hard rock suite

Naughty Classy Party - Luhan

Group: EXO
Member: Luhan
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!

There it was, wrapped up in a red, satin bow. It was not too big, yet not really small either. You touched it and bit your lip. It was all so…unexpected.

You already shook the box several times to guess what was inside it but it didn’t really make any sound. You glimpsed at your bed, where you found it, and noticed you overlooked a little paper. It must’ve come with the box. You grabbed it and unfolded the little letter.

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candyvourous  asked:

Is it annoying? To always be covered in blood? I wonder what you'd look like cleaned up and maybe wearing something spiffy. Cx

I think he’d be more bothered and feeling weird if he doesn’t have his usual bloodlayer…since he doesn’t even notice it…