hard render

For @origami10, a real MVP! She’s done so much for the fandom with such care, speed and finesse and she asks for too little in return ;_; She’s the reason that countdown timer had any meaning at all. So thank you, Laura!

You are a ミ★!


an anon requested some christmas iphone wallpapers! i hope these are festive enough. these ones are made for iphone 6+ dimensions, but as far as i know, they should fit most phones. please don’t repost; these took awhile. happy holidays!!

where ever i go, where ever i am, you will think of me

dedicating this one to the soon to my seok @kwontv luv u 


Hey guys, so probably my last fan edit of the year and I wanted to end it on a happy note of Kara Puppy Danvers being the cutest ever! So yeah I hope you enjoy this edit. I worked REALLY hard and re-rendered this like 50 billion times for different stupid mistakes. So yeah enjoy!


More custom nerdy cross stitch in the Etsy store! I really wanted to get this done by N7 day. Garrus, your proportions are crazy hard to render in large-size cross stitch. The Shepards I tried to figure out are my Jenna and @theherocomplex‘s Eliza, and after trying those out, I think I’ve got the hang of customizing them.

The whole idea behind my Etsy shop is nerdy cross stitch that you can look at and feel motivated to take on whatever challenges you’re facing, be it vexing bosses at work or aliens invading the galaxy. I couldn’t have one and not have a place for these two. This game has brought a lot of hope, joy, and positivity into my life.


sketchbook doodle dump 🙆