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Playing a horror game with the RFA

This is my first headcanon set on this blog! I hope we can have a lot of fun on here and enjoy the fictional losers together. My ask box is open for requests!

The idea was inspired by the recent release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 


✮ you wanted to watch him play
✮ only agreed because he’s a MAN
✮ is blushy because you’re cuddling into his side in fear 
✮ he has his arm around you and holds the controller in front of both of your bodies
✮ has all the lights turned on 
✮ accidentally pauses it whenever he gets jump-scared
✮ almost hits you in the nose with the controller when he jumps
almost cries when he makes a wrong choice and one of the characters die
✮ stays up all night playing friendlier games
✮ “I think I’ll just stick to LOLOL…” 


✎ she was watching you play
✎ refused to admit that she’s scared, but she’s got a death grip on your thigh and is pressed back into the couch like she’s on a roller coaster
✎ “MC what is the purpose of this game?” “shhh it’s okay”
✎ chastises you for swearing when you’ve scared 
✎ swears when she gets scared
✎ her glasses almost fall off at one point 
✎ she only likes to help you with the puzzles 


✿ you’re watching him play 
✿ he’s only playing because he got casted in a production whose storyline is based off the game (like Silent Hill) 
✿ jokes that he can practice his ‘manly screams’ 
✿ screams irl 
✿ throws the remote at the TV 
✿ tries to get drunk 
✿ doesn’t stop talking to make himself feel better 
✿ will not stop swearing 
✿ gets pouty when you laugh at him 


₩ was watching you play but eventually took the controller and played it himself 
₩ says that he’s only interested because of the complex puzzles 
₩ tries to hide his little jolts of surprise when there’s a jumpscare
₩ has Elizabeth in his lap 
₩ will not let her leave 
₩ when you tease him he gets even more determined to finish the game 
₩ acts super superior when you get scared by something that he doesn’t 
₩ “oh MC are you scared? would you like me to turn it off?”
₩ even though you were playing first 
₩ threatens to sue the antagonists 


✉ spent time re-coding a popular game to make it two player so he could play it with you 
✉ he promises that he doesn’t know exactly what’s going to happen. he’s lying
✉ likes to grab you and yell whenever a jumpscare pops up 
✉ this results in him being hit multiple times with a controller 
✉ but he can’t stop laughing 
✉ he has so much fun, he’s like a kid in a candy store 
✉ the one time he gets scared is because he was focusing hard on the puzzle you two were completing and something popped up- which scared you into screaming- and your scream made him scream 
✉ will definitely be doing this again 


chapter three of the lost princess of merope >> princess zoila of taygete

see chapter one, meet the princesses // 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

When people think of Princess Zoila of Taygete, they think of her father first. Her father was a fair king for most of his rule- until Zoila’s mother the queen died in childbirth with Zoila’s younger sister. Then the king went mad with grief. He began slaughtering innocent countrymen, women, and children. Zoila was only sixteen at the time. She recruited some of her father’s more rational advisors and trained, secretly, for two years with daggers and her animal companions. 

On Zoila’s 18th birthday, she eschewed the gala in favor of overthrowing her vicious father. She, with the help of her chosen cabinet and her animals, forcibly took the throne from her father. Snakes, inspired by Zoila and the only thing her father truly feared, helped to imprison her father in the dungeon. He remains there to this day, where snakes line the floors and keep him at bay. 

In the four years since, Zoila has rarely had visitors. She asks her valet to repeat it twice when she is told that not one, but two princesses from the neighboring southern kingdoms had arrived to see her. Zoila knows her reputation- hard and power-hungry- and hasn’t had many companions besides her animals. Her days are spent helping rebuild her kingdom and, recently, attempting to take down the dragon at the edge of the wood.

“What brings you to Taygete?” Zoila asks the other princesses after formalities have been exchanged. 

Princess Calla, ever the talker, explains. Zoila is moderately surprised- she had no idea that her fellow princesses considered the Lost Princess of Merope a serious option. She’d always assumed it was a fairy tale. The enchantress had surely simply killed everyone in Merope. There was no one left to create a lost heir. Zoila expresses this and Helene, the sad one, looks momentarily devastated. 

