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okay yeah, so i changed the dialogue because space but. u all kno this fic


Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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Source: めざし | @mezashi 
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T/N:  Riko’s hobby is the “wall thump+chin lift,” which in Japanese is 壁くい (kabe kui). Chika at first says 壁食い which is also pronounced kabe kui, but with one character different.


Couldn’t decide whether I liked the original better so I decided to stop worrying about it and just post both…

BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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