for thinking they can make a gay pride icon and pretend they care about us after publishing that bullshit

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do you struggle with finding a label for your sexuality or do you just not care?

yea i have had a hard time finding a label that im comfortable with :/ tbh if ppl ask i say im bi, although it’s not completely accurate?? but its the closest i guess

aristocats AU. Blake as the O'malley cat and Weiss as Duchess u////u this is only the plan sketch for now. I want to go all out and paint it because I’m really in love with my wing’s request ;v; 

also random idea as much as I love the monochrome label it’s hard to find our rwby ship so what if we called it checkmating……… .. ..

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I know that you are a Christian Witch, but do you have good resources for Wicca? I want to do more research as I feel it calling me.

Honestly most books labeled witchcraft are mostly about Wicca. It hard to find a book not influenced by it these days.

Imagine a friend just leaving from a visit, leaving you with a empty house. ....

Imagine a friend just leaving from a visit, leaving you with a empty house. You are about to get ready to go to bed, but spot something out of the corner of your eye. Entering the kitchen, a lone unopened soda can sits on the counter. The label is in a foreign language, so you hesitantly open it and take a sip. Tasting wonderfully, you down most of the can, leaving about a third leftover, to save for another time. You prepare for bed, falling asleep at about ten o'clock.

You roll around restlessly in your bed, discomfort rippling from your stomach. You decide it was the soda, apparently not agreeing well with you, unknowing of the swelling stomach. Around midnight, you finally fall asleep, with a small but firm three month belly.

When you finally wake, you try getting up, but to your surprise, are pinned to the bed. Running a hand towards your stomach, you bump into a surprise; a large six month pregnant belly.

Eventually rolling out of bed, you take to the kitchen, where you finally look at the can hard. Finding some readable print, the label declares, ‘Belly Time! Quick Pregnancy Belly In A Snap! Each third of can for three months of pregnancy!’

Your eyes widen, staring at your stomach. You look at the can again, shrug, and down the rest of the can.

while i was walking to the bus stop with some whiskey in my blood i realised something:

i don’t need anyone to validate who i am. i’ve always been who i am. i can do literally whatever the fuck i want to - and when i did, once, people used to follow me into all those journeys. i want that. i want myself back.

she was something disgusting. maybe a necessary experience, but repulsive.

someone who claims to love you does not tear you apart over the smallest things. does not insult you, your intelligence, your beliefs, the very core of your identity. in my case, i was provoked to do many things i did not want to do, and i was framed guilty of many crimes i had not committed.

love is not something hard to find. love is abundantly everywhere, once you get past labels, once you get past the thought of “that would never happen” or “they would never love me” or “i am not worthy of any affection”. because you are. you don’t need the person who hurts you. you don’t need to dwell on the memories. you’re allowed to heal. you’re allowed to move on, to love again, to let people get close to you again. life is too wonderful and love is too much of a beauty to run away from. let go. the black dahlia can choke on her death.

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Re: your tags on the ace post, another option that sounds like what you're describing is demisexual! "A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being "halfway between" sexual and asexual" I hope this doesn't seem like I'm telling you what to do, that's not my intention. It was hard for me to find a label I liked, so it's helps to know what options are out there!

I’m comfortable with Lesbian, but thank you this was really​ nice! 😊💕💕💕

This video on bi-erasure by gaywrites happened across my dash. I watched the two that came before it, and they were okay, but this part presented to me a new idea about the “you must be this queer to ride” signs around certain LG(bt) communities.

A lot has already been written about the fact that you can just search-replace articles about biphobia to get articles about asexuals, and this video is no exception (for me). This idea of not feeling “allowed” to do “queer things” is definitely something I still live with as relates to LGBT space, and indeed even analogous feelings wrt aromantic space/non-gender conforming space/straight space* persist.

The idea of the cultural touchstones and experiences being central to the not-fitting-ness, though, is not one I recall considering much. She’s right, though; for example, the LBTQ group I went to for a couple of months did have an entire discussion taken over by Orange is the New Black. And the precipitating discussion that caused me to ollie out of there was about, of course, Sherlock.**

Recently, though, I have been thinking about my cultural context, specifically as a First*** Wave Tumblr Ace. It was really this post in my second**** favorite tag by Epochryphal that got me thinking about it: I have a lot of tumblr ace friends who are not Tumblr Aces, and I know quite a few later-wave Tumblr Aces (especially as quite a few of us first-wave people got burned out and faded away), and there is a set of words and experiences and jokes that means little to nothing to these others, Others who are indeed still ace, just not from that particular moment in time and (cyber)space.

I think maybe this lack of “universal” media experience is part of the reason why asexual communities can get so fractured and have such a difference of opinion on even basic stuff like “is it important to talk about asexuality?” It’s probably also not helping the polysexual-label communities that it’s really hard to find a TV show about a bisexual. Or, if one exists, it’s not widely known*****.

So I guess I’ve come back to my usual thesis: Media representation is important.

*The fact that straight space pushes me out makes me so mad because 1) why 2) it is everywhere and 3) ha ha passing privilege ha ha  

**“Was he even asexual?” they asked. That’s what we’d all like to know! (The implication was that even SHERLOCK FRIGGIN’ HOLMES was not enough of a dispassionate alien robot for them to think of as asexual.)

***Maybe 1.5th wave? The point stands.

****FIGHT THE BREADRIARCHY (another very specific moment in time that holds little to no meaning to your average ace)

*****This is the exact problem with Shortland Street. Gerald is GREAT as representation and GREAT as a character, and yet there are plenty of aces who have never heard of him and plenty who refuse to watch the YouTube videos that are only him besides. I have an asexual New Zealander friend who hasn’t seen it despite my cajoling, and I just.

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One of the things you say a lot is that we are all a work in progress. I completely agree but I was wondering if you could explain it a bit more. Every individual is so complex and I feel that it's hard to think that everyone will be 'complete' one day.

I believe that the term “work in progress” doesn’t really imply that there is an end date, a finished product.. etc. As an artist myself, I find it hard to label any of my works (videos, photos, doodles) as completely finished. There is always something to add, to improve on. When I use the phrase “work in progress,” it means this: Whenever you’re feeling “stuck,” like you are confined to a particular feeling or way of life, just know that you’re not. You will never be the same person as you were a year or two ago, and this translates into adult life as well. There are points in my life when I feel like I’m not good enough and I never will be. I have to remind myself that I am not finite! I’m growing and maturing more every day. This idea gives me comfort and hope, and I hope that it does the same for others! 

and after the storm ( I promise to hold you)

Rating: For general audiences

Pairing: Gavin/Michael

Summary: When Michael wakes up the first thing he notices is the buzzing in his ears. It isn’t unpleasant, just fucking insistent, and it makes his head thrum and pulse along with the noise.

A/N: Written for shaley, and was prompted by the video Seeing Her for the First Time Again. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Another quick side note that I’ll be doing a lot more flash fics from now on, so if you have a prompt (a song, a scenario, a word) I really don’t mind if you leave them in my ask, just something to keep my muses going.

Hope you like it!

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