“I don’t believe that,” Calla says. “You don’t either.” Zoila is affronted, but Calla continues. “Not really. If you truly believed we were all destined to die this year, you wouldn’t have taken the throne from your father.” Zoila suddenly found it difficult to swallow. “You’re a fighter, Zoila. You didn’t let your kingdom burn then, and you won’t now.”

Zoila looked at one of the animals loitering in the salon, the redbird perched on her knee. It looked up at her pointedly. “I cannot communicate with the dragon. It is a creature made of mostly teeth and jaw. It has not hurt any of my people yet. Instead it…” The redbird bobbed its head at her, encouraging. “It eats the animals of the wood.”

“Oh Zoila!” Helene cries. They have forgotten all formality. It seems all are family in the face of dragons. Zoila finds she doesn’t mind. 

It takes another hour for them to convince her. She does not want to leave her kingdom- not while they are rebuilding, not while there is a new threat. But they remind her- the only way to break the curse is for all seven to be together. When Zoila leaves, the redbird whispers in her ear, “8-5 9-19 14-15-20 20-8-5 6-9-18-5 25-15-21 1-18-5.” 

Your turn: Crack the redbird’s code. The last two words of the redbird’s code can be placed after my URL to find a page, like this: wormwoodandhoney.tumblr.com/wordshere. No spaces between the words necessary. Go to the page and follow the instructions there.

