hard rhymes

Awakened, He Only Heard Silence*

In silence she awoke a
Mirror image of symbology
Angels came the day she was born
Shook heaven to manifest thee

And as the stars began to
Shine she opened her August eyes
As if the flowers of Spring rejoiced
In sweet and April sighs

Embrace this day I am aware
For Fortune’s grace has touched
My soul, it speaks a language new
And keeps my heart as such

These tears I shed beside you now
They’re from the sun’s latitude
While as you awake before me now
I’m found enveloped in gratitude

© K. James Ribble

*Inspired by this song from the album, Departure Songs, by Hammock.  And in homage to @mikefrawley, @teaberrybee & @ellenya - you guys rock!

When I used to be contented with just watching you ahead of me

But then you looked back

When I suppressed the feeling of wanting to touch you

but you never held back

That time it was awkward

but now were here

I never thought we’d change from this

To my wildest dreams

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sherlock is almost dead,
In a coma since s2.

He jumped and fell ;
There was no trick.
Because he loves john to hell
And back ; and mofftiss want to tell
What acd could never
And the antis freak
Out into seeing the gay version is better
Than any straight nonsense.

Please don’t be dense
This is common sense :
Sherlock’d never break john’s heart
As he did for 3 years in canon
If they wanted gay and love and art
To conquer all without question.

Tab said it best
Moriarty is a pest
Hiding behind sherlock’s terror,
Be it lady C who killed her spouse,
Mary who with john’s playing house,
Or eurus who’s love as a human error.
Sherlock keeps waking up in strange places
But he’s still sleeping ;
Though fear not, mofftiss are aces
There’s no way sherlock is dying
On their watch ; john and sherlock’s love
Will wake him up for good and conquer all.

To finish this house md is phenomenal.
It is a trove
Of inspiration for dreams and hallucination
And ghosts and subtext,
And one can argue
That johnlock’s love was made text
In this holmes adaptation.
Mofftiss took what’s best from it
And ran with it.

Because i’m blue
And not delusional
I tried to rhyme
And now it’s time :
Give us the lost special.

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Scorbus Poems

I was really sad not to have time to write a birthday fic for the amazing @ohscorbus, but while I was talking to my dad about my predicament, he joked that I should write some Scorbus haikus. I don’t think he expected me to think it was a brilliant idea. So without further ado, here are some Scorbus haikus, and a bonus limerick because why not. (Trying to find rhymes for Scorpius is really hard, in case anyone’s interested). 

Just a note: If any of the haikus are incorrect I apologise. I counted all the syllables multiple times but I have been known to miscount. 


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before he was doing rap battles with KO. effnocka dropped these hard rhymes that no one has ever touched

anonymous asked:

Shout out to the racist customer that decided I wasn't saying my name right and tried to convince me his white ass knew better than my born and bred Mexican parents did. It's not even that hard, it's the stereotypical Mexican name, how the fuck do you turn as wrinkly as you do in the southwest and not know how to pronounce a name?!

I’ve had people mispronounce my (last) name and I will tell them if they refuse to say it correctly I will refuse to answer. I mean it’s a frickin nursery rhyme how hard is it to pronounce.


Don’t spend your life working and squander your youth
You will earn nothing from it except this one truth; 
It’s the epiphany you have at the bitter end 
When you’re rich in net worth without a single friend 
Because when your life’s at it’s end and you’re gasping for air 
You’ll give just about anything for someone to care 
And you’ll realize why money was never enough…. 
Because in the end the one thing you were missing was love
—  Ranata Suzuki “Money isn’t everything”