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Here’s some toon/ink Henrys too! @shinyzango‘s & @themarginalartist‘s ink monster Henry, @yunisverse‘s, and @squigglydigglydoo‘s toon Henrys! 

Bonus with @doodledrawsthings‘s Henry

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This is so hard for us emotionally abused. But it is okay to say no. It’s okay to set boundaries. You are not being selfish nor awful!


another assignment for the class I’m doing! They told us to grab any two characters from a game/movie/series and insert them in another game/movie/series. I first thought of choosing reaper and soldier and adapt them to dark souls because i rly love them but i didnt have any idea on how to adapt soldier and his rifle. And then. I thought of mccree all of a sudden and my friend suggested bloodborne, where you can carry guns! Because reaper isn’t reaper without his huge guns and mccree isn’t mccree without his pistol. So Yep. Mccree and reaper in bloodborne. (open the bigger pic in a new window if u want, it looks better bigger)


You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on


#bouncing together to the rhythm