Taehyung as your boyfriend

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  • if u get to date this beautiful creature then i think you saved planet earth in your past life because honestly he is the good in the whole world compressed into a human bean being
  • yo i think he could fall in love at first sight but it wouldn’t really be love because it happens to me too and i believe that taehyung just sees the good in people and believes that everyone does only positive things
  • this isn’t a bad thing and i’m not saying he’s very naive or anything, just that he is very open in front of people in general and believes in everyone and thrusts everyone
  • i love him for that
  • so yeah i see him seeing you as a nice person the first time he sees you but in my opinion he would also fall in love with his best friend
  • i dunno why, maybe it’s just me, who knows, but i don’t really see him attaching so very deeply to someone he just met 
  • but he would be worse than kook
  • he would also be like “hyung aren’t they amazing” but in addition to that he would also say “i wanna date them”. like. not just one time. like 50 times. every day. the members are going crazy
  • also, there’s another problem
  • taehyung loves skinship
  • not as much as hobi but tae l o v e s being around you and touching you
  • it comes natural, so he doesn’t even realize it, but when the boys start to point out that he is very close to you he starts to realize that he is, in fact, kinda dating you but without the honorifics and the kisses and other good stuff
  • so guess what
  • he thinks that
  • say it with me
  • he is in the friendzone
  • it’s a harsh place that i’ve been to but like
  • he doesn’t know you like him back
  • so you kinda have to confess bc he isn’t going to he doesn’t want to ruin your friendship
  • or the boys have to tell you to confess because they don’t want to hear tae whining about how you aren’t his every day
  • so you do confess and tae is very very happy because he doesn’t have to hold on anymore
  • and he just picks you up and spins you around while hugging you and when he puts you down he kinda pecks your lips but he acts like nothing happened but his ears are red and his cheeks feel warm and he has that cheeky cute big boxy grin on his face and his eyes twinkle and he looks so happy cuz now he can call you his
  • so yeah, now that you guys are now a couple nothing really changes
  • the cuddles are still there but they are cuter now with lil kisses and giggles and puns and everything is cute with taehyung
  • he says that he wants to have a family with you and he says he is already prepared and he gets a tiny puppy out of thin air and just
  • taehyung u dork
  • unless u are allergic to them (he will whine a little bit but will totally get a kitty or some rabbit or a fish or something he really loves animals)
  • when he does something very well and is proud of himself (like get the choreography perfect or write a full verse for a song or even doing a very hard puzzle) he will yell your name and start running to where you are to show you sO CUTE MY HEART
  • whenever you enter the room he gets all flashy eye-smiled eyes and a big big smile gets on his face and his heart just does the thing and this will forever happen, no matter how long you’ve been together
  • he would also give good hugs and it doesn’t matter where you guys are, if he wants to hug you 15 minutes, he’ll hug you 15 minutes. maybe 20 because why not
  • his kisses would be the same
  • he will kiss you until he will get out of breath or you push him away because you gotta breathe and he will just be like “i’ll be your air from now on” and he thinks he’s all manly and stuff but before you can giggle at his words he just goes back in to kiss you again
  • and his kisses would be great he’s a great kisses and a playful one and he’d totally lick ur nose or cheek when you are alone before you kiss but when he’s out he wants to show the others how manly he is and he keeps one hand around your waist and the other on the back of your head or he’s holding both of your cheeks but you know he’s still a nerd so you find it kinda funny
  • until you actually find it hot
  • bc serious taehyung is my weakness and it’s yours too don’t lie
  • anyway, your dates would be cute and simple and he wouldn’t be one to try and impress you with fancy dates because he wants to be transparent and it just isn’t him and you are probably okay with it
  • he would take you to parks just to walk and talk and he is vv good with deep talk because he is also very intelligent??? am i the only one seeing it??????
  • he would also take you to dog cafes and you would probably drink ur drink and pet a doggo and then you see taehyung with like 20 puppies over him being the happiest man alive honestly what is he even
  • he isn’t weird tho and people think he is but you realize after spending some time that he just has such an open-minded mind and he thinks such complex thoughts that when he speaks everything seems weird but when he explains why he said that it all actually makes sense someonE PLEASE MAKE THIS CANON
  • k i think i’m ready for da smutty smut
  • so this fucker will have no problem with initiating sex
  • but he’d be s o awkward the first time
  • he doesn’t know where to put his hands the first times
  • i mean he is a sucker for the booty but he’s too afraid to touch it in this situation
  • he’d be pretty playful though, no matter how many times it happens
  • i mean, the only time he won’t be playful is when he’d be gone for long
  • wow ok so we’re not doing the smut because i’ve been stuck on it for idk three months? rose kind of started the list and i continued it but i just stopped here but don’t worry i’ll make a separate post later i promise
  • no more smutty smut for tae i just can’t imagine him in a sexual environment i’m sorry
  • ok 
  • wow he’s not jealous?? he loves everyone and anyone and every stanger is his friend but strangers aren’t strangers for tae it seems like everyone knows him and he knows everyone
  • and when someone flirts with you he trusts you enough and he knows that you will send that person off
  • he isn’t possessive either, just very clingy and protective
  • he’ll walk on the outer side of the sidewalk
  • he’ll hold your hand tightly when you are in a crowd
  • he’ll give you his jacket if you’re cold
  • if you have to check something on your phone or in your purse or outfit and you’re outside, he’ll protect you from the wind
  • he’d totally braid your hair
  • “i want to already know everything i have to know when we have our first babygirl”
  • and then silence but he has this content smile while he smoothly combs your hair
  • he’s so sweet and ethereal wtf
  • sometimes he’ll drop everything, go to you, stop whatever you are doing and hold you and gaze into your eyes
  • because woah he just thought about how you are his and he got all emotional and soft and he can’t believe you’re real and actually his so he has to treasure you until you both can’t see without glasses and have white hair and he doesn’t want to shave anymore and his grandchildren call him santa claus and your hands look old and your face is full of wrinkles
  • so that, even when you two are old and grumpy, he can still call you his before you go to bed
  • someone hold me i just got emotional just
  • bruh
  • get yourself a taehyung
  • and if you have one fucking treasure him with all your might because he’s a keeper do not hurt him just don’t
  • he deserves love and i’m sure you do too


i’ll rewrite it in the future, i’m sure about it. but not right now.

so, uh, enjoy this piece of shit?? please????

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So, uh.  Last weekend, @astraldepths came up with a silly art concept in Slack, and @songofsunset spent a moment or two expounding on it, and then they both presumably carried on with their lives as most people would.  I.. am not, in fact, most people, so I Did the Thing instead. =D

Prompt: cross-stitch sudoku
Specifically, an art project where you do the actual puzzle in black, but you stitch the process of figuring it out, step by step, in a bunch of different colors in thread.

