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A woman isn’t weak when she loves the world and cares so deeply for it, it hurts. A woman isn’t weak when she doesn’t hate men and any other living existence. A woman isn’t weak when she’s indecided and indetermined. A woman isn’t weak when she isn’t bitter and hateful.
A woman is strongest when her loved ones are in danger. A woman is strongest when she cries. A woman is strongest when she overcomes her fears. A woman is strongest when she fights.
Don’t write haters. Write women.

WGA awards: The Good Wife wins best drama episode for The last call

headcanon; jake is actually really good with word searches

ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

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keyofjetwolf answered your question: any recommendations for inexpensive-ish games on…

I can probably toss you some recommendations! What kind of games do you enjoy?

hmm well I don’t often play games so this is a difficult question hahaha BUT compelling story and characters is probably the number one thing I’d be looking for, and maybe more on the strategy/puzzle solving side than action or fighting.

DTP Foundations Week #18

Week 18 of the deductionist training program.

Retrograde analysis puzzle #3.

Difficulty: Hard.

Retrograde analysis puzzle #3:

SM tells you that the body can be found “The body can be found at the school of mathematics.” You send some people there. “Why is it there?” You ask. SM looks at you and answer:

“Black king - e8

White bishop - e3/e4

White pawn - d2

White pawn - f2

White king - e1

No piece have gone from one squares colour to another. So if they started on a white square, they will always be on a white square. And if a piece started on a black square it will always be on a black square.

Which square is the bishop standing on? e3 or e4?”

You realise that you need to solve this before he answers. So you think for a while and tell him the answer and you are correct.

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

This is the second cat-like robot oc I have. His name is Solomon (everyone he knows well calls him salmon). Hes a hitman that will kill humans and bots alike. Solomon likes to nap in high places and does very hard jigsaw puzzles in his free time. 

There are endless opportunities in life, you just have to be proactive enough to find them. I’m trying to change my life man. I’ve been so happy lately, but I’ve definitely been coasting. I’ve had excuses for so many things I haven’t done, and that’s not what I’ve ever been about. My life is so beautiful. Everyone’s life is beautiful. Value it!

Some notes from staying with my great uncle:

I talked with my aunt:

She said she learned BASIC in high school in the 70s and they practiced programming onnounch cards. She enjoyed getting problems right and was able to do hard programming puzzles that “the guys couldn’t solve”.

When she was working on her PhD she said the computers were the size of sewing machines with screens the size of note cards. And they weren’t called “portable computers”, they were called “luggables”. Ha!