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“Hey, thanks,” he grinned like a shark. “So, I hear you’re a big-shot singer. Haven’t had the pleasure of hearing you at work, but I’m sure it’s lovely.”

Yes, he was showering her in semi-bullshit compliments. He didn’t exactly not mean them sincerely, but they were obviously spoken with a flirtatious lilt.

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Without sounding like a pleb, you knowbthat not every rock star does drugs right? I think you need to reevaluate what you glorify in roleplay. Plus do you know how creepy itnis that your awful self-insert pretends he know real hard working rockers? You have a lot of nerve.

// Really? That’s the best you can do?

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To be honest these are things that I usually just delete because, well, I don’t give even a single fuck? But for you dear anon, I will take the time to explain this once, and ONLY once.

This isn’t the first time someone had sent me this sort of thing, so I’m going to go through this Anon bit by bit and explain and then every hate anon I get concerning it will be deleted. I am so tired of this sort of crap. 

1.) Drugs and the Representation

No where in my bio did I say that ‘every’ Rock Star does drugs. No where did I even imply which Rock Stars Sephyr has DONE drugs with. I am very aware of the fact that not all stars do them, but a great many do. Take about twenty minutes and google the Rock Stars Sephyr interacts with and you’ll find that the vast majority have some kind of recorded vice. Do you really think that I spent ten years working on Sephyr and didn’t fact-check? You have to understand that his Timeline was so meticulously thought out I know what school he went to, where it is and what route he took to get there. how the hell could I be that detailed and NOT know who around him has their vices? 

As for the representation, I am pretty sure that the way I play Sephyr is neither glorifying or romanticizing.  I have never once said anything close to ‘Heroin is good!” Instead, I have repeatedly had Sephyr state that the drugs have ruined him and his life. SO I don’t know where exactly you get off saying I glorify it. That’s the EXACT opposite of the point I’m trying to make with Sephyr so before you insult me, maybe take a moment to actually LOOK at my character?

2) Self Insert? 

I’m not sure if you’ve thought about the definition of ‘Self Insert’ lately, but to be a self insert character it has to be a character that is anything like you. Sephyr and I are very different people. He’s male for starters and I’m female. I’m bi he’s gay, he does drugs and I don’t, he can actually play music, I cannot. He’s also 40+ years older than me. So you might want to seriously think about the fact that I am neither a Rock Star, nor a 57 year old man. 

3) Real People

Ooookay. So what you’re telling me is that an OC can never know real people? Does that mean that books can no longer be written if they at all involve real people? That’s certainly going to limit the number of books going into the literary pool. Frankly I don’t care WHAT you think of how I play my character or who he interacts with. You may notice, however, that I never play the Rock Stars I talk about. I’m not about to play a person I don’t know. I’m not really sure what your issue is, but I can mention whoever I want in whatever role-play I want. 

To be honest, it’s you who has the nerve. How dare you come into my ask box and use completely invalid points to try to cut my character down. Crawl back into your hole, little goblin. If you’re going to take a piece out of my character at least make the points VALID. You want me to stop playing Sephyr? Come give me a reason to feel bad about him. I dare you.