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A woman isn’t weak when she loves the world and cares so deeply for it, it hurts. A woman isn’t weak when she doesn’t hate men and any other living existence. A woman isn’t weak when she’s indecided and indetermined. A woman isn’t weak when she isn’t bitter and hateful.
A woman is strongest when her loved ones are in danger. A woman is strongest when she cries. A woman is strongest when she overcomes her fears. A woman is strongest when she fights.
Don’t write haters. Write women.

WGA awards: The Good Wife wins best drama episode for The last call


Alright, Clue Crew, here it is- the villain ranking nobody asked for!  This was harder than expected, and I tried to make a logical way of ordering things, but who am I to judge who was the best ne’er-do-well?  If you have any questions about my ranking, want an explanation, or just want to yell at me, shoot me an ask.  


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ya lit meme: 5/10 series or books
↳ fire and hemlock by diana wynne jones

“Suppose they were once facts. Suppose I really am like the man in the story, and something happened to change my past.”

             { credits: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 }


Some HD screencaps of the boss chart in episode 31, made by Nico. They label each row with terms literally translating to “Elementary Level”, “Intermediate Level” and “Advanced Level”, but I think there’s a fair loose translation to use:

Easy Mode: Salty, Motoise, Alhambra, Revol, Charlie

Medium Mode: Vernier, Gatton, Kaiden, Poppy

Hard Mode: Lovelyka, Perfect Puzzle/Knock Out Fighter, Graphite


Disney deliberately makes their puzzles hard because they feed upon the rage tears of young children (and the dollars of their parents).

6 Classic Video Games That Are Frustratingly Impossible

humanized Mog and Miss. T

I’m pretty sure this fandom is dead so i drew this mainly for myself


Spencer’s Not-So-Little Secret

A/N: A request from @zoemonster200 for a Spencer x Reader where it’s his birthday and the team goes to his apartment to figure out what books he doesn’t have (for gift giving purposes); while there they stumble on the reader sleeping in Spencer’s bed. Eventually, all of them meet up at the party, but Spencer and the reader are unaware that the team already knows about her.


“We have to figure out what to get the kid for his birthday?” Morgan said, walking down the street with JJ, Emily and Penelope near Spencer’s apartment.  His birthday was just days away and yet none of them could figure out what to get for him. What did you get the genius who had everything and wanted nothing?

JJ reached into her pocket, pulling out a key. “Spence gave it to me a couple years ago. He said if I ever needed help with Henry to just come over. Wanna stop by his place and look at his books? Maybe we can get some ideas from there.”

Penelope shrugged. “He’s not home today?”

“No,” Emily said, “He told me he was going to take off a couple days to go see his mom. Why don’t we take a quick peek in his place. See if we can get some ideas.”

Minutes later, they were upstairs right outside Spencer’s apartment. “Alright,” JJ said, walking over to Spencer’s extensive bookshelf, “let’s see what kind of books he has and doesn’t.” She ran her fingers over the worn spines of Spencer’s collection, trying to ascertain if there was any book he didn’t have that he might want.

Emily and Penelope had leaned down next to the couch to see if there was any music he didn’t have that he might be interested in and Morgan scanned the room to see if he could make something - maybe a nice side table or something. After leaving the bookshelf, JJ took a look around the room, walking down toward Spencer’s bedroom. “You’re gonna go in his room?” Penelope asked, tiptoeing down the hallway to go too.

“I don’t think Spence is the type of guy to have something to hide in his bedroom,” JJ replied. Carefully, she opened the door. She wasn’t sure why exactly; Spencer wasn’t home. But someone was. “Oh my god,” JJ whispered, immediately pulling the door closed as quietly as she could.

“What?” Penelope asked. “I couldn’t see anything.”

“What is it?” Emily and Morgan asked in unison.

JJ’s mouth hung open in disbelief - the smile plastered to her face. “There’s a girl in Spence’s bed.” She walked back into the center of the room, whispering to her friends. “She’s wearing one of Spence’s oversized sweatshirt and his boxers and she’s sleeping in there. Like, lights out. It seems from the tissues and cold medicine nearby that she isn’t feeling well.”

“We have to get out of here then. She could wake up at any moment,” Emily said. Plus, she needed to scream. Reid had a girlfriend and he hadn’t said anything.

