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Everyone, let’s support Mark Lee 
on “High School Rapper” !!!!


My photos are really shaky because I’m so excited.
With permission from LM / Footloose herself and with art from magicalmuggle3791.tumblr, katiemcgrath.tumblr, and Tayathestrange (on AO3) I have formatted the much beloved fanfiction Loaded March and some fanart into 6 Volumes.
After 150 hrs of work and 2 weeks of waiting I burst into tears when I opened this package.
Thank you so much oh writers and creators (mentioned above)
Thank you so much to the BBC that created the show behind the fandom (Merlin).
Thank you so much to tumblr who seduced me into first watching the show and then into fanfic.
After 3 years of reading this fic multiple times each year, I finally have hard copies to hold and cherish.
Merry Christmas everyone! I know mine will be.


“What is worth living for?”
I think that life itself is worth living for. If you are not living the life that you want, you fight to achieve that life. “ — Jensen Ackles (JIBCon 2015) 

Happy 38th Birthday Jensen Ackles  ♥
March 1st 1978 



👑  royal bois  👑

Cory had to work today so I got up with Finn last night for the first time in a long time. For the longest time Cory was the only one who could soothe him back to sleep in the middle of the night and really the only one who could put him down for bed FOR MONTHS. 

I almost teared up as finn drifted off to sleep in my lap. I try so hard to cherish these moments in between all the chaos. Who knows if we’ll have another baby. Finn might be our only chance to enjoy all these little things. 

i’ve seen a few reflections of 2016 on my dashboard and i find it intriguing how we have experienced it in the most disparate of ways, and yet, there is a tie - how human we are. every second of the day. each one. any single one of them can change our lives forever. a baby is born, a couple is married, someone takes a final breath. this will happen each year, as we move forward in history. gravity will continue to pull us down as we reach for the stars where our dreams lie. we still endure, no matter how hard things get. we all cherish the beautiful moments, we all find reasons to live. my wishes for you all is that you find joy this year. whether it’s in the rising of the sun or the shimmer of the moon. because each day brings new chances. you have to believe that. you have to hold on to that because sometimes that’s all there is to it. have strength in your heart and hold love close, tight. tell people you think are beautiful that they shine. show loved ones how much you care. the seemingly cliche statement that life is too short, well, it is true. i have learned this year that a single second, one event, can change my life forever. i have grown from it and i have become so appreciative for the people in my life and for my life itself. never again will i be so harsh to those i love and never again will i take them for granted. never again will i see life as something that bores me, but an adventure i seek. please, be good to yourselves this year. take a deep breath, tell yourself it’s going to be a good one. and it will be.

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fmk: angel dc dolch

marry angel because i really like her and i want to support her with everything and help her with her garden and horse

fuck dc because well you know how it is with alts and plus were cool

kill dolch no hard feelings youre a cherished mutual but we havent spoken much


baekhyun’s new nickname - bo bo hu


I only have about a year left with the team. So I want to do everything I can for the team and myself.

Things that make me happy:

In an infinite multiverse, there are an infinite number of sea otters.  

An infinite number of universes have sea otters!  And an infinite number of people get to fall in love with sea otters.  How freaking cute is that?  Like on all these Earths there are different versions of you and me and everyone you know and don’t know and never will meet who admire these sea otters and fight hard to save them or cherish them or keep them as companions.   Think of this infinity of universes, right now, where so many people care about sea otters.  I love that.  A universal constant: sea otters are lovable.

“(Left) My family members all live separately. My mom, dad, older sister, and myself are all separate. I haven’t seen my mom since I was five years old. My mom and dad felt bad for me, so they didn’t get a divorce, but this year they said they’re going to. I don’t know where I should go. I don’t like living with mom or dad I never see.”
“So, who are you living with now?”
“(Left) I’m living with my aunt’s family. They are the family I’ve been living with ever since I was born. They cherish me as if I’m their own daughter. I call my aunt my mom. I’m not sure whether I’m going to take care of my mom or dad later when I grow up, but I will take care of my aunt. As people say, family bonds formed by parenting are stronger than those formed by birth. But that feeling makes my situation even more uncomfortable. Realistically I can’t even give her any money, so I don’t know what I should do.”

“(왼쪽) 가족이 다 따로 살아요. 엄마, 아빠, 저, 언니들 다 따로따로. 5살 때 이후로 엄마를 본 적이 없어요. 엄마 아빠는 제가 불쌍해서 이혼을 안 해오셨다는데 올해 하시겠대요. 전 어디로 가야할지 모르겠어요. 얼굴도 안 보는 엄마, 아빠랑 같이 살긴 싫은데…“
“그럼 지금 누구랑 살고 있어요?”
“(왼쪽) 이모네 가족과 살고 있어요. 제겐 태어났을 때부터 같이 산 가족이고 절 친딸보다 더 아껴주세요. 전 이모를 엄마라고 부르거든요. 나중에 커서 엄마, 아빠는 모르겠지만 이모 효도해드리려고요. 기른 정이 낳은 정보다 강하대잖아요. 그래서 마음이 더 불편해요. 현실적으로 제가 돈을 드릴 수 있는것도 아니니까 어떻게 해야할지 모르겠어요.”