“Yea, let’s go,” Morgan said, an idea in his mind for a gift for the kid. As they walked down the stairs and out of the apartment building all together, all three ladies exclaimed in unison.

“Oh. My. God.”

“How does the kid have a girlfriend we don’t know about?” Morgan asked, as they walked back to his car. “And if she’s wearing his clothes and his apartment while he’s away then she has to live here. He has a live-in girlfriend we don’t know.”

“I wonder if he planned to introduce us at the party,” Penelope said, practically jumping with joy.

Emily opened the car door as they finally got back to Morgan’s truck. “I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days,” she laughed.


Five days later, they all had gifts for Spencer, fitting of the genius. Morgan had crafted a very nice side table and finished it himself. Emily bought him a magic kit, one of those insanely hard puzzles that he’d undoubtedly be able to finish in five seconds, and a collection of Brahms music. JJ bought him an old and worn version of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure that she got from a garage sale that she figured he’d love, and Penelope got him a personalized deck of cards. They had no idea what Hotch and Rossi might bring.

“Hey guys,” Reid greeted as he opened the door. “Thanks for coming.”

“Of course, kid. What did you expect?” Morgan said, clapping his friend on the shoulder.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a young woman, once again wearing one of Reid’s sweaters. She was definitely on the short side, but also had a smile that could light up a room and a personality to match. “Umm, everyone this is Y/N. My…girlfriend.”

“Don’t sound so glum about that, babe,” she laughed. “I’m Y/N and the reason Spencer didn’t say anything was because we wanted to make sure it was long-term before we told anyone. But, hi!” she said, happily, giving a small little wave that made Spencer smile. “You must be Morgan, Penelope, JJ and Emily. Hotch and Rossi are already here,” she said, pointing into the kitchen.

Everyone shook hands, giving their usual cordial greetings. “Umm, we should probably confess that we’ve seen you before,” JJ said to Y/N.

“Really?” she asked, confused. “When?”

“Five days ago,” Penelope replied. “JJ has a key to Spencer’s apartment and we didn’t know what to get him for his birthday so we took a peek in here and then JJ opened the door…”

“Hey!” JJ exclaimed, looking down sheepishly as Y/N started to laugh. 

“Anyway,” Penelope continued, “you were asleep on the bed when we got here, and then when we realized someone was here, we left. We figured you were sick and that’s why you didn’t hear us.”

“Oh my god,” Y/N laughed, “I can’t believe people were in here and I didn’t hear anything. Was I…” she looked toward Spencer, “Was I wearing clothes?” She snorted, bringing her hand up to her mouth.

“His sweatshirt and boxers,” Morgan said, pointing to Reid, whose smile had scrunched up in embarrassment. 

Y/N breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh thank god. So technically we’ve met before. Sorry I was comatose,” she laughed. “I’m just glad I wasn’t naked when you found me.”

“Lucky really,” Spencer finally piped up with a chuckle. “She rarely wears clothes at home.”

“What?” she turned to Spencer, wrapping her arms around him. “I don’t like clothes. They’re constricting. I need to be free.”

Spencer kissed her on the forehead, turning around to shield his embarrassment. “I have no problems with that.”

We visited both of my grandmas (mom’s mom and dad’s mom) today, who both happen to live out of state and between 2-3 hours away. (So I left at 8am and didn’t get home until 9pm) It was a long day.

Anyway, I got to see my favourite cousin, and she got into K-pop a few months ago. So I got a crash course on K-pop and BTS. (I now understand a great many more things here) They’re very adorable and talented, but I refuse to give my emotions and money away to a new obsession. Like, I just can’t. I’m too devoted to Haikyuu!!, and I haven’t even spent any money on it yet. *sweats nervously because I have so much birthday money and there are many things tempting me*

But it’s so fun to hear someone talk about what they love. It’s like one of the best things. And I totally understand having a lot of emotions and happiness about something. It’s just…so much fun to share that. Plus she loves Haikyuu!! too so I got to talk about the many things making me emotional about that. And I’m going to make her watch the stage play Mm, it was a tiring but good day. I hope you all had a good day too.